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Are Nomadic Travel Bloggers Unhealthy? Here’s my real-life experience @no1bootcamp

By Kach Umandap September 5th, 2016 Posted in Inspiration and Love Stories, Travel Blog 4 Comments

Let’s talk about being healthy, most of the time we would associate it with looking fabulous or having a body which is Instagram – worthy. But you have to know that health has different areas. We are certainly familiar with physical health, but more often than not, we do not give importance to our emotional and mental health. These are very important too, and when neglected – it will have a manifestation on your physical appearance as well.

Kach in Iraq
My last photo before I quit my job in the Middle East to become Nomadic.

To answer the question, “Are Nomadic Travel Bloggers Unhealthy?”, I cannot say it fits everyone. I know a lot of friends who are extremely active even while on the road. Unfortunately, there are some who made a slightly wrong turn and became a bit unhealthy. I’m one of the latter. Don’t worry though because I’m back to the right path once again as I am joining the No1 Bootcamp in Norfolk, UK!

Bootcamp in NorfolkNow, in this post I will share with you my real life experience because I want you to learn from it. You see, a lot of my friends and even relatives would shoot me random messages commenting about my weight. I can’t say that I’m extremely fat. In fact, sometimes my husband thinks it’s cute. But then again this isn’t about weight alone.

Can you still remember the time that I was fairly active with yoga? It has helped me with my physical, mental and emotional health. For quite some time, that part of me went on a hiatus. Sad to say, I am paying the price of not taking care of my health while on the road. Every month I would get sick and I feel that I cannot be as active as I used to be.

What’s behind the glamorous travel photos?

I thank heavens for giving me the opportunity to work practically anywhere I wish to. I mean, we can work in Europe today and then South America the next days. Some would even wish to be in my shoes. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy with my life. The smiles on our photos are all genuine. But of course, there’s always the other side. While most of the things we experience are good, there are some disadvantages.

  • Overly comfortable beds

Who doesn’t want a good night sleep, right? If you noticed, we have been to a number of luxurious hotels with beds that I could sleep on for days. But the downside about it is that I would rather stay in bed and relax after a long haul flight or train ride rather than go to the hotel gym and burn some calories. I think in most of our travels you would rarely see me using a treadmill.Luxury Hotel Review: Sense Beach House, Miami Beach, Florida

  • Wide selection of food and drinks

Welcome treats and buffet in hotels and restaurants are fun! Delicious food is hard to resist and sometimes I forget that I am munching sweets day after day, which is of course very unhealthy. And let’s not forget about alcoholic beverages (prosecco and margarita!) which contributes to my weight gain. I am not saying that the privileges should stop. I’m not that crazy! However, it’s about time that I eat in moderation and to choose healthy options (most of the time). I mean, I can’t stay away from burgers and fries forever. Can I?Luxury Hotel Review - NIZUC Cancun La Punta Restaurant 3

  • Hours on the laptop

As a travel blogger, I need to work on my laptop for a number of hours. I need to squeeze time given that our schedules are always filled with tours. Imagine the time I spend in front of my laptop. Again, that leaves little room for me to hit the gym or to work out.Luxury Hotel Review – NIZUC Resort & Spa, Cancun, Mexico

  • Sedentary lifestyle

Long hours inside the train and plane will always have a downside. There are times that I would be sitting down for more than a quarter of the day. If I keep on doing this it will have a huge impact on my health. I am not exaggerating but sedentary lifestyle can contribute to having cancers, heart failures, osteoporosis and of course, there’s obesity. Unless I am on a hike or a biking adventure, I would usually just sit down.

  • Toxic Online Stress

One of our main objectives is to help other people travel the world by giving tips through our blog. But at the end of the day, our blog is our main source of income. If we don’t work hard, we cannot sustain the lifestyle we have always dreamed about. And yes, I wouldn’t sugar – coat anything, it can be stressful at times.

  • Missing families and friends

You might think that this item is out of place, but let me prove my point. Yes, it is our choice to travel the world and see what’s out there. It is our choice to be away from our families and friends. But that doesn’t mean we don’t miss them.

How many times have I wished that I can spend my birthday with my siblings? How many times have I wished to eat my mom’s home-cooked-meals? This is normal, but when it strikes at a wrong time, it can be emotionally draining. And just so you know, there’s also a scientific explanation that our immune system weakens when we are emotionally unhealthy.

Hilton Mancation in San Diego California - Grand Canyon Tour Kach and Jonathan

Does this mean I will say goodbye to long term travel?

NOT ANYTIME SOON! I still have a lot of countries to land on and there is no stopping me. But I need to hit the pause button to regain the same physical, emotional and mental health that I used to have. I will need it to face different challenges each country has for me. My body has to easily adapt to climate changes. My mental state should be sharp and quick to deliver the best posts and tips to our readers. And my emotions should be stable so I can further enjoy all our trips.

And that’s why I joined the No 1 Bootcamp for a 2-month Residential training!

Apart from my goal to have more clothing sponsors, (kidding), I really want to get back in shape and stay SANE. Some of you might be losing pounds but that doesn’t mean you are healthy. Remember the other health areas I mentioned? In fitness bootcamps, you will not only have a better physique but you will also have a better perspective in life. We all need to rest, and I prefer to rest in a place where I can still improve myself.

Bootcamp in Norfolk

Our Trainers in the Bootcamp
Our Trainers in the Bootcamp!

For the longest time, we are helping people to build a sustainable travel lifestyle. It’s about time to take it up a notch and promote a sustainable and HEALTHY travel lifestyle. I’m excited to share the rest of my journey!

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4 thoughts on “Are Nomadic Travel Bloggers Unhealthy? Here’s my real-life experience @no1bootcamp

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. I found it well written and informative, thanks so much for sharing your insight and experience. If you have a moment, check out my site tattooedtourist.com
    Hopefully you find it helpful! x

  2. Great post! I think a lot of people would like to be in your shoes, good to know there’s an other side to it (kind of knew that of course but it’s great to have it out in the open). Wishing you the best of luck!

  3. Fun read! I haven’t seen too many blogs about the health implications of a nomadic lifestyle. Love this!

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Written by Kach Umandap

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