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Norwegian Airlines Money Refund – How long does it take to process cancellation?

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor March 26th, 2020 Posted in Travel Blog, Travel Guides 17 Comments

Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA (Norwegian) is a low-cost carrier based in Norway and the largest in Scandinavia. Including its subsidiaries, they have 148 fleet size and served almost 150 destinations. Should you have a change of plans, you can do it online or call their contact centers. Here’s a Step by Step Guide on How to Change Flights or Get Refunds on Norwegian Air Shuttle.

For those who currently have flights, please always be updated with the latest news of Norwegian. Should you want to change or cancel your flights, you can do so online. For those who want to call the customer service, please be patient as there are more calls than usual.


You can check the latest updates of Norwegian through this link. Please also check the e-mail or phone as you may be contacted if your flight is canceled.

Canceled Flights

  • Get a refund for your unused ticket
  • You can also choose to receive CashPoints
  • Change of flights is also available but limited as there are many travel restrictions

For those who don’t want to travel

  • Flex and PremiumFlex tickets are fully refundable and can be canceled
  • Waived Changed fees for international flights booked made until March 22, 2020; travels must be before November 30, 2020, fare differences may apply
  • Please contact your travel agency if you booked there

How to Change your Flight Booking with Norwegian Air Shuttle

STEP 1: Go to the My Travels section of Norwegian.

Step by Step Guide on How to Change Flights or Get Refunds on Norwegian Air Shuttle

STEP 2: Sign in if you have a profile, if not, type your booking reference and last name.  Sign in or Find booking, whichever fits you.

STEP 3: Choose the flight you wish to change. Select your new flights.

STEP 4: Pay the fare differences if there are any. Mostly if you are affected, the change fees were waived. Please note that a refund may not be applied if ever the new flight is cheaper.

STEP 5: Receive a new Flight Itinerary.

How to Claim for a Ticket Refund with Norwegian

For those whose flight was canceled or if you purchased a Flex or PremiumFlex ticket and have canceled your booking.

You can claim a refund. Just go to this link to submit a claim for a ticket refund. The process may take longer than the standard times, as there are many requests. Please be patient.

Step by Step Guide on How to Change Flights or Get Refunds on Norwegian Air Shuttle3

How to Claim for CashPoints with Norwegian

If your flight was canceled, you could claim Cash Points for your next trip.

Additional Information for CashPoints

  • For LowFare, LowFare+ and Premium tickets booked directly in Norwegian
  • Flights are canceled by the airline
  • Value = Unused ticket plus 20% (1 NOK = 1 CashPoint) – If you bought a ticket costing 100 NOK, then you’ll have 120 CashPoints
  • Valid for 12 months from the issuance date

You can get CashPoints through this link. CashPoints are issued back to the Norwegian Reward account of the person who booked; if you have no account, you are asked to sign up. Please be patient for the reply and the points as there are many requests.

Step by Step Guide on How to Change Flights or Get Refunds on Norwegian Air Shuttle4

Contact Numbers

Here are the contact numbers of Norwegian Customer Support. Please be patient as there are many callers.

Step by Step Guide on How to Change Flights or Get Refunds on Norwegian Air Shuttle

Twitter: @Fly_Norwegian


Step by Step Guide on How to Change Flights or Get Refunds on Norwegian Air Shuttle
John Cameron

Many flights are canceled right now due to the government restrictions for this pandemic. It’s safer to be at home rather than traveling to places. Let’s just do productive things while we are in our house and keep safe. Let’s continue traveling when all is well!

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17 thoughts on “Norwegian Airlines Money Refund – How long does it take to process cancellation?

  1. I claimed on 6th April for flights due to take place 18th & 25th April. Got my full refund 22nd May – so it took about 7 weeks from claim date to refund date.

  2. I purchased nonrefundable tickets for the family (5) to go to Spain in July. My husband is asthmatic. Is there any chance that I can get a refund?

  3. We had purchased 2 Premium Economy seats R/T from San Francisco to London Gatwick with Trip Cancellation insurance. Once the Covid-19 Pandemic hit, my wife’s oncologist advised her not to fly “anywhere”! As directed on the Norwegian website, I cancelled our flights then submitted a claim for refund, requesting a credit back to my credit card. What are the chances Norwegian will refund the price of the flights as opposed to forcing us to fly at a later date?

    1. If you have used the refund option, they will probably refund you the cost as you didn’t choose to change the travel dates. However, getting the money back will be quite a long time, maybe more than a month.

      1. I’m well past a month- a full 2 mos with no reply from Norwegian to my email or voice inquiries. Frustrating when you can reapply this money to critical things during the shutdown.

  4. How long is longer than usual if we are waiting for a refund? 2 weeks after I submit the claim? 1 week after the canceled flight? I don’t know what is normal and therefore am not sure what is longer than normal. Thanks!

      1. They deal with claims in chronological order, so please be patient as they may have more cases than normal.

      2. I applied for a refund back in mid march as well, for a flight that was meant to be on 8th April. Filled in both forms, still waiting. Phone number is always busy. Seen news today Norwegian doesn’t even have cash to pay pilots, it’ll go bust and nobody will get refunds.

        I’ll just end up claiming on my travel insurance for the flight, suggest others to do the same.

        1. Same boat I’m afraid. Submitted my refund requests for March 28 and April 6 flights immediately after Norwegian cancelled both. Refund requests went in on March 15. Got confirmations and reference numbers back by email for each flight, but no way to follow up refund status based on reference numbers. Been over a month now. Not hopeful of
          seeing any refund. May have to resort to a Travel insurance refund request based on Chase Sapphire purchase of tickets. Not hopeful there either.

    1. As of now, Norwegian is unable to advise the time it will take to process your claim (as per their twitter account,) they deal with it on chronological order. You can tweet them at @Fly_Norwegian.

      1. I filed for a refund after our flights were canceled on March 14th, the same day we got the notification. I received another email on Friday asking if we ‘really wanted a refund or if we wanted a credit. The email said we had to fill in another refund for to get the money. We filled in the form and are now, once again, at the back of the line. All they’re doing is reaching out to customers, having them reiterate a refund and then resetting them to the back of their chronological order….hopless. I will never fly them again.

        1. i also applied March 14th and they made me re-request the refund too. Then changed my queue number from 2500 to 53,000!! they are just delaying the inevitable…

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