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Signs You Grew Up or Lived in Laguna, Philippines

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor November 18th, 2016 Posted in Travel Blog 98 Comments

UPDATED based on your COMMENTS!

Laguna, Philippines is becoming a popular tourist destination. That’s not surprising given its hidden gems, delectable delicacies, and hospitable locals.

20 Kid-friendly Travel Destinations in the PhilippinesLake Pandin, San Pablo City, Laguna, Philippines

Speaking of locals, if you are from Laguna, there are certain things, traits, places and words, only we can understand. I am pretty sure there’s a lot, but I asked my friends which ones are the most famous. If you can relate to any of these “SIGNS YOU GREW UP IN LAGUNA” or if you can add more, feel free to comment and share! It’s about time that we open our world to other people and culture.

1. Your friends are expecting you to bring Buko Pie as ‘pasalubong.’

If you grew up in Laguna and you work or study in a different province or Manila, your officemates or classmates would expect you to bring Buko Pie. They would always subtly remind you to do so! You don’t like the ones sold in buses because (admit it), these aren’t the best kinds. Instead, you would fall in line and wait for several minutes at the Original’s Buko Pie. It’s a bit of a hassle most especially if you are taking public transportation. But hey, your friends love the Buko Pie, and you want to make them happy, so you do it anyway.

2. You visited Jose Rizal’s home in Calamba at least once, as part of your school field trip

The Rizal Shrine, as most people refer to it, is a reproduction of the original two – story house where the national hero was born. By today’s standards, Rizal’s house is still massive, and only those who are rich can afford to build such. It is fascinating to visit the home of one of the most popular icons of the country. It’s a learning adventure one shouldn’t miss.

3. You swear that Mer Nel’s chocolate cake will always be the best!

You tried a lot of cakes, but nothing beats your local favourite – chocolate cake from Mer Nel’s! For us, people of Laguna, it is better than the expensive and gourmet cakes we see all over the metro. It melts in your mouth – and you don’t feel guilty after finishing the entire cake. For you, IT WAS WORTH IT! The best part about it, it is not expensive. Oh boy, I’m craving now.

4. When people ask you if you always go to Enchanted Kingdom and Splash Island

Reality check, some of us haven’t been to Enchanted Kingdom and Splash Island. Enchanted Kingdom, also known as EK, is a theme park in Santa Rosa Laguna while Splash Island is known to have huge slides that will fill your thirst for aqua adventures.

It’s really funny when people assume that we know the entrance fees for these places! Or sometimes they would invite you to join, hoping that there are discounts and promos for locals. Nice try, though!

These are really cool spots to enjoy your weekend. It’s not far from Manila too, and I don’t think you have to endure excruciating traffic to go here.

5. When you say, ‘nakain, naulan, nakain, natakbo!

I thought these words were pretty normal until I left the province and other people made fun of my language. What the heck! I still use it, and I think these are beautiful!

6. Your ‘house slippers’ are from Liliw

Why would we buy Havaianas or Ipanema which will burn our pockets if we can buy awesome slippers at Liliw? Their slippers are so affordable and so comfortable. In fact, a lot of my friends overseas would ask their relatives in Laguna to send slippers from this humble town. Also, their sandals and shoes are of quality. Some of us even resell the products to our friends in the metro, because you know, it means extra cash for us!

7. When your friends assign you to look for a private resort in Pansol

How many times have your friends planned for a weekend getaway at Pansol? You understand this because it’s an ideal choice if you live in Manila as you just have to drive a little over an hour to reach your destination. Now, for every planning session, they would assign you to look for a private resort thinking that you know the place too well. Thank God these resorts are visible online. Otherwise, your task would be harder.

8. When ‘hot springs’ don’t excite you that much

And so your friends are excited for the weekend. While, you, on the other hand, would like to suggest a different destination next time. Well, who can blame them for choosing Laguna? It is beautiful, and for sure, it will always be on your friend’s list on their next ‘outing’.

