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Estonia Digital Nomad Visa: What You Need To Know

By Kach Umandap January 28th, 2022 Posted in Europe Travel Blog, Travel Blog, VISA Application Guides One Comment

If you are a remote traveler and would like to stay in Europe for a long time, then Estonia has a great offer. Their Alien Act allows the digital nomad visa for international visitors, which is great. If you want to know more about Estonia Digital Nomad Visa, continue to read!

How To Apply For A Estonia Schengen Visa For Philippine Passport Holders
Photo by Ilya Orehov

Estonia is a Baltic country that will take about 2 hours of flight time from my home country, Montenegro.  This country is known for its town with beautiful medieval architecture and just less than an hour’s drive to a forest or lake. As per the World Health Organization, it also has the best air quality all over the world. It’s an excellent country to live in, and they offer you the opportunity to do so with the Digital Nomad Visa.

What are the Perks of the Estonia Digital Nomad Visa?

How To Apply For A Estonia Schengen Visa For Philippine Passport Holders

1. Digital nomads can visit, stay, and work in Estonia for up to a year

You don’t anymore need an Estonia Tourist Visa that lets you stay for 1 or 3 months in Estonia but can stay for the long-term. You could also work freely in the country as a remote worker.

2. The cost of living in Estonia is lower than in other powerful countries

If you compare the cost of living between Estonia and the big countries like the USA, Canada, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Japan, Australia, it’s about 20 – 60% lower. But the quality of living is also really high and comparable to these big nations. It’s peaceful, safe, and people are friendly. What more could you ask for?

3. It’s available to all

Though this has not opened yet, there are no restrictions as to nationality when you apply for an Estonia Digital Nomad Visa. As long as you prove that you are a remote worker and have a stable income, you are eligible to apply for one. About 1,800 people can apply per year. However, your background needs to be carefully checked, like regular visa applicants.

Why does Estonia offer this?

  • This will help them recover due to the pandemic and progress in their country
  • More remote workers living in Estonia means they will spend money in the country – more income for them
  • Citizens will still have jobs – if you are a digital nomad, your clients are online, you won’t be applying for employment in Estonia and not take them from the locals
  • Help in the progress of the country

Eligibility Requirements for an Estonia Digital Nomad Visa

  • Can work independently regardless of location
  • Perform duties remotely using telecommunications technology
  • Either has:
    • an employment contract with a company registered outside of Estonia
    • conduct business through your own company registered abroad
    • a freelancer for clients mostly outside of Estonia
  • Have a minimum of €3504 (gross of tax) monthly income (met 6 months before application)

Documents Required for an Estonia Digital Nomad Visa

1. Visa Application Form

2. Documents that certify you can work anywhere and use telecommunication technology to perform your work – may be a Cover letter from the application with an explanation and intention of using the visa

3. Proof that:

Documents may be:

  • Certificate of Employment (with complete details)
  • Company Profile or Registration showing that it’s registered legally outside of Estonia, kind of business, work you are doing in the company, and legal representations
  • Certification from employer or company that you can indeed work remotely
  • Certificate of Stocks or Partnership/Ownership with your name
  • Contracts with clients
  • Income Tax Returns
  • Social Security Contributions

4. Proof of Income – Please note that your minimum monthly income 6 months before application should be at least €3504 (gross of tax).

Documents May Be:

  • Bank Statements (for the last 6 months)
  • Employment Contract/s stating monthly income
  • Proof of transactions or payslips for the last 6 months

5. Description of your study and professional life course

6. Visa Application Fee – €80 for a short-stay visa and €100 long-stay visa

Other documents to be submitted:

  • Valid Passport – with at least 2 blank pages and valid at least 3 months from the visa’s expiration
  • Photo – 35×45 mm
  • Insurance Policy – valid during your stay in the Schengen Countries and is at least EURO 30,000. I recommend AXA Schengen.

