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By Kach Umandap February 26th, 2017 Posted in Travel Blog 44 Comments

Issues surrounding international postage are always a hot topic amongst regular travelers. The potential complications of sending a parcel from abroad are well-known to any traveler who has tried it before; finding the right location, language barriers, customs procedures, reliability (or not) of the postal system and of course, the cost! What is less often talked about is how to go about receiving parcels from abroad, something that can be far more complicated, especially when trying to shop online for products that are not available or are far more expensive in your own country. The best example of this is trying to shop online for products in the United States, rather than paying the ridiculous extra cost for buying them in the places like the United Kingdom, or other parts of Europe. Often they can cost 25 to 30% more in other countries than they do in the US!

Digital Nomad Blogger PackageUS Delivered – Shop in the US from abroad and deliver worldwide!

This is an issue that we often experience first hand. As professional travel bloggers, we travel full time and are rarely in our own countries to be able to receive packages, so as well as the obvious price difference, we have another reason for wanting to order items from US websites, then have them shipped to wherever we are. Unfortunately, without a US address when we have needed to order important new things from sites like Amazon, like camera gear and other important electronics, we had to have them delivered to a friend’s address in the States and arrange to pick them up when we’re next passing through. Obviously not the most convenient although it’s a great excuse to see old friends!

We’ve been there ourselves, many times!

We experienced this first hand just recently, when we had to wait three months to order our new DJI Mavic Pro drone, just so we could have it shipped to a hotel we were staying at in Miami. We really needed to start taking drone footage to expand our offering to clients, but it had to wait.

If we had known that there was another way, then we definitely would have used it – now it turns out that there is! US Delivered is an online service that provides you with a US postal address, allowing you to shop online in the States from practically any other country in the world. Once your parcel arrives, it can then be shipped to any location of your choice using a selection of courier services – basically everything we have needed for the past two years while we’ve been traveling around South America!

How does US Delivered enable you to shop in the United States from anywhere in the world?

Here’s a look at how it works and how to make your first order…

The process is easy and can be completed in several easy steps:

1. Register with US Delivered to get your unique US mailing address.

2. Add a credit card or other payment method and verify.

3. Order your packages online from US retailers and ship to your US Delivered address.

4. US Delivered receive your package in the US and send you a picture, dimensions and any other details.

5. Log into your US Delivered account and choose a courier to ship your package to an address of your choice.

There are two different packages to choose from:

– One-Time Checkout for shoppers who prefer to pay for one received package at a time – $5/box

– Track Me Home Plan for regular shoppers – $5 Monthly Fee

two monkeys travel - us delivered - shop online usaUS Delivered – Shop in the US from abroad and deliver worldwide!

Here’s what the sign-up process looks like:

1. Choose your plan and register with US Delivered

two monkeys travel - us delivered - shop online usaUS Delivered – Shop in the US from abroad and deliver worldwide!

2. Add a credit card or payment method to reveal your unique US mailing address.

two monkeys travel - us delivered - shop online usaUS Delivered – Shop in the US from abroad and deliver worldwide!

3. Verify payment method – US Delivered will charge a small amount to your card, which will be refunded as soon as you confirm the amount.

two monkeys travel - us delivered - shop online usaUS Delivered – Shop in the US from abroad and deliver worldwide!

4. Upload a copy of your official ID (passport or drivers license) and add any other details to complete your profile.

two monkeys travel - us delivered - shop online usaUS Delivered – Shop in the US from abroad and deliver worldwide!

5. Get online and start ordering from your favorite online US retailers!

When you order using your unique US mailing address, any packages received will be visible in your inbox, where you will be able to choose which action to take next.

two monkeys travel - us delivered - shop online usaUS Delivered – Shop in the US from abroad and deliver worldwide!

We have already signed up for our US mailing address with US Delivered, and we’re going to try it out the next time we need to order anything online from outside the United States. But if you’re still not sure, then here are a few of the most common questions people ask, with some answers to go with them!

Monkey DividersHere are some of the most frequently asked questions, but you can find much more here.

1. What is package forwarding? How does it work?

Our service allows you to shop from the US easily. We facilitate your purchases from US merchants by providing you a US address. You use this address to ship your items from US websites. When your packages come to our warehouse, you can see them via your account and have the items repacked together into one box and shipped to your home.

2. How can I know that US Delivered is safe and trustworthy to use?

US Delivered is a service from US Global Mail, a trusted longtime leader in international shipping and mail forwarding. US Global Mail has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, the leading business-vetting organization in the U.S.

3. Do I have to be a US citizen/resident to use the service?

Nope. You can live anywhere in the world and still get or keep a US address and shop from the US

4. How does your service help if the US vendor ships to me directly?

While many stores and online retailers might ship to your home country, their shipping prices are very high. And if you buy items from 3 different vendors you will pay for international shipping three times.