9. Class dismissed? We all say, “Awasan na!”

Again, we have a slightly different vocabulary and instead of saying “Uwian na” after classes, we say, “Awasan na!” And boy, that is the best phrase you can hear when you are a student.

10. When you are proud with Laguna’s old churches

During the Holy Week, some places in Laguna gets overcrowded. This happens when a town has a nice old church and people from different provinces are doing their ‘Visita Iglesia’. Visita Iglesia is a Holy Week practice where Catholic devotees pray in at least seven different churches. Since Laguna has a lot of nice churches, it is the perfect province to do the religious activity.  Some of the popular towns that house amazing Catholic structures are Nagcarlan, Liliw, Majayjay and Pagsanjan.

Signs You Grew Up in Laguna, based from our Readers

  1. “My colleagues were fascinated with the term ‘likdang likdang’ (skipped pages) and ‘liban’ ( crossed the street / overpass ) when i used them on my sentences… And yeah, they were too nosy with ‘na-‘ phrase.. i become an instant Filipino teacher explaining to them that na- phrase is a present participle term.. LOL…” – Pam Miranda 
  2. ‘We use the words “adyo” when climbing a tree and “akyat” when going up the stairs. We also sing-song “Tao po?”and “pabile!”, basically, when we are calling somebody who’s inside. Also.. we tend to cut our sentences like: kuni (kunin mo), bigi (ibigay mo), palti (palitin mo), walisi (walisin mo), buksi (buksan mo), etc.. etc.. we also add “ih” at the end of our phrases like “hindi ih”, “a a naman ih” (when being bullied), “talaga naman ih” (when trying to insist on the truth. The beauty of Tagalog.” – Chie Sune-Santos
  3. “In our town of CAVINTI, we have a lot of words you cannot hear even here in some nearby towns, in fact we have our very own languages we called ” usapang pAOWIN”. Are you guys curious bout usapang paowin… come-on, just come and visit my town CAVINTI and find it for yourselves our funny talks. Guess these words: lipautan, mananakyod, mareseb, indoni, maribok, bulausan… well this were just examples of our native words that only Cavitiin can understand but i gauranty you guys this really tagalog words.’  – Carlot Oliveros Villanueva
  4. ‘Wood curves from Paete Laguna, itlog ng itik sa Victoria at mga lumang bahay at ilog ng Pagsanjan” – Ofelia Vibar Detalla
  5. “When I was a Student at the University of Sto Tomas, my classmates would always request me almost everyday to bring PUTO BIÑAN!!! Ewan ko mas matagal pa yung biyahe ko mula Binan hanggang UST, in just a matter of 2-3 minutes ubos na agad isang bilaong Puto. Biñan! At kahit halos araw – araw akong magdala, hindi sila nagsasawa! Kaya ang tawag nila sa akin si PUTO! Hahaha!” – Victor Escueta 
  6. ‘The well known liquor of laguna LAMBANOG can’t miss this when growing up in laguna you would try it once or twice and the tsinyelas capital of Laguna Liliw, attended its tsinyelas festival and the very old and historical UNDERGROUND CEMETERY in Nagcarlan Laguna…..’ – Joe S. Ref 
  7. “Well, whatabout the Capital Embroidery of the Philippines?
    Only in Lumban Laguna – where you can find and discover the intricate designs and artistry of making Gowns and Barong Tagalog. The sequences were made “more of” by hand and machine embroidery with the combination of hand painting. Plusssss the reasonable price compared to the Market. – Joy Yasto Arroyo
  8. “We use the word “hawhaw” to rinse off utensils and dishes which is different from “anlaw” to rinse off soap suda from laundry; “pinaw” to get dried clothes from the “sampayan”; ” lamog” referring to soiled clothes for laundry.” – Maria Lourdes Rivera Menorca
  9. ‘How about “Kesong puti” from bagumbayan and bibingka “bugok na itlog” in Sta. Cruz. Anyone? I grew up eating these, and people from other provinces have no idea these food exist. Lol ” – Bryan Acu Mercado
  10. “of course there’s the pinyang Calauan
    then you say “baga” instead of “ba” . ex. ah ganun baga? umadyo ka when climbing, umisod isod ka( move a little) , umigib ng tubig, maglandi ng tubig( when playing with water ) and yes awasan na!” – Susie Larona

