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MGM Ranch and Farm in Taal, Batangas: Your Perfect Place to Escape the City Life

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor March 9th, 2021 Posted in Luxury Hotel Review, Philippines Travel Blog, Travel Blog No comments

In this article, I’ll tell you why you should head your way to Taal, Batangas, and stay at MGM Ranch and Farm for a weekend getaway!

If you’re looking for a local destination you can visit without restrictions this coming summer, we’ve got you covered! Just a few hours from Manila, Taal in Batangas offers a great escape from the city’s hustle.

MGM Ranch and Farm Your Perfect Place to Escape the City

This ancient town will surely captivate you, especially if you are fascinated with the Philippines’ history and culture, as you can see numerous well-preserved Spanish colonial era structures here.

As time goes by, Taal has also been the home of different movie settings because of its likeness to Vigan. Sadly, most Filipinos only knew Taal as the smallest active volcano and learned a little about this town’s glorious and rich history. So in this article, I’ll tell you why you should head your way to Taal, Batangas, and stay at MGM Ranch and Farm!

About MGM Ranch and Farm

MGM Ranch and Farm is a private resort located in Taal, Batangas. The resort is not only a peaceful getaway, but it is rich in history. I love history and it adds to the location’s appeal.

MGM Ranch and Farm Your Perfect Place to Escape the City

It did not take long after my arrival to already feel the tranquility and calm due to the resort’s surroundings. The staff were very friendly and accommodating – a foretaste of the hospitality so prevalent to Batangueños. 

As I walk through the grounds, I cannot help but be amazed by the resort’s lush tropical forest and environment. The whole resort is so peaceful and has the vibes that can transport you back to the 1800s with the ancestral houses you can see.

My Room

MGM Ranch and Farm Your Perfect Place to Escape the City

Accommodations in MGM Ranch and Farm are all different. You can stay inside the preserved Ancestral houses or choose a small villa. I prefer to stay at the newly built small villa named “Hideaway” during my visit because other accommodations are too huge for me. Haha

Hideaway has one comfortable bed, a bathroom with complete toiletries, and a dining table. They don’t have TV sets or wifi connections here as they want every guest to unplug, disconnect and just enjoy the surroundings.

During my stay there, it felt like I’m in the middle of the forest. I had a perfect night’s sleep and enjoyed the soothing noise of nature. Not spooky, huh! Haha. Everything is really excellent. One of the best things about staying there is waking up in the morning, seeing the beautiful view of nature, and hearing the sounds of chirping birds. So relaxing! 

Aside from the Hideaway Villa, MGM Ranch and Farm also offers different accommodation types that will fit the number of visitors. Here’s a rundown:

Bonifacio House – an ancestral house with airconditioned rooms with a kitchen where you can cook!

Rate: Php 12,000 good for up to 10 persons with complimentary breakfast.

Daldalita House – an ancestral house with airconditioned rooms with a view of the pool and tropical forest

Rate: Php 5,000 good for up to 5 persons with complimentary breakfast.

MGM Ranch and Farm Your Perfect Place to Escape the City

Family gatherings, wedding reception, and other celebrations are also possible in this Resort. MGM Ranch and Farm has an event center and has a vibe that’s perfect for intimate celebrations. You can ask the owner regarding this matter as it’s offered at a different rate.

The Food

I am all about the food, so next up in my review is their food offerings. And SPOILER ALERT, these are all worth mentioning for sure!

MGM Ranch and Farm Your Perfect Place to Escape the City

I was welcomed with an authentic Taaleño Suman with Kapeng Barako when I arrived at the spot. If you love organic, then you will enjoy the coffee as it is served with Muscovado Sugar! I enjoyed the dinner as they serve me fried Bangus Belly, which I LOVE! For breakfast, I had the famous Tapang Taal, which is very tasty and juicy and, of course, partnered by my all-time favorite – Kapeng Barako! And for lunch, I chose Fish Fillet as I want to be healthier! Haha

MGM Ranch and Farm Your Perfect Place to Escape the City

All my food was delivered to my spot, but you can opt to eat at any common area of the resort without extra charge! I love their food because it is balanced with veggies, and I indeed feel the “happy tummy” moment.

Facilities and Amenities of MGM Ranch and Farm


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There’s a pool near the site of the ancestral houses which I enjoy by myself! If you’ll be staying at the ancestral home accommodation, you can cook as they have an indoor kitchen. You can also enjoy playing billiards with your friends here. 

MGM Ranch and Farm Your Perfect Place to Escape the City

Things to do near MGM Ranch and Farm in Taal, Batangas

If you can tear yourself away from this relaxing resort, here are the things you can do in Taal:

1. Visit Taal Basilica


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The biggest church in Asia. The interior wall and ceilings of this church can rival those of San Agustin Church in Intramuros.

2. Stop at the local Market


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If you are in the mood to bargain, head over to Taal Public Market and stroll through the market stands and try Suman, Empanada, and Kalamay. You can also buy Tapa as your pasalubong, and your family will surely love it! My favorite is Empanada – so yummy! 🙂

3. See the Old Homes 

The surrounding homes and municipal buildings of Taal have been kept up and will give you a great idea of what homes the community looked like then. Many centuries-old ancestral houses are still intact and restored, including Marcela Agoncillo – “Mother of the Philippine Flag.” 

4. Visit the Galleria of Taal


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Are you a fan of cameras? If yes, then you will enjoy visiting this place as this is the home of vintage cameras.

5. Eat Lomi

MGM Ranch and Farm Your Perfect Place to Escape the City

Your trip to Batangas is never complete without trying the famous Batangas Lomi. There’s plenty of Lomi houses which you’ll find in every corner of this municipality.

Taal, Batangas is not only an incredibly instagrammable place – but it also offers a rich cultural experience and a real “Probinsya” life feeling. From a visit to old houses to the biggest church in Asia and great food – Taal, Batangas has it all.

MGM Ranch and Farm Your Perfect Place to Escape the City

And by staying at MGM Ranch and Farm, nothing of that is ever far away – even though it feels like you are out there alone, in serenity!

What’s your favorite place to escape the business of life? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

Frequently Asked Questions about MGM Ranch and Farm

1. Are pets allowed?

Yes. Pets are allowed in the rooms or the premises of the resort.

2. What is the check-in and check-out time?

Check-in is 2:00 PM, and check-out is Noon the next day.

3. Until what time can we use the Pool?

Until 10 PM only.

4. Do they have parking spaces?


5. How to book?

You can book directly by sending a message through their Facebook page or by calling their hotline: 0936 909 1354

6. How to get there?

From PITX, ride a bus going to Lemery, Batangas. Then when you arrive at the terminal, take a tricycle and ask them to drop you at MGM Ranch and Farm.

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