TOP 8 Music Festivals in Latin America (South & Central) for 2015

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Better yet quit altogether), your flights are booked, your bags are packed and a whole world of mountains, beaches, Castillano (a kind of Spanish to you and me) amazing food, fine wines and incredible people awaits you. But what about the music? Any backpacker knows that you can’t go backpacking without music! Well, luckily for you don’t have to miss out on the world around you with your headphones stuck in your ears, because we’ve found all of the best music festival action that South and Central America has to offer in 2015, so you can find awesome live music and performances no matter where you are!

TOP 8 Music Festivals in Latin America (South & Central) for 2015
Photo from TomorrowLand Official Facebook Page




COUNTDOWN begins..

TOP 8. The BPM Festival

TOP 8 Music Festivals in Latin America (South & Central) for 2015
Photo from The BPM Festival Official Facebook Page

 Playa del Carmen, Mexico – Jan 9 to 18, 2015

Playa del Carmen, quickly becoming the hottest spot on the Yucatan Peninsula, is a place for people who want to be seen. Think beaches full of trendy Europeans, Italian bistros, blended with Ancient Mayan ruins, incredible snorkeling and underwater caves. Now add to this 10 days and nights of over 200 international artists and you have the BPM Festival, one of the best South America Music Festival!

TOP 7. One Big Holiday

TOP 8 Music Festivals in Latin America (South & Central) for 2015
Photo from My Morning Jacket’s One Big Holiday Official Facebook Page

Riviera Maya, Mexico – Jan 31 to Feb 4, 2015

Set amongst the high-end resorts of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, where you can find everything from spa hotels, luxury eco resorts and world-class snorkeling around the stunning coral reef. This one-of-a-kind experience is more of a high-end all-inclusive luxury holiday with some bands thrown in than a music festival in the traditional sense! So, pack your bags now and head to One Big Holiday for an epic South America Music Festival!

Band of Horses – Dawes – Dr. Dog – Biz Markie – Preservation Hall Jazz Band – The War on Drugs – Sylvan Esso

TOP 6. Lollapalooza Brazil

TOP 8 Music Festivals in Latin America (South & Central) for 2015
Photo from Lollapalooza Official Facebook Page

Sao Paulo, Brazil – March 28 to 29, 2015

The city of Sao Paulo captures practically every aspect of society and culture in the world. It’s a melting pot of cultures and home to some of the largest international populations in world, including Japanese, Italian, Chinese and European. It’s jam-packed with art-house cinemas, museums, theatres, bistros and 24/7 bars and clubs.

Who to see here in Lollapaloozabar? Kasabian – Robert Plant – Bastille – Steve Aoki – Jack White – Major Lazer – Skrillex and more.

TOP 5. Lollapalooza Argentina

TOP 8 Music Festivals in Latin America (South & Central) for 2015
Photo from Lollapalooza Official Facebook Page

Bueno Aires, Argentina – March 21 to 22, 2015

Lonely Planet called Buenos Aires, ‘Sexy, alive and supremely confident, like Europe with a melancholic twist.’ What more could you want from a city?

Here’s a little taste of what you’re getting in Lollapaloozar – Pharrell Williams – The Kooks – Damian Marley – NOFX – Foster the People – The Smashing Pumpkins…

TOP 4. Lollapalooza Chile

TOP 8 Music Festivals in Latin America (South & Central) for 2015
Photo from Lollapalooza Official Facebook Page

Santiago, Chile – March 14 to 15, 2015

The Chilean capital city has undergone something of a makeover in recent years, giving visitors plenty of reasons to hang around. Fine cuisine, amazing seafood market, sculpted gardens, the stunning backdrop of the Andes – it’s all here, with that little extra something special. What better place to enjoy one of the most famous festivals in the world?!

What to see at Lollapaloozacl – Jack White – Kings of Leon – Calvin Harris – The Smashing Pumpkins – Kasabian – The Specials – Cypress Hill………..Need I say more?!

TOP 3. Envision Festival

TOP 8 Music Festivals in Latin America (South & Central) for 2015
Photo from Envision Festival Official Facebook Page

 Uvita, Costa Rica – Feb 26 to March 1, 2015


Crystal clear, warm waters, farms, local house and deserted, white-sand beaches, the Village of Uvita is one of the few remaining areas of the coastline that remains largely untouched by the tourism boom here. Except of course, for being the gateway to the Marino Ballena National Park and home to the annual Envision Festival. This sustainability-based meeting of minds combines music, dance, yoga, art and spirituality to bring people together to understand and appreciate our fundamental connection with nature.