If you live in Laguna, consider yourselves as blessed. Imagine – you get to experience and enjoy the fresh air, the wonderful structures, great delicacies and warmth of the people in the province. Plus, going to Metro Manila is a breeze. Just a few hours on the road and you are already in the airport, in Makati or in Ortigas where most corporate jobs can be found. When you grew up in Laguna, you have the best of both worlds. The culture is still intact while the lives of the locals are better given the advancement of technology.

We’d love to update this article and quote you, so please share and comment below!

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98 thoughts on “Signs You Grew Up or Lived in Laguna, Philippines

  1. Born and raise in San Pablo City Laguna but i studied outside the province and now working in Manila.
    my workmates and current friends are asking me what’s with the “ih” in every word/s na sinasabi ko.
    like Punasan – punasi. HAHAHA. Gulong = Gilong and Bewang = bay-awang and Tenga = tainga. idk, why ganyan ang wordings ng taga Laguna but I’m proud really proud sa accent namin 🙂

  2. epic talaga nung nag tanong ako kung bakit laging may “na” sa ibang words ng mga taga laguna like naulan, naambon, nauwi, nakaen and naakyat etc. lagi nilang sinasagot kasi daw LagUNA paLAGing UNA sa lahat I love the province of Laguna at yung mga culture and history ng kahit na saang sulok ng probinsya and guess what I live in the sampaguita capital of the Philippines in San Pedro Laguna since 2013

  3. Aww This brings so much memories. I was a grade school student when my family moved in Laguna and I remember some kids are saying the word “Hataw” or like Hatawin kita dyan! I didn’t know about that and I thought it was like grooving but it turns out it was “Hitting someone” and I was like wow.. it is really quite different here.

    And now that I’m 22. I’m proud to use the “nakain, nigagawa, niyayakap, nainom, etc.” because it actually shows how Laguna changed me. And I love it.

  4. Sa atin mga taga Laguna mararaming magagandang tanawin,sarap langhapin ang presko hangin at tahimik na kapaligiran.

  5. I miss minane and abnoy at tsaka miki (mi-ke). Nung college ako some of my classmates were laughing kase i used “pitaka” instead of wallet and “mabanas” pag mainit. “Ang banas aba” hahaha! Kahit yung skirt i used to call it as “palda” (with matigad na accent sa “pal” (pul”) tapos natawa sila. Hahaha. Nakain, naadyo, nabili.. aba and baga.. haha! and sobrang namimiss ko maghike sa mga bundok every weekend since our place is surrounded ng mga bundok. Then search ng waterfalls. Ingat lang at baka makagat ng limatek or linta 🙂 ohhh I miss Laguna. From Pangil here 🙂

  6. There’s also Lety’s Buko Pie which Los Baños locals also love aside from Orient Original Buko Pie. While non-Laguna people line up for Orient Original Buko Pie, we would buy from Lety’s and avoid the long line.

  7. How about “PATIS LABO ” of Sta. Cruz… This is the very finest sauce or “SAWSAWAN” if you are really grown up in LAGUNA…

  8. kung laki ka talaga sa laguna (especially los baños area) hindi The Original’s ang bibilhin mong psalubong, ang tunay na laki sa Laguna, Letty’s Buko Pie ang bibilhin. Sorry pero mali po yung 1 mo. I am from Los Baños Laguna btw.

  9. You’ll know someone is from Laguna by the way they pronounce Mabitac, Paete, and Luisiana. Outsiders place a stress in the -bi- of Mabitac as ‘ma-BI-tac’, and say ‘pa-ete’ instead of ‘pay-te’, and ‘louie-siana’ in lieu of ‘loo-siana’.

  10. “Yayaon” is another word for “Aalis” or leaving… like “Yayaon na ako” (I am leaving).

