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Find Romance, Relax and Revitalize at Momo Beach House in Panglao, Bohol

By Kach Umandap May 12th, 2017 Posted in Luxury Hotel Review, Philippines Travel Blog, Travel Blog 2 Comments

Beautiful experiences at times come at the last-minute, don’t you agree? This is certainly what we found out on our last trip to Panglao in Bohol, Philippines. Truthfully, I was a lot ill during this trip but the unique charms and pleasures of Panglao, plus the exceeding comfort and convenience provided by Momo Beach House, made it all better for me. You can say, it became my natural medicine.

Find Romance, Relax, and Revitalize at Momo Beach House in Panglao, Bohol

Of course, people come to this island for diving and other water activities, but if you are not up to it, there remains a lot to enjoy here, with the added benefit of restoration and relaxation. For instance, there is no shortage of white-sand beaches to lounge around and catch the sun. Massages on the beachfront prove irresistible as well. If you have a good book with you, this is an awesome place to start reading again (in my case, to start writing again). Without so much distractions, you can finish your tasks sooner than you thought.

Find Romance, Relax, and Revitalize at Momo Beach House in Panglao, BoholClean and organic food choices are highly accessible. This is perfect for those who are watching their weight but still want to enjoy amazing delicacies. Plus there is always the promise of a good time, enjoying the bounty of nature with a countryside tour: seeing the Chocolate Hills, marveling at the architecture of old churches, and meeting the cutest tarsiers in the world. There is really no going wrong!

Monkey DividersIntimacy, Restoration, and Relaxation at Momo Beach House

However, if you simply want to stay in and have a cozy, quiet, and intimate time, there is no better place to stay than Momo Beach House. It is a basic hotel that is perfect for couples, or people who just need restoration, like me! My sister told me that I got over – fatigued so our stay in the beach house was something extremely timely.

Exceedingly tranquil, this hotel is located 20 kilometers from Alona Beach. It is far from everything – highly recommended if privacy and serenity are what you are after. The way this place is built, you will certainly get the break that you need from the usual chaos of city life or everyday life for that matter.

Find Romance, Relax, and Revitalize at Momo Beach House in Panglao, BoholYou are sure to have a wonderful time if you are having a holiday with your partner. Momo Beach House has romance written all over it. Share a sun lounger and catch the sunset while cuddling, dine in al fresco, or have a massage together. If you are staying in the Philippines and looking for a honeymoon spot, then this is a good choice. The cost isn’t going to break your bank accounts, I tell you.

The Rooms

Find Romance, Relax, and Revitalize at Momo Beach House in Panglao, BoholChic, minimalist, and vibrant, accommodation at Momo Beach House comes in Standard, Deluxe, and Family rooms. Each one is bright, cozy, and fully equipped to ensure even the most stressed visitor falls into a dreamy catatonia of relaxation. The colors will instantly remind you of the beach.

Find Romance, Relax, and Revitalize at Momo Beach House in Panglao, Bohol

  • Standard Room – Rest your head in the nice Queen bed and find comfort in amenities like air-conditioning, plasma TV, and hot and cold shower with hair dryer and bath amenities. Enjoy direct access to the garden and pool, too.
  • Deluxe Room – Treat yourself to this more spacious room with a Queen bed, day bed, and sitting and living area, along with the amenities found in a Standard Room.
  • Family Room – For friends or families of five, stay together inside this accommodation and get the bonding experience that you all want.

All their rooms are perfect after a long day at the beach. Choosing which one depends on the number of people you are traveling with.

The Facilities

There is hardly a need to go out and about as everything you require for an awesome holiday can be found within Momo Beach House:

Find Romance, Relax, and Revitalize at Momo Beach House in Panglao, Bohol

  • Outdoor pool – At the center of the hotel is this cooling pool that is the perfect setup to get you deliciously sun-drenched! It is actually hard not to dive in right away.
  • Lounge area – Perfect for your recovery and relaxation goals, the lounge area is filled with comfortable seating ideal to read your book, listen to music, or simply cuddle with your partner. I would probably say that this is the best area to kill time.
  • Kayak and standup paddleboard rental – Get a better view of the sea and the hotel from a kayak or a standup paddleboard. Paddle a few meters into the sea and breathe out all of your stresses or ills! Now I am missing all the beaches in the Philippines.

The Food

Find Romance, Relax, and Revitalize at Momo Beach House in Panglao, Bohol

Find Romance, Relax, and Revitalize at Momo Beach House in Panglao, Bohol

Beach Tree Cafe – What can be more curative than the food of your childhood? Find comfort as you indulge in excellent home cooking and your childhood favorites on the menu. Relaxed, casual, and definitely delicious, dining at the Beach Tree Cafe is definitely not to be missed. I think Jon had so much fun eating.

Find Romance, Relax, and Revitalize at Momo Beach House in Panglao, Bohol

Area Guide

  • Alona Beach – A stunning 1.5 Km of white sand beach, Alona Beach is lined with restaurants, bars, and entertainment establishments that offer infinite opportunities for fun, parties, and a good time. The night scene is more romantic than crazy, so be sure to find a candle-lit table to take advantage!
  • Bohol Bee Farm – Set on a cliff top, Bohol Bee Farm has date night written all over it. The restaurant serves organic food and the shop has interesting finds like quirky food products and local handicrafts. Be sure to try their phenomenal ice cream!
  • Puntod and Gak-ang Islets – Hire a pump boat in Poblacion, Panglao and go island hopping. Snorkel, swim all day – these innocent gems will definitely revitalize you.
  • Loboc River – Hop aboard one of the small boats and cruise along this river to fully appreciate its natural beauty. There are floating restaurants that serve sumptuous food, too!

Monkey DividersFact Sheet: Frequently Asked Questions About Momo Beach House

1. Where can we find the best rates for Momo Beach House?

Booking.com | Agoda | Expedia | Own Website | TripAdvisor 

2. How far is Momo Beach House from Tagbilaran Airport?

It takes a 45-minute drive to reach the hotel from the airport.

3. Is a transfer or pick-up service available?

Yes. Contact the hotel through their website for more details.

4. What are other travel options available going to Momo Beach House in Panglao?

Find Romance, Relax, and Revitalize at Momo Beach House in Panglao, Bohol

You can fly in from the Tagbilaran Airport or take a boat from Cebu. The fare is PHP 500 only! Learn from our mistake – we overpaid!

5. How far are the usual attractions from Momo Beach House?

It is a 35-minute drive from Loboc River, 40-minute drive from Tarsier Encounter, and a 70-minute drive to the Chocolate Hills.

6. What payment options are accepted at Momo Beach House?

You can pay online via PayPal or use a Visa or Mastercard credit card.

7. Do they accept walk- ins?

Yes, but it is always best to make reservations ahead of time, particularly during the busy seasons like summer or public holidays.

8. Do they offer special discounts?

Yes, check out the website of Momo Beach House and look up the Promotions tab.

9. Is there a laundry service in the property?

Yes. Other facilities found at Momo Beach House include Wi-Fi access in public areas, massage, tour services, safe, and family room.

10. Is there an ATM nearby?

The nearest ATM is 2 Km from the hotel.

I bet you are now packing your bags and checking your schedules for a weekend at Momo Beach House. It’s actually for everyone! You can invite your friends, your entire family, or even go on your own. It doesn’t really matter because there will always be something that you would enjoy here. I hope the next time I visit, the flu won’t catch me. That way, I can try all the great activities in Momo Beach House.

This trip was arranged by Tourism Promotions Board. Special thanks to Mr. Gerry Panga, the Tourism Attaché and Director for Northern and Southern Europe, Department of Tourism.

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