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Schengen Countries That Are Accepting Visa Applications for Unmarried Partners and Those Who Are in Long Distance Relationships

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor January 28th, 2022 Posted in Europe Travel Blog, Guide for Filipinos, Travel Blog, VISA Application Guides 15 Comments

As we all know, due to the pandemic, many borders have been closed. The EU, included, as one of the first countries aside from China that got hit was Italy and Spain. Those who were planning to visit their partners find it hard to do so, especially if not yet married. Nut after a twitter rally, some states are open for binational lovers. Check out the policies of Schengen Countries where Borders are Open for Partners.

How to Apply for Poland Schengen Visa with your Philippine Passport
Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Most countries have reopened their borders for family members. But some, in this article, can let you visit there even if you are unmarried. Meaning, if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend who is an EU National or is a resident of an EU country, you can visit them there. This article is aimed for Filipinos or those in the Philippines, in case you are none of those, you may contact the nearest Embassy of the Schengen Countries mentioned below.

1. Austria

Reasons for Visit: To Visit Life Partner

Documents you may need:

  • If the applicant is paying for the travel – Invitation Letter – this should be from your life partner, include his/her passport/ID Copy, full address, details, purpose of travel, your relationship, terms of the invitation, and period of stay
  • If the sponsor is paying for the travel (partial or full) – EVE or “Elektronische Verpflichtungserklärung”- ID number only
  • Proof of relationship to Sponsor – a photocopy of the biodata page of your boyfriend or girlfriend’s passport and travel history, it would also be nice to have a cover letter and pictures

For more information, contact:

Austrian Embassy Manila
8th floor, One Orion Building
11th Avenue corner 38th Street
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
+63 2 8817 9191
[email protected]

2. Czech Republic

Czech Republic Schengen Visa

Reasons for Visit: To Visit Partner

Special Requirement:

Your Czech Partner should send a solemn declaration of a long-term relationship. Attach proof of relationship with these documents (or similar to these) joint lease agreement, joint bank account, birth certificate of common children. You will need to send it to [email protected]. You can proceed with your application afterward.

As per the Embassy in the Philippines, only those with a long-term relationship with a Czech Citizen and have a child together can apply.

Documents that may help you:

  • Invitation from host especially as to where you will be staying
  • Notary Sponsorship Letter covering the entire period of the requested visa and bank transactions of sponsor
  • A written request from the person in the Czech Republic verified by the Police, in case the inviting person covers expenses for the trip
  • Passport or ID copy of Sponsor
  • Cover Letter is also highly recommended as you can explain your relationship there

For more information, contact:

Czech Embassy in Manila
Rufino Pacific Tower Condominium Corporation
3/F Administration Office, 6784 Ayala Ave
Legazpi Village, Makati, 1229 Metro Manila
(+632) 8811-1155, 8811-1156
Embassy of Czech Republic in Manila

3. Denmark

Denmark Schengen Visa with your Philippine Passport
Photo by Max Adulyanukosol on Unsplash

Authorized to Visit: Girlfriend or Boyfriend of Danish Resident

Special Requirement:

Negative Test Result in a maximum of 72 hours before entering Denmark

Documents that may help you:

  • VU2 Form (Official Invitation Form) or Letter of Invitation
  • Invitation ID or Passport Copy of your partner

For more information, contact:

Embassy of Denmark, the Philippines
11th/F 11th Corporate Center
11th Avenue corner Triangle Drive
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City 1634
+63 2 8865 8800
[email protected]

4. Finland

Things to do in Helsinki, Finland

Authorized to Visit: Your Partner or Lover must be living in Finland and one of the following:

  • Finnish Citizen
  • EU or Schengen Citizen
  • A family member of an EU or Schengen Citizen
  • With Finnish Residence Permit

For more information, contact:

Honorary Consulate General of Finland
Multinational Investment Bancorporation
22nd Floor, Multinational Bancorporation Centre
6805 Ayala Avenue
Makati City, Philippines
+63 281 715 11
[email protected] / [email protected]