    My grandmother used to request for me to get water from the school yard and she would always say “Umigib ka nga ng tubig” (Go and fetch some water)

    Funny that my kids have never come across such terms apart from when I speak. and they are totally confused!

  11. Lumaki ako sa Aplaya sa Lingga, Calamba, Laguna… ilan lang ito sa kinalakihan kong …

    Mga salitain ng mga magulang at lalo namin nung mga bata pa kami:

    Kalamunding (kalamansi)
    “Balatan” mo ang libro ko. (to cover)
    “Naglalandian” na naman kayo (playing/or tuksuhan)
    Salapi (pera)
    “Ang banas” (ang init)
    Kuhai ire (kunin ito)

    -Pritong gurame na niluto muna-inadobo muna (walang toyo ) sa suka lang.
    -sinigang sa bayabas na karpa na me madaming itlog.
    -Hineko at abnoy (nilagang itlog ng
    itik na nilalagyan ng suka na me
    paminta bawang at sili)
    -Bibingkang itlog na mabaho (itlog ng
    itik na iniscramble sa ginisang
    bawang sibuya at kamatis)
    -Ukbo (Balot at penoy na
    -Kinalangkang (niyadyad na kamoteng kahoy) laging niluluto ng lola ko.
    -Santol juice (tinadtad na binalatang bunga ng santol binabad sa isang pitsel ng tubig at nilalagyann ng asukal)
    -Nilagang ube o gabi (sliced) lalagyan sa ibabaw ng kinayod na niyog at asukal.
    Puto maya (sinaing na magkit sa gata na isinasawsaw sa asukal)
    Sinukmane (biko)
    Bibingkang tulya (nilalaga muna tulya tas lahat ng laman ng tulya igigisa sa bawang sibuyas kamatis tas scrable na itlog… iprito sa kawali na me dahon ng saging.)
    Promise masarap lahat ito.

    Naghuhugas ng kamay sa tabo bago kumain… hahaha lahat nilulublub ang kamay sa isang tabong tubig.

  12. Basta taga-laguna maayos tumanggap ng mga bisita. Maasikaso sa pagtanggap ng mga bisita. Proud ako na taga-laguna ako dito sa bayan na papular ang MONAY. Taga bae ako!

  13. Dont forget the Buruwisan falls, Sampaloc falls, and Piit or eco park … mga prutas tulad ng rambutan at lansones … kakamiss din un mga minukmok, palatok, sinumani at buko pie! salamat po sa nagbuo ng page nato!

  14. Dont forget the Buruwisan falls, Sampaloc falls, and Piit or eco park … mga prutas tulad ng rambutan at lansones …

  15. Lanzones Paete ba yan, lagi ang tanong kapag nakakikita ng tindang lanzones sa daan. Kung taga Paete ka mas gusto mo yung wala sa tangkay dahil mas madami sa timbang. Gusto mo din yung “batunisan”, maliliit na lanzones na natira sa mga pinagpilian.

  16. The word ‘himpil’ tho ? After you eat, you must ‘himpil’ *linisin* your pinagkainan and put it in the ‘banggerahan’ *lababo*

  17. In laguna, we have such things like:
    1. Minukmok- mashed kamoteng kahoy & saging na saba with condensed milk.
    2. Sinukmane- Biko sa isang Tagalog.
    3. Minane na walang mani but made of kamoteng kahoy fried to the crisp.
    4. Minanok na walang manok
    5. Pinanike na walang sahog na paniki kundi tinastad na lungs ng either pig or cow’s.
    6. Espasol- not from outer space
    7. Kumpites, pinaltok & kinabog (aka binatog)
    8. Yayaon- meaning aalis, may pupuntahan lang hindi yaya-o na mamamatay.

  18. Guro ko noon nag comment sa pagsanjan lang daw ang dami tawag sa langgam…guyam, hantik, mangangamba. Bakit kaya?

  19. I’m proud to say I was born and grew up in Laguna, even though I’m based in London I always coming home to my home town

  20. When I was assigned to speak during an orientation. Ah personnel asked a question anf I answered “Mimiya ko explain”. My former marketing manager corrected me by saying “Mamaya”!. ???