AXA Travel Insurance

Supporting Documents

  • Proof of Purpose of Journey
  • Accommodation in Estonia or Proof of Sufficient Means
  • Sustenance in Estonia – at least €108 a day plus extra for flights back to your home country
  • Proof that you have the intention to leave the Schengen Area before your visa expires

Estonia Embassies Handling Visa Applications

12 Darwin Avenue Yarralumla ACT
Canberra, Australia
[email protected]
+61 2 6100 7717

Platonova 1B, 220034 Minsk, Belarus
[email protected]
(375 17) 217 7061

260 Dalhousie Street, Suite 210
Ottawa, Ontario K1N 7E4, Canada
[email protected]
(613) 789 4222

No. 1, Liangmaqiao Beixiaojie, Chaoyang District
Beijing, People’s Republic of China
[email protected]
(86 10) 85316700

8th floor, Abou El Feda Building Abou El Feda 3, Zamalek
Cairo, Egypt
[email protected]
(+20) 227 384 190

Porkkalankatu 22A, Helsinki 00180
[email protected]

17, rue de la Baume
Paris, France
[email protected]
+ 33 1 56 62 22 00

Kita Buashidze 4, Saburtalo
Tbilisi, Georgia
[email protected]
+995 32 2365 122

C15, Malcha Marg, Chanakyapuri
New Delhi, 110021 India
[email protected]
+91 11 4948 8650

3rd Floor, Block E, Iveagh Court, Harcourt Road
Dublin, Ireland
[email protected]
(353 1) 478 88 88

HaYovel Tower, 24. korrus, Menachem Begin Rd 125
Tel Aviv, Israel
[email protected]
(972) 3 710 39 10

2-6-15 Jingu-mae, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo, Japan
[email protected]
(+81) 3 5412-7281

Avenue Kabanbay batyr 28, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan
[email protected]
+7 7172 240 280

5 Maly Kislovsky Pereulok
Moscow, Russian Federation
[email protected]
(7 495) 737 36 40

25 Narodnaya
Pskov, Russian Federation
[email protected]
(7 811 2) 725 380

Bolshaya Monetnaya 14
St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
[email protected]
(7 812) 702 09 20

Tyrgatan 3, 11427 Stockholm, Sweden
[email protected]
(+46 8) 5451 2280

Golgeli Sokak No: 16, Gaziosmanpasa
Ankara, Turkey
[email protected]
(90 312) 40 56 970

Pushkinska st., 43B, Kyiv, Ukraine
[email protected]
(380 44) 590 07 80

United Kingdom
44 Queen’s Gate Terrace, London
[email protected]
+44 (0) 20 75893428

3 Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza Suite 6B 305 East 47th St.
New York, USA
[email protected]
(+1 212) 883-0636

How to apply for an Estonia Digital Nomad Visa

STEP 1: Check if you are eligible for an Estonia Digital Nomad Visa.

STEP 2: Gather your requirements.

STEP 3: Contact the nearest embassy or consulate and ask for information regarding the Estonia Digital Nomad Visa. Where to pass it, additional supporting documents, how to pay the fee (some may require a deposit to a bank account.) If it’s at the Embassy or at a Visa Application Center – book an appointment.

If you are required to pay at the bank, don’t forget to do so before your appointment.

STEP 4: Proceed to the Embassy or Visa Application Center. Don’t forget to bring your documents or deposit slip if you have already paid. Biometrics will usually be taken especially if it’s your first time going to the Schengen Area.

STEP 5: Wait for the decision of the Embassy. Process take up to 30 days.

STEP 6: Claim your passport with your Digital Nomad Visa.

Consul in the Philippines

Estonian Honorary Consul General in Manila
2232 Roxas Boulevard
6/F CTC Building
Pasay City, Manila
Tel: 832-3283
[email protected]

How To Apply For A Estonia Schengen Visa For Philippine Passport Holders
Photo by Ilya Orehov

I hope you have learned about Estonia Digital Nomad Visa, here! If you want to stay in Europe for a long, this will be a great and cheaper option. You can enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful country of Estonia as you work. You can also check our list of 9 Countries Where You Can Get a Digital Nomad Visa!

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