How To Apply for a B1/B2 USA Tourist Visa in Kuwait (USA Non-Immigrant Visa)

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Here’s our guide on How To Apply for a US Tourist Visa in Kuwait. This article is especially for those who are OFWs in Kuwait and other residents there. You can read this article to know the steps of getting a US Tourist Visa.

How To Apply for a US Tourist Visa in Kuwait
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This article will mostly be about getting a B1/B2 Non-Immigrant US Visa. Other non-immigrant visas may have different fees, or immigrant visas have a different process. Read also our tips for your interview. I hope you’ll learn a lot after reading.

US Tourist Visa in Kuwait at a Glance

Validity: up to 10 years

Where to Apply: US Embassy in Kuwait City
Address: US Embassy in Bayan, Block 6, on Masjed Al-Aqsa Street, Kuwait City, Kuwait
Telephone Number: 2259-1001
For Appointments: +965 2220-4144

Step-By-Step Guide Of Applying For US Tourist Visa in Kuwait

STEP 1: Go to this website and fill up the DS-160 Form (Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application). You may read our guide on How to Fill Up the DS160 Form Online.

STEP 2: For the Non-Immigrant B1/B2 US visa, the visa fee is USD 160. You will have to pay it in Kuwaiti Dinar according to the exchange rate here. Visa fees are paid in cash at Burgan Bank branches except the one in the airport. You’ll need the reference number for the next step. Here are further instructions on how to pay.

STEP 3: You will need to schedule an appointment online or through their call center. Though I think the online is much better. You must have the following details to push through:

  • Passport Number
  • CGI reference number
  • 10-digit barcode number from the confirmation of your DS-160

DS-160 Form

STEP 4: Proceed to the US Embassy on your scheduled date. Be there 15 minutes before your appointment. Please be reminded that no cellphones are allowed inside the Embassy. You may need to bring these documents:

  • Appointment Letter
  • DS-160 Confirmation Page
  • One Recent Photograph (must be the same as the one you passed in your DS-160)
  • Current and Old Passport
  • Copy of your Kuwait Iqama/ Residency Card
  • Supporting Documents (this is not required but may help you in case the Consul asks)

STEP 5: Get interviewed by the Consul. After the interview, you will know the result if you are approved or denied. Take note of when to come back to the Embassy to claim your visa.

STEP 6: Claim your passport with US Visa at the US Embassy. Congratulations! You are now a proud owner of a US Tourist Visa.

US Tourist Visa Supporting Documents

Here are the documents you may bring during your appointment. There will be times the consul officer will ask for one, but sometimes, if one gets lucky, they won’t ask you for one. It will depend on your answers or circumstances. It’s better to be prepared in case the interviewer will ask.

1. Financial Proof

  • Bank Statements or Bank Certificate
  • Certificate of Employment or Payslips
  • Iqama/Residency Card
  • In case you are sponsored by another person, proof of their financial means

2. Proof of Travel

Rent A Flight

3. No Objection Letter – from your Employer with your details like salary, position, etc.

4. Criminal or Court Records – if applicable

5. For students – Certificate from the school or proof of enrolment

6. In case you are visiting a friend or relative – proof of relationship and their US Identification (e.g., Passport, Green Card, or Resident Permit)

Tips with your Interview for your US Tourist Visa

There will be a brief interview with the consul officer. Here are some tips that may help you:

  • Dress Appropriately – Look what you say you are. Coat and Tie nor dresses or gowns are needed. You just dress according to who you are. However, don’t go there too casual, e.g., sleeveless, shorts, sleepwear, as you may not be allowed to enter the Embassy.
  • Confidence is the key – being nervous might affect your interview; you may stutter or not understand the question and answer incorrectly. We all get a bit nervous, I know, however, you must walk, smile, and talk confidently with the Consul. Grab that opportunity to have a US visa. Practice with a friend or in the mirror days before your interview.
  • Be Politeness – Don’t argue with the interviewer. Be respectful. In case you don’t understand the question, you may ask the interviewer to repeat or clarify it. They are just people; they won’t bite you. I promise.
  • Less Talk, Less Mistake – Answer concisely – with a yes or no. Don’t overshare. You might say something you’ll regret later, as you will get grilled by the interviewer. For example, you are applying for a tourist visa but overshared that you will be meeting your boyfriend and getting married, etc. and you might get asked for proof of relationship, but you haven’t prepared it.
  • Be Honest Don’t lie during your interview; the interviewers have been trained to notice whose lying or not. Previous interviews are also accounted for. One time there was a person before me who was asked if he planned to study in the US before and said no. He got denied because the last time he was interviewed, he did say he was planning to do so.


FAQS About US Tourist Visa

1. How much show money do I need?

There isn’t really a specific amount but maybe enough money to get by. Sometimes, the interviewers don’t even ask for a copy of the bank statement. But better carry one in case they want it.

2. What if my visa gets denied? Is there a time limit as to when I can re-apply?

You can re-apply. There’s no limit in an application for a US Visa.

3. Is the visa fee refundable?

No, it is non-refundable, even though you will not schedule an appointment. Once it is paid, you can’t get it back.

4. What could make the Consul change his mind and grant my visa on re-application?

There should be a “significant change” on your situation, whether it’s family, economic, or social. For example, you didn’t have a source of income on your previous application, but you’re employed/you have a business now.

5. How long is the validity of the US Visa?

It could range from 3 months to Ten Years (Multiple-Entry), it will depend on your interviewer.

6. Do I need to have travel insurance?

I always recommend having travel insurance when you are out of the country. You might not know what happens.

How To Apply for a US Tourist Visa in Kuwait
Photo by Adrien Bruneau on Unsplash

There’s our guide on how to apply for a US Tourist Visa in Kuwait. You can read other related US Visa articles, too. In case you need help, you can also avail of our Visa Application Bundle Service, we will have one-on-one coaching for your documents and also practice interview. Good luck!

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