  21. Nice article. But that is just half of Laguna. How about featuring the other half lying across Laguna de Bay, the towns from Lumban to Mabitac. Don’t forget Pakil, my hometown. Thank you!

  22. Naalala ko una kong dating ng “LAGUNA” ay ‘yun ang musika sa sasakyan kaya markado na.

    May camping site sa Peak 2 kung saan matatagpuan ang dulo ng bundok Makiling na pinaniniwalaang pinapangalagaan ni Maria Makiling at sa paanan ng bundok ay naroon ang “flat rocks”.

    Sa Bae ay kilala ang masarap na “monay bae”.

    Dati ay wala pang gaanong trapik ang bayan ng Los Baños. Ngayon ay tatak LB na, pinaikli na ang tawag sa bayan na ito na pinalakas ng TEKSnolohiya. Matatagpuan ang talon ng Dampalit sa bayan ng Lalakay. Ngunit di lang ‘yan ang talon sa Laguna. Mamangha ka pa sa iba pang talon katulad ng sa Hulugan ng Lusiana at marami pang iba na iilan ay di ko pa napuntahan.

    Narating mo na ba ang Sampaloc Lake ng San Pablo kung saan masayang mag-piknik? Halina’t libutin sakay sa bisekleta ang pook at magandang tanawin ang pitong lawa at ang paglubog ng araw sa dapit hapon ay kay sarap pagmasdan pati pagdampi ng simoy ng hangin sa pisngi. Tuwing Enero may “Coco Festival” na ginaganap sa bayan.

    Ang dami pang mga bagay, kaalaman, pook o kaugalian na palatandaan kung ikaw’y taga-Laguna o matagal ng nanirahan rito. Kung saan ko nakilala ang mga iba’t-ibang tao na naririto. Ngunit sa dulo ng bawat lugar ay may kaniya-kaniyang kaugalian o kultura. Tunay na mababait ang tubong Laguna lalo na sa mga pinakamalalayong bayan nito, sila’y napakamagalang sa bisita.

    Tara! ~ Lakbayin natin ang Laguna at alamin pa ang nakatagong yaman ng kalikasan at kultura ng bayan. Mula rito sa bayan ng Sto. Domingo, Bae, Laguna patungo sa bayan ninyo. Mabuhay po tayo!

  23. naalala ko from bae to calamba going to work, sa sbra gipit namin wala ako mahiraman pamasahe nag 123 ako sa jeep ? don ako umupo sa likod ng driver taga abot ng bayad, kung sino mn ung driver sori po, isang beses lng un nangyari, tapos kung saan nagbayad ako siningil ako ng driver, ang bayad ko daw, sabi ko bayad n po ako, asar ako non buti n lng malapit n sa terminal calamba konti n lng pasahero..

  24. Sa mga taga kalayaan laguna mo lang maririnig yung salitang MINANI.. Pinritong kamoteng kahoy na tinadtad ng maliliit.. Alingngaro. Maliliit na prutas na parang cherry.. Binayo means nilupak..

    1. sir not only residents of kalayaan, laguna know that words .. we too natives of cavinti, laguna know those words and maybe as well as people of luisiana, laguna .. there are also lots of kamoteng kahoy in our town also called balinghoy 🙂

  25. Bigla ko namis ang Laguna parang ang bigat sa pkiramdam, dahil naalala ko mga kaibgan at kamag anak ko, ung happenings namin, almost 11yrs n dn ako d nakakauwi ng Laguna, nkakamis ang mga tropa at relatives ko don.. My ❤️ is crying ? dahil sobra mis n mis ko n sila lahat..

