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Family Holiday in Spain – Amazing Week in a Private Luxury Villa in Mallorca

By Kach Umandap August 21st, 2022 Posted in Europe Travel Blog, Luxury Hotel Review, Travel Blog 44 Comments

Mallorca is one of Europe’s most popular holiday destinations, with crisp white beaches, rolling countryside scenery, and ancient picturesque towns. The island’s history is chequered with settlements, invasions, plagues and pirate attacks, which only add to the drama and intrigue of the dramatically rugged coastline, with high cliffs indented by pure, sandy coves and magical caves. This island is so amazing, I can definitely understand those who choose to retire to this beautiful Spanish island.

5 Reasons for a Family Holiday in Pollenca, Mallorca
Photo by Eugene Zhyvchik on Unsplash

There are dozens of hotels and resorts encircling the island, like all-inclusive watchtowers full of blissful holiday makers guarding jugs of Sangria, barely aware of the real natural beauty outside the walls that surround them. But there is a better way, the best way, in fact, to experience this incredible island, far from the crowds, amongst real local, island life – Rent a private luxury villa in Mallorca! The privacy and independence of a private villa in Mallorca is perfect for travelers and holiday-makers who insist on the freedom to explore for themselves, to cook their food and not have to fight for space around a crowded pool!

We went to Travelopo and arranged a private luxury villa in Mallorca for a week, in Pollenca (Pollensa), an ancient town in the far north-west of Mallorca, set up on the hills above the historic Port of Pollensa (Pollenca).

Our Luxury Villa in Mallorca

A luxury villa in Mallorca is all about having everything you want and need under one roof…And more!

Two Monkeys Travel - luxury villa in mallorca 28

Luxury villa in Mallorca – Spacious living room and beamed ceiling

When we arrived at Villa La Rafal Den Angels, the first thing we noticed was the tranquility. Walking up the gravel driveway and through the front doors into the spacious, open-plan lounge and dining room with big comfy sofas under a high-pitched ceiling lined with traditional exposed beams. The only thing separating the substantial, granite-topped kitchen from the rest of the villa was a sleek breakfast bar, connecting the chef with the guests over a few glasses of wine.

Two Monkeys Travel - luxury villa in mallorca 27

Luxury villa in Mallorca – Generous master bedroom

The three country-cottage-style bedrooms, two twins and one double, were comfortable and uncomplicated with everything you need. The two twin rooms shared a generous bathroom and large walk-in shower, with bright white walls, big floor tiles, and more beautiful beams. The double bedroom was huge and spacious, looking out onto the back garden and the pool. The en-suite master bathroom had a luxurious, full-sized bath and a separate walk-in closet and dressing room.

The Luxury Villa Garden

The back of this luxury villa was the highlight, though, because when we walked out through the big double patio doors, we were stunned by a huge expanse of garden, with a carpet of thick green grass punctuated with fruit trees surrounding the crystal blue, 8-metre long swimming pool.

Two Monkeys Travel - luxury villa in mallorca 26

Luxury villa in Mallorca – Countryside views and Mount Puig

Walking out into the garden, we realized that our luxury villa was surrounded by countryside and rolling, grassy scenery, with a commanding view of the Puig Maria Mountain and an ancient monastery perched on its summit. When we weren’t exploring the coastline, the old town, and the inland rural villages, we just chilled out on the sun loungers, floated in the pool and cooked up fresh seafood and kebabs on the outdoor grill just to one side of the pool, next to the covered patio dining area.

Two Monkeys Travel - luxury villa in mallorca 25

The Old Town of Pollenca (Pollensa)

The best part of this luxury villa was the location, tucked away behind the old Roser Vell chapel, just outside the town of Pollenca (Pollensa), which despite the peace and privacy is only minutes away on foot. Winding, medieval lanes and public squares are perfect for exploring little shops, art galleries and relaxing in shaded coffee shops surrounded by locals and tourists who blend in with one another, daily life going on, uninterrupted and unspoiled by the influx of tourists who come for all the same reasons the locals stay.

Check out some of the cool and cheap tours you could do in Pollenca.

5 Reasons for a Family Holiday in Pollenca, Mallorca
Photo by Piero Istrice on Unsplash

Other things we did with our week in a luxury villa in Mallorca

The Palma Aquarium, Mallorca

Only one hour away from our luxury villa, with 55 aquariums and 700 different species of sea life from around the world.

5 Reasons for a Family Holiday in Pollenca, Mallorca
Photo by David Brookes CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Exploring caves and underground lakes

The rocky coast of Mallorca is dotted with sandy coves and hidden caves, the largest of which, the Caves of Drach (Dragon Caves), hides a 115-metre underground lake, which we crossed in a small wooden boat, with a short concert by four classical musicians at the end.

