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10 Reasons Why Travelers (& Travel Bloggers) Should Switch to Huawei P9

By Kach Umandap September 3rd, 2016 Posted in Travel Blog, Travel Gear Reviews 2 Comments

Long Term Travelers, especially Travel Bloggers are encouraged to carry quality smartphones for a couple of reasons.

One, it’s not practical to buy the cheapest gadgets that have short lifespans. You need something durable and perfect for your active lifestyle. Can you imagine purchasing a new one every so often? I don’t think you would like that. We would rather spend the money for our next travel adventure, right? Now, if you get the most affordable ones, you will eventually ‘pay the REAL price’.

10 Reasons Why Long Term Travelers (and Travel Bloggers) Should Switch to Huawei P9
Two, Travel Bloggers share their experiences online. We post photos, videos and sometimes we use our smartphones to respond to emails or even to draft blog posts. Thus, we need something that is not just durable but can handle the bulk of work we have. The speed and its performance should cope up with all the activities we are doing.

Lucky for us because Huawei Mobile gave us a treat. We were able to get our hands on their awesome smartphone, Huawei P9. It’s a perfect gift for our wedding and an awesome gadget to document our honeymoon travel adventures.  And we have to say, if you are not using one, SWITCH to Huawei P9 right now!

Why, you may ask? I will give you 10 reasons why you can already ditch your old phone for this or you can read more info about the phone here.

10 Reasons Why Long Term Travelers (and Travel Bloggers) Should Switch to Huawei P9

Monkey Dividers1.Quality Photos

10 Reasons Why Long Term Travelers (and Travel Bloggers) Should Switch to Huawei P9Have you seen our recent photos? If you think these are improving, chances are, we took it using our new Huawei P9 with dual Leica Lens camera! Some of our shots were left ‘untouched’, and that’s a great feature because we don’t have to spend hours editing pictures before sharing these with our travelers.

Just take photos, add the caption and we are all set to post.

10 Reasons Why Long Term Travelers (and Travel Bloggers) Should Switch to Huawei P9

Monkey Dividers

2. Fantastic Videos

Kach has been doing a lot of Live Videos on Facebook lately and it helps us communicate with our fellow travelers. Having a nice smartphone to record real life and live events is helpful so we can give justice to our awesome experiences.

Monkey Dividers

3. Large Screen

Since I also use my smartphone to work, the large screen is handy when I try to read emails or when I want to view our website and social media accounts. I don’t have to scroll multiple times because I usually have the information in one display.

Monkey Dividers

4. Clear Display

10 Reasons Why Long Term Travelers (and Travel Bloggers) Should Switch to Huawei P9And speaking of the display, it’s also important that the smartphone you are using has a clear one.  Travel bloggers are usually glued to their gadgets and it would be eye – straining if the display isn’t vivid and clear. Plus, you get to appreciate photos and videos even more if your phone has a decent resolution.

Monkey Dividers

5. Great Speed Performance 

Another reason why you will love Huawei P9 is that it has a speed performance suitable for travelers. We need something fast and reliable. We don’t want a smartphone that takes multiple seconds to switch apps. Huawei P9 is your solution for such challenge.

Monkey Dividers

6. Finger Print Scanner 

And who doesn’t want additional security feature? Our smartphones sometimes hold important information, some of which are personal. Thus, you should be able to secure your phones to its full extent. Put and activate a passcode, a PIN, and the fingerprint scanner to protect yourself from identity theft. This is one of our nightmares!

Monkey Dividers

7. Long Battery Life 

What I love about Huawei P9 is its long battery life. Most of the time, we are on the road and traveling for hours. You can’t always have a power outlet to charge your gadgets. Hence, smartphones with a long battery life is a must so we can still take photos and videos of our journey. While there is a power bank to help us recharge our smartphones, it wouldn’t be so ideal to have a phone that gets drained after only a couple of hours.

Monkey Dividers

8. Durable 

Huawei P9 passed a number of drop tests. That’s crucial for anyone who travels like us. We do not want something that can easily break just because it falls from a chair. Do we? For crying out loud –  we are jumping off cliffs and planes, our phones should match that lifestyle.

Monkey Dividers

9. Comfortable Grip 

Another feature that I love about this new smartphone from Huawei is that it is so comfortable to handle. I couldn’t emphasize enough how I always use my smartphone whenever we travel. And of course, I don’t want something that will eventually strain my palm.

Monkey Dividers

10. Reasonable Price

For a little over $500, you can have your own Huawei P9 and enjoy amazing features.  This is obviously cheaper than its competitors and you would definitely get the value for money! I learned to be a bit frugal and knowing the price of Huawei makes it even more recommendable.

10 Reasons Why Long Term Travelers (and Travel Bloggers) Should Switch to Huawei P9
Monkey Dividers

For all the tech  – savvy travelers who are particular with the phone’s specs, check out the quick facts about Huawei P9.

  • Display 
    • 5.20 – inch touch – screen display
    • Resolution 1080 x 1920 pixels
  • Processor
    • 1.8HGz
  • RAM
    • 3GB  
  • Storage
    • 32 GB
  • Camera
    • Front Camera –  8 megapixel
    • Rear Camera – 12 megapixel
  • OS
    • Android 6.0
  • Battery
    • 3000mAh

Monkey DividersIn a nutshell, Huawei P9 is an incredible smartphone even to travelers with an active lifestyle. It does the work of more expensive smartphones and you get to take amazing photos and videos. I would definitely recommend it and surely, you will have an awesome experience like what we are having right now.

10 Reasons Why Long Term Travelers (and Travel Bloggers) Should Switch to Huawei P9Having new smartphones is already a treat of its own but our latest travel sponsor gave us even more.  Huawei was one of Henley Festival’s major sponsors. This event celebrates the best of international and UK music, art, food, and culture. It was Kach’s first time to attend such and by,  we are glad to have a nice smartphone that can help us immortalize our memories. We had so much fun watching concerts, specifically the Elvis Costello Live. We took a video of their performance as we want to share it with you as well. We also indulged on some of the most divine meals from a posh gathering and dinner with a  Michelin-star Chef.  It was indeed, one for the books. Cool way to start our married life, isn’t?

10 Reasons Why Long Term Travelers (and Travel Bloggers) Should Switch to Huawei P9

Monkey Dividers

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Note: I partnered with Huawei Mobile UK to write this article but every word is mine!

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