10 Amazing Destinations in England, United Kingdom to go Kayaking

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If you’re looking for something adventurous to do while visiting the United Kingdom, then you should consider kayaking! Here is a list of 10 AMAZING DESTINATIONS IN ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM TO GO KAYAKING. There are a ton of different kayaking trails to choose from in England. Some of them pass through historic areas, where you will see towns like Cowes from a different perspective. Others pass through scenic rural areas, where you will see colorful flora and fauna, unique birds, and even mountains in the distance.

10 Amazing Destinations in England, United Kingdom to go Kayaking
Tadcaster Duck Race by Rach / CC BY 2.0

For those of you that have never been kayaking, some of these spots offer guides that can take you on the lake or the river, so you can learn how to kayak while also experiencing another side of England.

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1. Lake Windermere

10 Amazing Destinations in England, United Kingdom to go Kayaking
Lake Windermere by Neil Turner / CC BY-SA 2.0

Location: This is at Fell Foot, Lake District National Park in northwest England. 

This is a wonderful place to go kayaking, as it is surrounded by hills, woods, and scenic beauty. You can choose to kayak to different parts of the lake and trek through the trails that take you through the woods when you feel like taking a break from the water! 

2. River Severn

10 Amazing Destinations in England, United Kingdom to go Kayaking
Worcester Cathedral and the River Severn by David Merrett / CC BY 2.0

Location: This 354 km river is the longest river in the United Kingdom, and flows through many different countries and countries in the United Kingdom.

The northern part of the river runs through rural towns and is quite beautiful, as it begins from the Cambrian Mountains. You’ll see a ton of wildlife and may even spot the occasional otter!

3. Liverpool Canal

10 Amazing Destinations in England, United Kingdom to go Kayaking
FISHING ON THE CANAL. by Ronald Saunders / CC BY-SA 2.0

Location: This is in Northern England, and links Leeds and Liverpool.

This is the longest canal in Britain. This is a wonderful way to see a side of England that you otherwise would have missed out on. From industrial to scenic, this route will take you from one coast of the UK to the other.

4. Medway Canoe and Kayak Trail

Location: The Medway is in Southwest England in Kent.

This trail empties into the Thames estuary, which is 120 kilometers. This is a very scenic trail, with colorful birds, unique plant life, and gorgeous lush trees and grass, making this one of the most beautiful trails in the United Kingdom!

5. Fowey Estuary

10 Amazing Destinations in England, United Kingdom to go Kayaking
From The River Fowey. Nikon.D3100. DSC_0112. by Robert Pittman / CC BY-ND 2.0

Location: The Fowey Estuary is in Cornwall, United Kingdom.

This estuary is colorful and unique and offers many kayakers beautiful views of the unspoiled surrounding land that’s often hard to come by in England. Experience the creeks during high tide and the beaches and harbor during low tide.

6. Mullion Cove

10 Amazing Destinations in England, United Kingdom to go Kayaking
Mullion Cove by Loz Pycock / CC BY-SA 2.0

Location: The Mullion Cove is in Cornwall, England.

Take a look at the coastline from a different perspective by kayaking in Mullion Cove. It’s a great place to take in the fresh air and enjoy the sunshine.

7. River Tees

10 Amazing Destinations in England, United Kingdom to go Kayaking
Barnard Castle overlooking the River Tees by shirokazan / CC BY 2.0

Location: This is located in the Northeast region near Middlesborough.

The River Tees is quite a relaxing trip and takes a couple of hours to paddle. You will find yourself floating gently along this long green lake which is around 3 miles long.

8. River Great Ouse

10 Amazing Destinations in England, United Kingdom to go Kayaking
Godmanchester to St Ives 087: River Great Ouse by Peter O’Connor aka anemoneprojectors / CC BY-SA 2.0

Location: This is located in Eastern England near Bedford.

You’ll find yourself kayaking through rural stretches of this river, that takes several hours to paddle through. The river is fast flowing and goes one way from Kempston to Great Barford.

9. River Medina Isle of Wight Trail

10 Amazing Destinations in England, United Kingdom to go Kayaking
Yachts on the River Medina. 2 by Ronald Saunders / CC BY-SA 2.0

Location: This is in Southern England near Cowes.

This trail is perfect for those of you looking to see a mix of rural, urban, and fancy yachts! The pleasant, ancient little town of Cowes is near this river, which is 5 miles long. Once you pass the beginning and paddle upriver, the trail becomes much quieter and more pleasant.

10. River Arun

10 Amazing Destinations in England, United Kingdom to go Kayaking
Felicity on the River Arun bridge, Arundel, West Sussex, England, 13 October 2005 by Phillip Capper / CC BY 2.0

Location: This river is in the Southeast near Sussex.

This is a moderately challenging river that offers kayakers spectacular historical views along the way. It is 13 miles long and can be fast flowing at certain parts, so make sure you’re prepared! You will pass bridges, nature reserves, and railways, making it a very pleasantly scenic route.

Note: This article is written in collaboration with Sevylor Madison Kayak Kit.

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  1. Wow, these look amazing places to kayak. I’m from the UK, so I’m looking forward to trying a few of these when I get home!

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