Top 5 Extreme Outdoor Activities in the Philippines

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How’s your bucket list doing? In less than 2 months 2014 is about to end, how many have you crossed out in it? Did you visit some of the most pristine beaches in the country? Were you able to try some outdoor expeditions like trekking and biking? If you have done all of these and are looking for some more, why not unleash the daredevil inside of you and try these extreme outdoor activities that will definitely spice up your 2015 bucket list.

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1. River Rafting

Photo by George Parrilla CC BY 2.0

Forget the white sand beach and the tranquil blue water and hit the river! River rafting is the way to go if you are looking for a nerve-wracking and heart-stomping action! Cagayan de Oro, famed for its white water rafting, boasts numerous challenging rapids which every thrill-seeker should try. It offers rafting trips that can be taken in 4 different courses (beginner’s, advance 1 & 2, extreme). If you fall off the boat (like what happened to us in the photo below. LOL), just stay calm because trained guides will immediately assist you plus you have your helmet and life-jacket on so you’ll definitely feel safe.

Other provinces that offer white water rafting are Davao and Cagayan.

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2. Mountain Climbing

Hitting the Trail of the Philippines' Highest Mountain, Mt. Apo


Want to get away from the busy life of the city? The polluted air, the unbearable heat and the intense traffic? Just thinking about these makes me cringe! If you do then prepare your backpack, put on your trekking shoes and climb a mountain! Feel the earth and its tranquility as you hike all the way up to the summit. Sure, it can be very tiring, there will be times that you would want to give up but if you step up and move forward, the picturesque scenery from the top of the mountain will be very rewarding.

For newbies, you can start with Pico de Loro (Cavite), Mount Batulao (Batangas) or Mount Makiling (Laguna). There are many mountains near the metro so you need not travel too far.

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3. Cliff Diving


White sand beach and parties-all-night-long, these are what often come to mind when you hear the word ‘Boracay’. However, aside from these, there are numerous activities that Boracay can offer and for those who are adventure junkies, you shouldn’t miss cliff diving at Ariel’s Point. Dive at 5 different levels and scream at the top of your lungs before you plunge into deep pools of water. It can be a butt-numbing experience, but I guarantee you, it sure is fun.

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4. Surfing

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Get stoked and feel the rush of the waves as you surf along the coast. You could get seriously addicted to surfing once you tried it. The adrenaline rush will immediately pump into your veins as soon as you ride the waves. Here in the Philippines, Siargao in Surigao del Sur, Mindanao is considered to be the surfing capital as it provides great waves all year round. Other popular surfing spots near Manila are in Baler and La Union.

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5. Spelunking

Photo by jojo nicdao CC BY 2.0

Are you up for crawling, squeezing and creeping into tight passages? Not afraid to get wet and explore the dark guided by just a headlamp? How about bats? Not afraid of them even if they suddenly pass your way? If yes to all, then spelunking is the right one for you.

Spelunking is increasingly becoming popular in the country. The excitement and the thrill of exploring caves and its rock formations have lured many adventurers to try this activity. The Sumaguing Cave in Sagada, Mountain Province and Ugong Rock Adventures in Puerto Princesa, Palawan are some of popular caves that tourists often visit.

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I am pretty sure that there are still a lot more that I missed in the list as our country offers a wide array of extreme outdoor activities. My journey still continues. But for now, I hope I have inspired you to try at least one in the list. You never know, you might have that high-spirited soul in you all along that is just waiting to be set free.

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12 thoughts on “Top 5 Extreme Outdoor Activities in the Philippines

  1. I am very fond of tourism and have a great interest in such activities as desert safari, dune buggy and many more. I hope you will post more about tourism.

    1. Hi Sim! Actually, I am from Sorsogon but unfortunately, I haven’t been to Bulusan yet. hehe. I will definitely visit there when I go home this Christmas vacation. Thanks!

    1. Hi Khayz! Contrary to what many believe, you can try cliff diving and surfing even if you don’t know how to swim. For cliff diving, there are lifeguards waiting at the bottom that will immediately assist you and give you life jacket as soon as you hit the water. For surfing, the guides usually teach how to surf at the shallow part of the sea so there’s really no need to worry.

      Thanks for you comment Khayz, maybe I should put this info in my article above.Thanks! 🙂

  2. Hi Leo! I was actually wearing a pair trekking shoes for that hike but my friend’s sandals snapped and he had to walk on that pair of flip flops for an hour. He’s foot was already killing him so I suggested we switched footwears until we reached the summit. That’s how I ended up with the flip flops.

    Thank you for your comment, though. I’m really glad that you noticed the flip flops. 🙂

    1. Hi Leo! I was actually wearing a pair trekking shoes for that hike but my friend’s sandals snapped and he had to walk on that pair of flip flops for an hour. His foot was already killing him (he got injured) so I suggested we switch footwears until we reach the summit. That’s how I ended up with the flip flops.

      Thank you for your comment, though. I am really glad you noticed the flip flops. 🙂

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