Where To Take Instagrammable Photos in Venice? Your Instagram Photo Guide to Venice!

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“Venice is like eating a whole box of chocolate liquors in one go”, Truman Capote

“To build a city where it is impossible to build a city is madness, but to build there one of the most elegant and grandest of cities is the madness of genius”, Alexander Herzen

Grand Canal and Rialto Bridge
Grand Canal and Rialto Bridge

Venice is a unique city, a place of such spectacular eye-catching wonder; you can’t find it anywhere else in the world. Venice is magical, bewitching, and truly extraordinary. Stepping into the city of

Venice, is like stepping into another world. Unlike anywhere else in Italy, the canals and waterways journey through the entire city, flowing past the immersed Venetian architecture

Mini Canals
Mini Canals

The birthplace of poets, artists, writers and merchants, Venice has an amazing history too. It was originally its own republic and was a major power in the Middle Ages. It was a major financial centre and commerce, especially for silk, grain and spices.

St Marks square
St Marks square

Situated across 118 small islands, with multiple canals and waterways separating the streets, Venice has the unique and beautiful feature of in effect mirroring itself across the water. Mirages of Venice life reflect all around, unsettled by passing Gondolas across the surface


Our trip to Venice was something of an experience. The restaurants and bars are filled with chatter and laughter, with a common sighting of visitors drinking Aperol Spritz. With the lifting of glasses, you can see the slices of orange, ice and a beautiful bright orange glow emanating from the glass. A tasty and refreshing cocktail mixed with Prosecco, a must have whilst visiting.

Traveling about in Venice is easy – the waterways make access to various parts of the city essential by boat, but there are many waterway ferries which can taxi you from place to place. It’s possible to buy day/week passes which makes it even easier to get from place to place. Once in the streets, most travel is by foot – there are almost no vehicles in Venice as cars, bikes, and scooters are not allowed in the central parts of the city.

You can hire motorboat as well
You can hire motorboat as well

There’s a variety of hotels as well. We opted to stay in the luxury NH collection which is literally situated by the grand canal with a view of Rialto bridge. Check them out, here.

I’ve made a separate blog about our accommodation. Click here to check it out.

Shopping was pretty fun! There is a wide selection of shops for the curious tourist. You can take yourself off the main streets down the quaint alleyways, and find anything from small local stores by entrepreneurs to larger recognisable brands, including some high end fashion stores:

The leading Hotel brand in Venice
The leading Hotel brand in Venice

There’s also plenty of opportunity for you to purchase one of the many individual Venetian masks on show! These very famous and stylish masks are well known for their singular expressions, unique appearance, bright colourful accessories and mysterious appearance.

Whilst in Venice, we took the opportunity to venture out on one of the private boats to the island of Murano and Burano. We were able to take some amazing views of some of the buildings on these special islands as well as see some traditional glass making and sample some of the local cuisine. The buildings here are famous for their beautifully vibrant and bright colours, and amazing design.

As you can see, Venice is a special city well worth taking a trip to see. Walking down the alleyways, walking across the beautiful canal bridges, and gliding across the canal waterways on a Gondala… it’s truly magical and fantastical.

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