Embassy of Finland in Malaysia
Wisma Chinese Chamber 5th floor
258 Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur
+60 342 577 746
[email protected] / [email protected]

5. France

7 Things to Do in Paris, France
Jace & Afsoon

Authorized to Visit: Unmarried Partner of Legal Residents of France

Documents that must be submitted:

  • Written request of the couple with complete contact details and dates of stay
  • Proof of Residence in France of partner
  • Evidence that you have met together (entry stamps, plane tickets, pictures)

For more information, contact:

France Embassy in Manila
16th Floor Pacific Star Building
Sen. Gil Puyat Extension corner Makati Avenue
1200 Makati City, Philippines
+632 8 857 6900

Consular office in Cebu
Alliance française de Cebu
371 Gorordo Avenue
Lahug, Cebu City
+632 (032) 232 1311 / 233-2542

6. Germany

Authorized to Visit: Unmarried Partner of German Citizens or German Residents

Documents that must be submitted:

  • Invitation from the person in Germany
  • Jointly Signed Statement on the Existence of Relationship – Erklärung zur Beziehung
  • Proof of previous meetings with passport stamps, travel documents, or plane ticket
  • Submission of Negative Test Result upon entry or a 14-day quarantine

For more information, contact:

Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany
25/F Tower II, RCBC Plaza
6819 Ayala Ave. 1200
Makati City, Metro Manila.
(0063 2) 8702-3001

7. Iceland

15 Best Things to do in Iceland

Authorized to Visit: Cohabiting Partners of Iceland citizens

Documents that must be submitted:

  • Confirmation of Exemption
  • Supporting Documents to Prove Cohabitation

What to do:

Submit documents to the Directorate of Immigration. You can also contact them for further information as there is no Iceland Embassy in the Philippines.

Directorate of Immigration – Iceland
Dalvegur 18
201 Kópavogur, Iceland
+354 444 0900
[email protected]

Norwegian Embassy in Manila
12th/F DelRosarioLaw Centre
21st Drive corner 20th Drive
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
+63 (0)2 5317 2700
[email protected]

8. Netherlands

Schengen Countries where Borders are Open for Partners
Photo by Moritz Kindler on Unsplash

Authorized to Visit: Partner


  • You must be in a relationship for at least 3 months and have seen one another regularly
  • A handwritten statement stating your relationship, personal details, contact details and place of residence in the Netherlands must be signed under penalty of perjury
  • Possession of a return ticket as stay will be a maximum of 90 days (you use our rent a flight service)
  • Visa Application Documents – e.g., sufficient funds, proof return or sponsorship

For more information, contact:

Netherlands Embassy in Manila
26th Floor BDO Equitable Tower
8751 Paseo de Roxas, Makati City
[email protected]

9. Norway

Authorized to Visit: Unmarried Lovers

Conditions or requirements:

  • Solemn Declaration on Relationship
  • At least 9 months of a relationship
  • Must meet each other physically; the one in Norway must be present upon arrival
  • You will also need Visas

For more information, contact:

Norwegian Embassy in Manila
12th/F DelRosarioLaw Centre
21st Drive corner 20th Drive
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
+63 (0)2 5317 2700
[email protected]

10. Switzerland

How to Apply for Switzerland Schengen Visa with your Philippine Passport
Photo by vaun0815 on Unsplash

Authorized to Visit: Unmarried Partner (There’s Long Distance Relationship Option)

Conditions or requirements:

  • Written Invitation Letter from the one in Switzerland
  • Swiss Passport or Foreign National ID
  • Confirmation of Partnership with – Proof of relationship that you have met once, is in regular contact, you may show your letters or e-mails, pictures

For more information, contact:

Embassy of Switzerland
24/F BDO Equitable Tower
8751 Paseo de Roxas
1226 Makati, Metro Manila
+63 2 8845 45 45
[email protected]