5. How are you different from other similar services?

First, our parent company is US Global Mail, a trusted longtime leader in international shipping and mail forwarding used by companies such as Shell, Exxon, Netflix, Disney, etc.Second, our shipping rates are the best among similar services. We get very heavy discounts from shippers thanks to the volumes we ship, and we pass those discounts to you.Finally, we offer what no other service does- Guaranteed delivery of your package with our Track-Me-Home™ service.

With our service, you get a US address and will get your shopping delivered to that address. Most US retailers will ship free to your address with us. You can shop from multiple vendors and get all your items repacked into one box and pay for international shipping once instead of thrice! Plus with our rates, you will save 50-80% off of international shipping rates.Also, keep in mind, many US retailers may not accept international cards. We can buy items on your behalf if that is ever an issue.

6. Can I pick up my mail and packages personally at US Delivered?

No, we are not set up for walk-ins or pick ups.

7. I’m worried about missing package notifications. What can I do to make sure I receive all of my email notifications?

Our Track-Me-Home™ feature guarantees delivery and sends you tracking updates regularly. Be sure to add US Delivered to your list of safe/approved email senders. You can also opt to receive notifications via text, Facebook or Twitter.

8. What is the difference between prohibited and restricted items?

Prohibited items: We can’t ship your items that are prohibited in your country or that are prohibited for export from the U.S.Restricted items: We may be able to send restricted items after we review whether it’s permitted to ship them from the United States and receive them in your country. The review process may mean it will take longer for your item to ship.If you have questions about items that may be prohibited or restricted, contact us before you order. Please keep in mind that we may not be able to ship an item back to the seller and that we may be required to dispose of it.

Monkey Dividers

This article was written in partnership with US Delivered, but all opinions and real-life travel stories are our own!

Monkey Dividers

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44 thoughts on “Digital Nomads! How to shop in the US from abroad and deliver worldwide! @usdelivered

    1. Hi, Krishna! Thank you for liking our article. US Delivered makes things easy for anyone who wants to shop US online stores because they can ship your purchases anywhere in the world with the lowest shipping rates.

  1. hmm.. that makes me think.. I could get one too! I live in the UK so this would be a good option to go shopping in the US 🙂

    1. Hi, Nicole! Yes, US Delivered is a good option when shopping US online stores. They offer the lowest international shipping rate too.

  2. This is just amazing!! I love so many US retailers, so this makes things so much easier for me.

  3. I wish they had this the other way around. There was a formula I really wanted to try but the process to get here was unreal!

  4. I think it’s a convenient way to shop especially if you live outside the US! It’s great for people who would like to shop at online stores but can’t figure out a way to ship without having a US address.

  5. It sounds like a convenient way to get your orders without having to talk to relatives who live in the US to receive it for you. It’s definitely a great way for people who love shopping online to get their packages.

    1. Hi, Elizabeth! You do not need to ask a favor from your relatives to receive your package. US Delivered has a customer service representative who will always assist anytime of the day.

  6. This is very cool! I don’t usually ship packages back home (I manage to fit them in my luggage) but this would be great for those that do!


    1. Hi, Cameron! Yes, US Delivered is very cool. If you want to shop more, US Delivered will pack your items together before they ship them to you. You will get the best shipping rates too.

  7. His is brilliant. That makes it so much easier to get the stuff you know and love when you’re in tricky parts of the world.

  8. I often thought of using this service. I would love to buy some Bath and Body Works stuff. A very nice review. xx

  9. I don’t ship overseas but it is a good thing to know. Thanks for the article and information.

    1. Thank you too, Cynthia! You can share about US Delivered to your friends and family. They might want to shop US online stores but do not have a US shipping address.

  10. That is so smart! Never heard of this company but have heard of this service. WIll have to look into this!

    1. Hi, Natalie! Yes, this is really smart and helpful. US Delivered will even help you shop even if you do not have a credit card.

  11. Sounds like an interesting service and one they can potentially save one a lot of money on shipping costs.

    1. Hi, Richard! Try US Delivered! = )
      They offer the lowest international shipping rates of any service.

  12. This is great to know. You never realize the troubles of delivery services until you’re in that situation. Thank you.

    1. Hi, Amanda! US Delivered has customer representatives who are always ready to help. Try US Delivered!

    1. Hi, Helene! US Delivered is not only for expats and travelers, it is for everyone who wants to shop US online stores.

    1. Hi, Amber! US Delivered is an awesome service to anyone who loves shopping US online stores. They just need to sign up with US Delivered and they will get a permanent US address.

  13. This is a really great program for travel bloggers and really anyone who travels for long periods of time. I know international shipping and price differences can be insane so this is an amazing option.

    1. Hi, Jessi! Yes, US Delivered offers a great service to anyone who wants to shop US online stores but do not have a permanent US address. When you sign up, you will get a permanent US address even after you cancel your service.

    1. Hi, Robin! Yes, try US Delivered! You can shop multiple online US stores and get all your items shipped together. You will also get 30 days of free storage for every box.

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