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5 Reasons for a Family Holiday in Pollenca, Mallorca

By Kach Umandap August 20th, 2022 Posted in Europe Travel Blog, Travel Blog, Travel Guides 42 Comments

Mallorca, the largest of the Balearic Islands, has long been a favorite holiday destination for British and European tourists. It has practically everything that a family could want in a summer holiday; sandy beaches; sunny weather; dramatic cliffs; full-flavored Spanish food; luxury hotels and luxury private villas.

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5 Reasons for a Family Holiday in Pollenca, Mallorca
Photo by Eugene Zhyvchik on Unsplash


The island caters to pretty much everyone, with a mixture of beach resorts and party towns, like Magaluf (which we won’t be talking about), and characterful, historic towns, with old fishing ports, quiet beaches, tree-lined promenades and cafes in shaded town squares. At the far north of the island is the town of Pollenca (Pollensa), with the Port of Pollenca (Pollensa) just a few kilometers to the West.

Check out some of the cool and cheap tours you could do in Pollenca

5 Reasons for a Family Holiday in Pollenca, Mallorca
Photo by pilot_michai CC BY-NC 2.0

The town itself is set up on the hill tops, safely tucked away from the pirate attacks of the 17th and 18th centuries. Narrow, medieval streets snake between compact shops and houses, finally spilling out onto the central Plaça Major, with outdoor cafes and restaurants serving fresh coffee, Mediterranean, Spanish and Italian cuisine. It’s probably the most popular holiday destinations for families on the whole island of Mallorca, within easy reach of mile upon mile of pristine beaches, a relaxed atmosphere and a strong sense of local community.

5 Reasons for a Family Holiday in Pollenca (Pollensa), Mallorca

5 Reasons for a Family Holiday in Pollenca, Mallorca
Photo by DJ Nick Otronic on Unsplash

1. Stay in a Luxury Villa in Pollenca (Pollensa), Mallorca.

With its beautiful countryside, rolling hills and panoramic scenic views of the landscape flowing down to the breaking waves of the sea, Pollenca (Pollensa), Mallorca is a paradise of private luxury villas, sitting on their slice of paradise. They are perfect for family holidays and groups of friends with a week or two relax in their garden, cool off in a private swimming pool and cook up meals on an outside grill. With a private luxury villa, you have all of the comforts, facilities, and luxuries of a great hotel, with the privacy and freedom of your own home.

5 Reasons for a Family Holiday in Pollenca, Mallorca
Photo by Konstantin’s Europe and more CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Our Two Monkeys Travel family – Richard, Amy, and seven month-old Matthew – stayed in this beautiful luxury villa just outside of the town of Pollenca (Pollensa), Mallorca, rented through Travelopo, with three luxury cottage-style bedrooms, marble topped kitchen and a comfortable living room with traditional exposed ceiling beams. It had a big garden front and back, full of fruit trees and an eight-meter swimming pool commanding views of the Puig Maria Mountain. When they weren’t out exploring Pollenca (Pollensa), they spent their family holiday relaxing in the sun, floating around in the pool, playing table tennis and cooking their dinner on the outdoor brick BBQ.

5 Reasons for a Family Holiday in Pollenca, Mallorca
Photo by Sam Moghadam Khamseh on Unsplash


5 Reasons for a Family Holiday in Pollenca, Mallorca
Photo by Eve Ji on Unsplash

2. Visit the Palma Aquarium, Mallorca

The Palma Aquarium in Mallorca is only an hour’s drive from the town on Pollenca (Pollensa). With 55 different aquariums, it contains over 8000 specimens of around 700 species from the Mediterranean, the Indian, the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Built with the philosophy of “learning and understanding to appreciate and protect” the world’s underwater ecosystems, Palma Aquarium Mallorca seeks to recreate the ecosystems and habitats of the sea, to observe, appreciate and study the wealth of flora and fauna found in our oceans and seas all over the world. Palma Aquarium is a perfect day trip for a family holiday in Pollenca (Pollensa), Mallorca.

5 Reasons for a Family Holiday in Pollenca, Mallorca
Photo by David Brookes CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

3. Explore the Caves of Drach, Mallorca

The Caves of Drach, which translates into Dragon Caves, are located on the coast of Mallorca, close to the town of Manacor. There are four huge caves, which could be as old as 5 to 23 million years old, formed by water from the Mediterranean Sea being forced through cavities in the rocks.

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5 Reasons for a Family Holiday in Pollenca, Mallorca
Photo by Tobias on Unsplash

Richard and Amy took Matthew on tour through the Caves of Drach with No-Frills Excursions, where they took a small wooden boat across Lake Martel, an underground lake which stretches for 115 meters. At the end of the lake crossing, there was an amazing classical music concert performed by a quartet of musicians in another small boat. The caves were incredible, but the tour was much than that – one the way the Caves of Drach, the group stopped at a pearl factory of Mallorca to learn all about the history and the manufacturing process of this island industry.

Two Monkeys Travel - Pollenca - Pollensa - Mallorca 26
Family Holiday in Pollenca (Pollensa), Mallorca – 16thC Watchtower and Caves of Drach

After the boat trip through the caves was a visit to a 16th century watchtower, a lunch stop at the seaside fishing village of Porto Cristo with time for a walk and a swim at the beach and finally a last stop at local Mallorca liqueur shop where they could try all kinds of local specialty liqueurs, for free!

