Luxury Hotel Review : Central Park Tower Resort, Angeles City, Pampanga

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We had a wonderful stay at the Central Park Tower Resort in Angeles City, Pampanga

It was raining cats and dogs on our way to Pampanga due to the typhoon. We were also exhausted from the condensed traffic jam in Manila and sat for 4.5-hours bus ride, it was like an endless bus journey on our way to Pampanga. All I was thinking was to lay down and get a good rest on a big and soft bed.

This trip to Pampanga was mainly because of the Giant Lantern Festival every December.  My partner and I were accommodated by the Central Park Tower Resort to see this awesome festival. You can check the latest room rates and availability here.

Here is my Luxury Hotel review of the Central Park Tower Resort.


There’s no doubt that Filipinos has the best smiles and hospitality that we can always be proud of and that was proven again through our stay at Central Park Tower Resort. The staff at the main entrance were very welcoming.They cheerfully opened the door, greeted us and asked how was our day been. Evidently we were exhausted that night so they wished us to have a good stay.

Luxury hotel review: Central park hotel ~03


The inviting hotel lobby welcomed us on our arrival at the hotel.  It was fully dressed with Christmas decor in each corner. It felt like we were somewhere abroad and conclusively we could feel the spirit of Christmas surround us. The small knick-knacks were very catchy, dazzling Christmas lights and other ornaments are well patterned.

Luxury hotel review: Central park hotel ~02


On check – in, the hotel receptionists are well-groomed, professional and friendly. They immediately assisted us and gone through the standard procedure of registration. The receptionists were warm – hearted and congenial. A porter assisted us in our luggage and escort us to our room. He asked us about our trip on our way to Pampanga since that night we’re supposed to watch the giant lantern festival.

Luxury hotel review: Central park hotel ~12

The hallway going into the room was immaculate and posh. Every corner of the hotel was coordinately decorated to create a statement of grandeur and luxury.

Luxury hotel review: Central park hotel ~05



An executive room. The room was big and spacious. The King size bed was very inviting and comfortable, definitely made for a good night sleep. The room also has a safety vault, wherein you can lock your valuable items whenever necessary.

Luxury hotel review: Central park hotel ~04

A big and soft couch was available beside the bed for those who wants to lay and relax his/her back before finally laying in a very comfortable huge bed. A bedside lamp was also accessible for any bedtime reading.

Luxury hotel review: Central park hotel ~06


The bathroom is undeniably spacious, calm and has a relaxing atmosphere.

Luxury hotel review: Central park hotel ~07


The pool was very inviting, the view was unreservedly breathtaking.  It’s also an ideal spot to rest especially if you want to achieve the sun-kissed skin while sipping cold liquors served at the rooftop bar. The bar is conveniently located near the pool area for those who wants to relax and enjoy the view of Angeles City.

From my standpoint, the rooftop pool is one of the outstanding features of Central Park Tower Resort. Go on, give yourself a perfect dip and relax!

Luxury hotel review: Central park hotel ~10

I’m pretty sure that ladies will absolutely love the Ladies’ room (comfort room) here because that’s exactly how I felt when I used it. It was very clean with a small couch for waiting or changing area. I was a bit startled on how it was laid, it’s very classic.

Luxury hotel review: Central park hotel ~13


Sweets, cold beverages, and coffees are available at the coffee shop. Every inch of it is cutesy and a television was also available for the guests.

Luxury hotel review: Central park hotel ~09

Luxury hotel review: Central park hotel ~08


Concierge services were available to give assistance to the guests for their travel and transportation needs.

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Central Park Tower Resort is located in Angeles City, Pampanga. It is reachable by private cars of public transportation 2 hours away from Metro Manila. The hotel is conveniently close to the Dau bus terminal, just take the tricycle for 10 minutes ride. If you have enough time and energy, you might as well consider a gentle stroll to the hotel and see a little bit of Pampanga.

NEARBY ATTRACTIONS: The hotel is accessible and in close proximity to the  malls, restaurants, and entertainment areas, such as night clubs and bars.

OVERALL REVIEW: The hotel is highly recommended to people who are traveling either for business or leisure.

On a personal note:

Luxury hotel review: Central park hotel ~01

I’d like to personally thank the hotel owner, Madame Roselle Breckenridge, a very soft-spoken, kind and approachable lady.  Honestly speaking, I was a bit nervous when I first met her but she made me feel very welcomed. Our stay at Central Park Tower Resort was wonderful. Thank you to all the people behind the great stay, we hope to come back again next time.

Note: The Central Park Tower Resort provided us a complimentary stay, but the opinions in this review are my own.

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Luxury Hotel Review : Central Park Tower Resort, Angeles City, Pampanga

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