Check out some of the cool and cheap tours you could do in Cuevas del Drach.

5 Reasons for a Family Holiday in Pollenca, Mallorca
Photo by Tobias on Unsplash

Exploring the real, rural Mallorca

The coastline of Mallorca is amazing, but most of the real Mallorca life is to be found inland, away from the tourists and resorts. We visited small, traditional towns, bought fresh fruit at local markets and helped to make our BBQ lunch at an old farm villa.

Two Monkeys Travel - luxury villa in mallorca 23

Luxury villa in Mallorca – Rural towns and local markets

Make the most of your time in Mallorca, keep your independence, your freedom and explore this little piece of paradise the way you want to, with a luxury villa in Mallorca. 

Note: We were guests of the hotel, and all opinions and text are all mine!

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44 thoughts on “Family Holiday in Spain – Amazing Week in a Private Luxury Villa in Mallorca

  1. Oh my god, look at the view from your backyard. What a stunning view! I would love staying and chilling on my yard most of the time if that’s the view. Probably doing a backyard BBQ everyday! This is the good thing about renting villa when we are on vacation. We got to live almost like the local. Giving us the chance to meet the local and interact with them in traditional market and go around the neighborhood. But the most important is that we have the whole property to ourself! We won’t be having a backyard if we rent a hotel rooms instead, right? Renting a villa is the best deal for family vacation. Since you’ve been a mountain area, why not go to beachside next? Say, Phuket? Because we have a beautiful villa to accommodate your stay here with us. Please do check us out, thank you.

  2. Mallorca is indeed beautiful! The view is breathtaking! I bet it was super relaxing! I am in love with the garden area of the villa you rent, so beautiful! I can only imagine the tranquility. The local activity seems interesting as well. And when you mention cheap tours but looks all fun, I can feel myself trying to get there! Choosing private villa to accommodate our stay is the best thing we can get for the trip I think. Especially if you travel with big numbers. Having a private space to enjoy only with your loved ones are perfect kind of trip. A private luxury villa it is. Please come and check out our luxury villa, maybe for your next trip? Who knows! Visit us! Thank you.

  3. It seems that you had enjoyed a lot.A luxury villa holiday speaks of opulence, luxury, class and comfort, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spree. If you have all the time stayed in luxury hotels during your holidays, then it’s time you changed to a luxury villa. The inclusive cost of staying in a luxury villa can actually work out less than what you would spend on luxury hotels. On top of that, staying in luxury villas for holidays has certain benefits that even luxury hotels do not provide.

  4. I keep saying to my husband we should book a Villa somewhere with friends. We can all take it in turns to host an evening arranging food/entertainment!

    1. Awesome idea, Leanne! You, sure, will have as amazing time as our Week in a Private Luxury Villa in Mallorca

  5. I have mallorca on my bucketlist of places to visit and I would love to stay in a luxury villa, the villa looks amazing.

    1. Really, Melanie! Time to get back childhood memories. Hehe. Might as well have an Amazing Week in a Private Luxury Villa in Mallorca! 🙂

    1. Yes, Tara! Our Amazing Week in a Private Luxury Villa in Mallorca can be your inspiration in your next trip.

  6. I’ve not been to Mallorca but I’ve stayed in villas in other places and it’s such a great thing to do if there’s a big group of you! Love having a private pool and a kitchen and stuff, much nicer than staying in a hotel 🙂

    1. Sometimes we need this kind of treat, Becca! Just wish our Amazing Week in a Private Luxury Villa in Mallorca was extended. Haha.

  7. Your Villa looks amazing! I have actually just come home from Mallorca myself, unfortunately I wasn’t in a villa but an apartment in Palma Nova that I go to every year but it is such a beautiful island xx

  8. Wow, your accommodation looks incredible! I’ve never been to Mallorca but it looks like a fab place to visit. (That said I’d go just about anywhere for a splash of sunshine right now!)

  9. Oh wow! The villa is breath taking! Such stunning views. Anytime I go abroad I always book hotels and actually, I would love to try a villa.

    1. We did, Claire! We have more awesome photos from our Amazing Week in a Private Luxury Villa in Mallorca on facebook. 😉

  10. Wow, what a stunning, beautiful place. God I need a holiday! I’ll be booking my first holiday in 5 years a little later this year, I can’t wait!

  11. SO JEL it looks amazing there and having a private villa is so lush getting a whole pool to you and the family x

  12. Oh wow this looks absolutely fabulous! I have never visited Mallorca but after reading your post I would love to! xxx

    1. When did you visit, Rhian? You should go back and try an Amazing Week in a Private Luxury Villa in Mallorca!

  13. It looks amazing, both myself and my husband have said we want to stay in a private villa next time we go abroad, especially with our Daughter as she is at the moment with her illness, it would be ideal x

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