5 Reasons for a Family Holiday in Pollenca, Mallorca
Photo by felinebird CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

4. Explore the historic town of Pollenca (Pollensa), Mallorca

Pollenca (Pollensa) is a beautiful historic town at the northern-most end of the island of Mallorca. Wander through the narrow streets and relax with the locals over a coffee in the central Plaça Major. Pollenca (Pollensa) was flooded with artists at the end of the 19th century, and it retains its tradition of art today with a handful of art galleries and museums to visit. For incredible views of the Puig de Maria Mountain and its ancient monastery, the Bay of Pollenca (Pollensa) and across the rolling countryside, try climbing the 365 steps up to the Calvary Church.

5 Reasons for a Family Holiday in Pollenca, Mallorca
Photo by Piero Istrice on Unsplash
Two Monkeys Travel - Pollenca - Pollensa - Mallorca 26
Family Holiday in Pollenca (Pollensa), Mallorca – Port of Pollenca (Pollensa)

5. Explore Rural Mallorca                        

While the main towns and beaches of Mallorca have plenty to do and see, even Pollenca, (Pollensa) which has retained its local culture and adapted well to tourism, are very touristy compared to the real local life in the countryside of Mallorca.

Two Monkeys Travel - Pollenca - Pollensa - Mallorca 26
Family Holiday in Pollenca (Pollensa), Mallorca – Local markets and quiet streets

Richard, Amy, and Matthew took a Rural Mallorca tour through the countryside with No Frills Excursions, starting with the small Mallorca village of Maria de la Salut, with a local market in a beautiful church square, then another town called Binissalem, where they bought wine and fresh fruits and vegetables from the local stalls ready for a traditional lunch later on. They then drove up to an old farm cottage for a BBQ lunch and all the wine they could drink!

5 Reasons for a Family Holiday in Pollenca, Mallorca
Photo by Mario Sánchez Prada CC BY-SA 2.0
Two Monkeys Travel - Pollenca - Pollensa - Mallorca 26
Family Holiday in Pollenca (Pollensa), Mallorca – Rural country villa

Have you ever stayed in a private villa? Tell us about it below…

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42 thoughts on “5 Reasons for a Family Holiday in Pollenca, Mallorca

  1. Good write-up and an excellent way to destroy any stereotype pertaining to the Spanish Islands. After reading it I’m convinced that Mallorca is a great family destination.

  2. Lucky family to have this experience. I wonder when my family and I can have the same holiday. Pollenca looks so perfect to have an ultimate getaway.

    1. Yes, Jhennilyn. Having a family holiday in Pollenca, Mallorca will give you no dull time due to the adventures around. 😉

  3. The whole mood of the place is already enough to convince my family to go here. Next summer we will be having a europe trip so we will include Mallorca.

    1. Why not, Raine? A family holiday in Pollenca, Mallorca is ideal but of course, solo travelers will enjoy the place too.

  4. The photo’s are really good. Looks so eco friendly, but what I love the most is caves, being adventurous is a cool one, but seriously, as a nature love I really go hanging out to the places which is greeny one’s. Thand for the tour in Mallorca seems to be a good place to put in my bucket list

  5. This is the first time I heard of this place but it looks so intriguing! My family loves to travel and I’ll show them this. Thr villas and the ocean view look amazing.

  6. The ambiance of the place (thru the pics) projects simplicity and serenity– very rural. This place is indeed for family vacay to slow down and just enjoy each other.

  7. To be honest, I heard a few of this place mate.
    But seeing them seems so inviting , the place, the food and culture.
    Compelling place to go surely be on my bucket list!

  8. I really do wish my family would agree to me if I propose to them to travel here. Haha! Such a great post! <3

  9. I honestly have never heard of the place. Reading blogs like this make me learn a lot. I love all the reasons for going there except for the cave. I don’t know how to appreciate them yet.

  10. Sounds like my next holiday destination! Never heard about this place before.
    It so great to discover new places on great blogs!

  11. To be honest, this is the first time I’ve heard of Mallorca and it seems like an amazing place! I hope I get to visit it someday. Thanks for all these suggestions, I’m bookmarking this page!

    1. Thank you, Bettina! Hope these reasons for a family holiday in Pollenca, Mallorca convince you to make a trip here.

  12. Interesting sights and great discoveries! Are many locals able to communicate English here?

    1. Hello, Rachel! Better bring some basic phrases when having a family holiday in Pollenca, Mallorca, but sure English will save you.

  13. I have never heard about Mallorca as a family getaway destination but after reading your post, it sounds amazing!

  14. I have always wanted to go to Mallorca it has breathtaking views an insightful culture and is a world away from the UK

  15. My favorite among these would be the caves. As a nature lover, I would go out of the city whenever I’m abroad. Mallorca sounds really beautiful. I bet I’ll appreciate the culture more!

  16. “Magaluf (which we won’t be talking about)” haha I love that! Mallorca is a beautiful place and your photos give a great image of how beautiful it really is!

  17. Wow, you’ve sold me! I want to go to Mallorca badly! The food looks amazing! I love the ocean view photo you took as well! Thanks for sharing! You’ve given me a serious case of wanderlust!

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