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12 Useful Tips on How to Work From Home Effectively [Working Online Tips]

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor April 4th, 2020 Posted in Travel Blog, Travel Blogging and Digital Nomads Tips One Comment

Working From Home or not in a regular office set up has been a new trend for workers. Right now, due to restrictions, office workers are advised to bring their work home to avoid commuting and being exposed to sickness. If you are doing this, allow me to share tips on How to Work From Home Effectively.

12 Useful Tips on How to Work From Home Effectively
Anete Lūsiņa

Being at home is comfortable, no commute, you may have flexible hours or work on your pajamas. However, it has cons like you’re easily distracted from your goal due to temptations around e.g, TV, Phone, food, and many more. This article lets you know what most people who work at home do so that they achieve their targets.

1. Create a Schedule

If you are working at home and have specific work hours, then it’s not a problem for you at all. You can easily create a schedule around it; if you have the usual 8 AM – 5 PM work, then you may need to get prepared (e.g., have breakfast, take a bath, etc.) before starting and plan your breaks in the middle. Should you have not a regular time with working (e.g., you need to be the same as your main company – US time, AU time), then you should create a schedule that you are most comfortable with (like sleep or take a bath before or after work.)

12 Useful Tips on How to Work From Home Effectively
Jazmin Quaynor

For those who have flexible work hours or goal-oriented, like what I currently have as a writer, you can work when you are most productive. I’m not a morning person, so in the afternoon and night – I work. Having no schedule will make you slack off and get you way behind your target, you’ll probably say “I’ll do it later,” and end up not doing a thing.  A regular schedule will make it easy for you to prioritize your work and achieve your goals!

2. Have a Space dedicated for Work

Another tip on how to work from home effectively is having a workspace, the one where you’ll place your PC or Laptop with proper ergonomics. Working in bed is too tempting that you might sleep instead of work. There are also clients or work that needs good lighting or interesting background (e.g., Online Teaching with Camera), so it’s going to be a bit unprofessional to work in a bed. Have a mini-office or comfortable space in your room that will help you get into that “work-vibe.”

3. Set SMART Goals or Targets

Most owners or clients will give you weekly or monthly targets. To achieve them quickly, you’ll need to make SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound). goals so you’ll know what to prioritize.

Alexa Williams

For example, if I was asked to write 25 articles in 15 days, I’ll have a daily objective to do 2 write-ups a day. I would also have target dates on the pieces, so I know how to tackle them beforehand. Should I find it challenging to write, or I need more information, then I’ll adjust in order to reach my daily goal.

Having SMART (especially daily) targets will get you closer to the weekly or monthly goal set by your boss or company. It can also help you prioritize what to do first and what is needed more. You don’t want to get your company fined if you don’t hand in reports on time (e.g., income reports for taxes), right? Without a doubt, you can work from home effectively if you SET and follow SMART goals!

4. Lose the distractions

There are many distractions at home – the comfortable bed, the unlimited WiFi with no internet restrictions, TV Shows, Food in the refrigerator, and so much more. I’m not telling you to throw them away, but you need to keep yourself away from those things. You can put your cellphone in your room or put in on silent mode away from you so that you won’t be tempted to open your social media accounts. You could also use headphones for you not to get distracted by the TV shows watched in your house.

5. Make sure you have Work From Home Essentials

To Work From Home effectively, you would need the right essentials to do your job. It would be great if you work with a PC or Laptop rather than the phone. Should you be an online teacher or usually have conference meetings, make sure you have a camera and proper headphones. A great internet connection is mostly needed, so avoid using your phone’s data and invest in getting broadband at home.

12 Useful Tips on How to Work From Home Effectively
Mia Baker

Not having the right equipment might hinder you in achieving your goals. If you have mostly had online transactions but slow the internet, then you’ll not get your duties done and adds more stress. You’ll be more focused if you have the right Work From Home Essentials.

6. Tell your Family (or Friends) your Schedule

Being with Family is both a PRO and a CON. Why? Because you get to be with them all day or most of the time, but sometimes they may sidetrack you. You need to tell your family (or friends, if ever they visit) your schedule. Imagine having a conference call in your room or office space, and your mother suddenly calls you or enter with your laundry, that’s a bit funny and embarrassing. You can spend time with them after doing your tasks!  

7. Have a Break

12 Useful Tips on How to Work From Home Effectively
Elizabeth Tsung

Working from home feels like you could do a break every time, but sometimes when you are so into work, you do it straight for a few hours. Don’t forget to give yourself a break! Put it in your schedule. Having a break is healthy, especially if you are working in front of the computer; our eyes need to rest for a few minutes. When you’re stressed out or feel uninspired, breaks will give you time to relax and rejuvenate; you might get great ideas afterward. You can also go outside, eat snacks, and get some sunshine and fresh air.

8. Do your Routines or Chores before or After Working

Do your regular routines like taking a bath, cooking food, helping kids before going to school, shopping, and many more, either before or after work. Doing so in the middle might interrupt your concentration or may distract you. Imagine having a great flow of the writing; then, you stop because you do some chores, then when you get back, you’ll find it hard to start again. You might also get health issues if you shower without proper rest, especially your eyes.

9. Listen to Music

When I worked in an office before, listening to music was prohibited. But since I work from home, I usually listen to music to help me write or concentrate. There’s a TV near my workspace, so I wear my headphone and play songs to help me continue to write. Listening to music causes our brain to release dopamine that reduces stress. It’s very productive. My playlist consists of “Brainwave Music” and Billie Eilish songs.

10. Talk Regularly to Colleagues or your Bosses

A CONS in Working from Home is you don’t know your co-workers like that of the office. I usually hang out with my officemates before, and we sometimes talk and help each other while working. When you Work from Home, you may not know your colleagues with or haven’t seen them in person. It’s nice if you regularly talk to them so if you have problems with work or personal life, they can advise or help you.

11. Do online training

12 Useful Tips on How to Work From Home Effectively
Nick Morrison

Working from Home makes you in charge mostly of your schedule, so why not get some online training. There are many free online courses out there that you could learn from. It’s a good investment of your time (and money), as it will help you improve your skills for work and personal growth.

12. Give Yourself Rewards

If you have done your daily tasks or monthly tasks, reward yourself. It could be the food you are craving for, a day trip, or more movie time. Rewards encourage us and help us feel good. I usually treat myself by watching a KDrama after I’ve done my daily task, sometimes I book a plane ticket. But it will depend on what you want! Choose something that highly motivates you!

12 Useful Tips on How to Work From Home Effectively
Jeff Sheldon

I hope you find these tips on how to work from home effectively very helpful. Working at home is a bit of an adjustment, especially if you have come from an 8-5 office work. Sometimes you just love lazing around and might forget your daily tasks. But with proper scheduling, equipment, and application of these tips, you will surely fly high and achieve your goals!

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