Top 2. Electric Daisy Carnival

TOP 8 Music Festivals in Latin America (South & Central) for 2015
Photo from Electric Daisy Carnival Official Facebook Page

Mexico City, Mexico – Feb 28 to March 1, 2015

Chaos, noise, sprawling – these are all words that spring to mind for anyone that has visited Mexico City. Spend a little time here, however and you’ll find it’s also a city of deep cultural history, stretching back from modern, through the colonial to its barely-visible pre-Hispanic Mayan roots.

This intense and perplexing city sets the scene for 4 stages of live music and over 60 international artists, all brought to life by the carnival atmosphere of costumed performers, giant art installations, crazy rides and explosive fireworks. This fantastical extravaganza is much more than a festival.

Line-up TBA at –

TOP 1. TomorrowLand

TOP 8 Music Festivals in Latin America (South & Central) for 2015
Photo from TomorrowLand Official Facebook Page

 Sao Paulo, Brasil – May 1, 2, 3, 2015

Photo from

Now, if none of those can satisfy your appetite for live music and festival vibes, then there’s probably something wrong with you. You know, like in the head wrong with you! But no fear, there is one last hope for salvation. One last bastion of EDM, art, dance, and, of course, thousands of people coming together to celebrate what it truly means to be alive! Originally started in the aptly named city of Boom, Belgium, TomorrowLand becomes TomorrowWorld as it ups its awesome sticks to Sao Paulo for what is sure to be the wildest display of over-the-top theatrics, stage design and global DJ talent that South America has ever seen!

The festival has previously featured Europe’s highest mobile Ferris wheel and a ‘Church of Love’, where you can get in on with the guy or girl you’ve been dancing with for the past hour, safely guarded by a team of nuns…all necessary condiments provided of course!

You don’t have to be an Electronic Dance Music maniac to have the time of your life here, you just need to be crazy about music, art, wide open spaces and awesome people.

Despite all of the regular ‘Full Madness’ entrance tickets already being sold out (in 2013 they sold out in one second!) you can still get into the biggest festival in the world via their Global Journey Travel Packages. This package not only gets you your Full Madness Ticket, but also your flight, transfer and accommodation. Everything you need to have the best time of your life!

Check out to get yours before they’re all gone!


TOP 8 Music Festivals in Latin America (South & Central) for 2015


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9 thoughts on “TOP 8 Music Festivals in Latin America (South & Central) for 2015

  1. Heya! Glad i found your website, im gonna add you in my faves =) im also a long term traveler and festival enthusiast. I will start my south america trip soon so these are great tips 😉 i also would like to go to universo paralelo for new years in brazil.

    1. Hello Marta! Cool, where are you now? Let’s keep in touch!! Can you suggest which festival are you going to next? It’s on my bucket list!! Can’t wait for 2015!

  2. Hey Guys!!
    Really like the blog and love this post!

    As Brazilian I´m more then proud to host two of the top 10 music festival in Latin America. But I also have to tell you that the serious Electronic parties in Brazil happen all year long in the south. Check out clubs like Warung and Green Valley. The lineup is insane, the clubs amazing…
    Definitely we know how to party 😉
    All the best, safe travels!
    Hugs from Chiang Mai – Thailand
    Nat –

    Ps: just shared this awesome article in my social medias! 😉

    1. Natalie, thank you so much for this! Sent you message on your FB page! We’re heading to Brazil on February and hopefully you can give us tips, I love to attend Electronic parties! haha

      Just checked your blog and I love it! I love your pictures in Chiang Mai!! Yay! =)



      1. Woowww… You guys are heading to Brazil. That´s awesome!!!

        If you need any info or tips send me a mesage on facebook or via [email protected], it will be a pelasure to help you!! And I´m really happy that you like our blog, we are working hard to put some nie stuff 🙂
        All the best, and hope we keep in touch!

  3. Hey Kach and Jon! I stumbled to your blog and I love it! I became attached to it also because we almost have the similar situation—except for the fact that my bf doesn’t want to show up too much on my blog LOL.

    Anyhoo! We’re a travelling couple as well, I’m from the PH and he’s from Belgium and currently we’re in Belgium for (hopefully) a year–after which, we don’t know what happens next. Maybe PH again and then travel some more in Asia. We’ll see!

    Anyhow, I’ll definitely be sticking around here to see your adventures!

    1. Heya Aileen! I know your blog and it’s awesome! saw your business too, would love to have some of that blankets! haha =)

      Anyway, yes, persuaded Jon to be active on the blog! He’s usually behind the scene! haha

      Let’s keep in touch, you can add me in facebook, would be really happy to keep in touch with like-minded people! Om and love from Peru!! x

  4. The thing that bothers me about Latin America is that you can never hear the artist sing. I recall spending a LOT of money to watch Celine Dion in Vegas and could not hear anything she sang because the Argentinian on my right ear and the Brazilian on my left ear were blaring at the top of their lungs the whole time. Waste of money.

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