11. Spain

9 Things to do in Barcelona, Spain The You hould Not Miss
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Authorized to Visit: Unmarried or Unregistered Partner of an EU Citizen

Conditions or requirements:

  • Proof that the applicant is traveling with the EU Citizen or will be reunited with them (e.g., plane ticket together or notarized statement of EU citizen)
  • Proof of stable or lasting relationship (documents may be: notarized or apostilled documents from local authorities reflecting the existence of lasting relationship, proof of an appointment to enter into marriage or registration on the census, joint contracts, lease agreements, bank accounts, or invitations to family events)

For more information, contact:

Consulate General of Spain in Manila
5/F ACT Tower, 135 Sen Gil J Puyat Avenue, Makati, Philippines
+63 917 826 6046
[email protected]

12. Italy

15 Best Things To Do in Lake Garda, Italy
Photo by S. Alexander Gilmour CC BY 2.0

Authorized to Visit: Partners with Stable Romantic Relationship of an EU/Schengen Citizen or a Long-Term Resident of Italy

Conditions or requirements:

  • Present documents to prove your Stable Romantic Relationship
  • A self-declaration form will be filled up before entering
  • Here’s a tool where you can check if you can enter Italy

For more information, contact:

Italian Embassy in the Philippines
5/F, Tower B, One Campus Place
McKinley Hill, Taguig City, Metro Manila
02 8892 4531 / 4532 / 4533 / 4534
[email protected]


Those are the Schengen Countries that have Open Borders for Unmarried Partners (e.g., Girlfriend, Boyfriends, or Fiances.) Please note that if you are a Filipino and want to visit these countries to see your partner, a Schengen C or D Visa is needed. You’ll either add these documents to your application or ask permission from the Embassy first.

If you ever want assistance, you can contact us as we have a Visa Bundle Service. We also have cover letter writing service and flight rentals for your visa application. Good luck! This is the opportunity with your loved one amidst the pandemic!

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15 thoughts on “Schengen Countries That Are Accepting Visa Applications for Unmarried Partners and Those Who Are in Long Distance Relationships

  1. Is there a change that my philippines girlfriend comes to Germany for a three month visit, with a visa from an other shengen country. The german embassy in Manila has a big rejection rate and say the people don´t want go back. Maybe Hungary is possible too. We want find out if it´s possible for her to life here and together for a longer time.

  2. Hello my boyfriend is from london we are 6 years in relationship but 4 years in long distance relationship I’m from philippines but it not included in list ?any options.tnxx

    1. Hi Tom. Any news on Greece? And would it be open to nationals from any country? As an example, my fiancé is Greek and I am a South African. Please let me know. Thank you!

  3. Hello, I have a boyfriend in Norway but we never meet in person because of this pandemic. He Want me to come in Norway to visit him so that we have chance to be together. Do you think, I can apply my visa?

    1. the criteria to get a visa right now is that you have met at least once, so, you need to probably wait if they open borders for everyone

  4. My boyfriend is in Sweden. We met last year while I was there and spent 2 months of dating and seeing each other, to the point I was with him almost every week. He came to PH last February and I was supposed to see him again last May, but because of the lockdown, it was impossible. We are thinking of going thru France or Norway, is it possible to enter in these 2 countries and travel to Sweden? Its his idea but I doubt it will work since there might be border controls. What do you think is the best way to do? I wanted to apply for a visitors permit that would allow me to stay there for over 90 days, but since the Embassy is in Thailand, it’s not possible to do it since there are no flights to Thailand anyway and they deny entry for non essential travels.

  5. We’ve been in a relationship since last year and we were supposed to meet last April to prepare for our wedding this month. Do you think they’ll allow me to travel?

  6. Hi? I just wanna asked if you really can go to schegen area at this moment of covid? Do they really open the flights going there?

    1. Some Schengen countries have opened their borders for unmarried partners and families. However, you will need to have a visa first and check which airlines have flights available as they are limited. You will also need to follow protocols in the Philippines and to the foreign country you are going.

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