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10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Everland in South Korea

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor May 7th, 2016 Posted in Asia Travel Blog, Destination, Travel Blog 3 Comments

Most people visit Korea because of K-pop, K-dramas, beauty products, food, and culture. However, I would like other tourists to know that Seoul is also famous for their amusement parks. They have Children’s Grand Park, Dreamland, Seoul Land, Seoul Grand Park, Lotte World, and Everland.  Among these, Everland is the largest and most recommended amusement park.

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Here are ten reasons why you should visit Everland.

1. They have animal shows.

Reasons Why You Should Visit EverlandI must say that the “Animal Wonder Stage” and the “Sea Lion Stadium” are the best animal shows I’ve ever seen. The animals are well trained. Their actions are synchronized with the sound effects. They used different kinds of birds, cats, hamsters, dogs and many more. You’ll be surprised because the animals are entering from different places and they know where to exit. I was wonderstruck that I didn’t take many photos.

The performers or trainers are very in character. However, they use the Korean language in their performance even when there are lots of foreigners in the audience. I just hope they come with subtitles.

2. They have the T Express.

Reasons Why You Should Visit EverlandT-Express is the 4th longest wooden roller coaster (5,383.8 ft.). Its speed is 64.6 mph making it the 10th fastest wooden roller coaster. It is 184 ft. which makes it the 2nd tallest wooden roller coaster. With all these figures presented, I must say that your visit to Everland won’t be complete if you didn’t experience this awesome ride.

You can also request a video of yourself while in the ride for $30.


3. They offer interaction with animals.

Reasons Why You Should Visit Everland

You won’t need to go to Africa to ride a camel. They have different kinds of animals from different continents. I lived in a tropical country that’s why seeing animals such as polar bears, penguins, sloth, lemurs, and seal, amazes me.

They also have the Lost Valley adventure where you will board a particular vehicle and have some interactions with wild animals that roam around freely.

The safari world was closed when I visited the place.

4. They have a place called Magic Land.

Reasons Why You Should Visit Everland

Besides the nerve wrecking rides, the amusement park also offers rides for kids. There are also rides that both adults and kids can enjoy. When you enter the Aesop’s Village, you’ll feel that you’re inside a fairytale book. It looks magical. I bet kids and kids at heart would enjoy it.

5. There’s also a place called European Adventure.

Reasons Why You Should Visit Everland

If you haven’t been to Europe, you can visit this place and feel the European ambiance. They also serve meals in this area. I can say that this is the most impressive part of the amusement park. In this place, you’ll see some Greek landscapes, German Alpine Village, and Holland Street.

6. They have classy restaurants.

Reasons Why You Should Visit Everland

If you’re looking for a fine dining, you can try this restaurant in the Global Fair part. They also have Korean, Western, Chinese, and American cuisines around the amusement park. Some restaurants even serve alcoholic beverages.

If you’re trying to save money you can bring a packed lunch. They’re not strict with food. You can eat your packed lunch in places with picnic area sign. However, gas burners and picnic mats aren’t allowed.

7. They offer caricature painting.

Reasons Why You Should Visit Everland

I went there last March 14, 2016 when Koreans were celebrating the White Day. I’ve seen a lot of couples dating around. The price of caricature painting depends on the number of faces and number of colors used. A black and white caricature with one head costs 10,000 won. This service is mostly used by couples and families.

8. They have lifts to transfer from one location to another.

Reasons Why You Should Visit Everland

They have different kinds of transportations namely, “Human Sky”, “Sky Cruise”, and “Sky Way”. I only tried one because the others have long lines like the cable car.


9. They have 4D Movie Theater.

Reasons Why You Should Visit Everland

The trailer of the movie Rio is in English with Korean subtitles. But when I was watching the movie, the language turned into Korean without English subtitles. I understood the plot and enjoyed the 4D ride.
Reasons Why You Should Visit Everland

The rides in American Adventure looks like this. Most of them have a minimum height requirement depending on the rides. The rides for kids can be found in the Magic Land.

10. They have unique attractions.

Reasons Why You Should Visit Everland

This house made me feel that it was rotating 360 degrees. Don’t ask me how. Try it for yourself. Besides Rotating House, they also have Mystery Mansion (horror house), and Kpop Live Hologram Theater. On the other hand, they also have popular rides for kids like the bumper car and carousel.

Reasons Why You Should Visit Everland

Given a chance, I would love to visit it again!

Travel Tip!

  • Check out the schedule of festivals. They usually have parades and firework shows at night.
  • The usual price of Everland ticket is 48,000 won for adults, and 38,000 won for children. Instead of buying a ticket in Everland, I opted to purchase a “voucher” from other sellers. I got the voucher for 32,000 won. The seller also offers a bus trip to Everland from Seoul. The two-way bus ride costs 12,000 won.

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