  26. Yung sabaw, pag nilagay sa kanin, ang tawag na ay “laba”. Pag napadami ang laba, ang tawag na ay “kanaw”.

    Lalapag = bababa na ng sasakyan
    Panaog = baba
    Adyo = akyat

  27. You forgot atole…. A kind of custard that is served with roasted ground coconut.. and expressions such as ‘walastik’ and ‘walanju’!.. Lol

  28. Yong mga matatandang taga Bae n sasakay ng jeep papunta sa LB na ang sasabihin ay “sa johnson nga” yon pala “junction” at “bumili ka nga ng swatanghon” yon pala ay “sotanghon”. Haha…..

    Proud to be lagunense…..

  29. Natives of Laguna are called Lagunense.. have you heard about the Matangtubig Spring from Cabuyao, Laguna and the Twin Palace at Brgy. Casile, Cabuyao? Matangtubig Spring is a natural apring located in Casile too and it is a water resource that supplies water to Sta
    Rosa, Biñan and Cabuyao and aome part of Calamba too. Twin Palalce is a vacation house of former Pres. F. E. Marcos and houses one of the beat libraries ive ever seen

  30. Mount Makiling, IRRI, UPLB, Alamat ng BAE… and those “slang” of tagalog words like adyuhin to adyhuhi, sipain-sipai, takbuhin-takbuhi… even tagalog speaking from some parts of luzon didnt know these.. like using “ilaglag mo” instead use “laglagi” , dropping the pronoun “mo” and change “ilaglag” into a slang word “laglagi”.. that completes the sentence alone and conveys the message.

  31. We also use “ano baga” instead of ano ba, … Taytay Falls and Dalitiwan resort in Majayjay, you know also the fruit we called “bilukaw”

  32. When you go to a sari sari store to buy something we say “pagbilan nga po” it means “pabili po”…and also when we buy cooking oil in the store we say pagbilan po ng langis(mantika).

  33. iklog, ista(isda), kalamunding(kalamansi), rupinado(refined white sugar), mayukmok(nilupak), lukban(suha/pomelo)

  34. When ur in laguna u say ” ang inet ” they will laugh at u and say “magpayong ka” then you’ll have to correct yourself and say “ambanas or mabanas”

  35. one day we visited our cousins in alabang, and i said “mabanas” then my cousins laugh hindi pla nla alam ang word na un. Until my tita (their mother) told them the meaning of it is mainit.

  36. Hahaha natawa talaga ako dahil lahat totoo. I remembered way back college days some of my friends bullying me because of my words “nakain, naulan, etc” hahahaha and untill now hindi ko pa din yun nababago.
    Tuwing umuuwi ako ng laguna i always make sure to have lunch with my relatives in Pandin Lake.
    Totoo nothing beats mernels cake! Wooohh im craving for mernels!

    Im proud to be laguena! ?

  37. Pag malapit nang umulan titingnan mo yung ulap pag madilim, ma-DAGIM.

    ampyas (o ampiyas sa mga taga sanpablo) – pag pumapasok sa loob ng bahay yung ulan pweo konti lang.

    At may ibat ibang punto ang bawat bayan.

  38. Pag napunta ako s manila tas may bagong kakilala itatanung taga saan ka? Sagot ko Laguna ?.. Nakakatuwa lagi nagiging reaksyon nila.. Kasi alam nila n maganda ang Laguna. Specially pag summertime Pansol agad sinsabi nila.. Pag Los banos nman Buko pie kinatatakaman nila.. Calamba..Cabuyao.. Sta. Rosa madaming pdeng company n pag aaplyan nila..

  39. I remembered when my lola doesn’t believe a hearsay story from our neighbors she would say “eh eh Kahiman”. When i used that word “Kahiman” with my friends from manila i have to explain to them that it is an expression meaning i dont believe them..

    1. I remember my husband friends… Naisama nmin cla papuntang pandin lake.. Manghang mangha cla… After nman dun nagtataka ako bkit lahat cla may dalang sako?.. Nakamotor kming lahat dat time.. Un pala bibili cla ng kilo kilong rambutan at lansones.. Buti nlang mura s sanpablo that time.. 20 per kl. Nmin nkuha.. ?

  40. When you say “ambanas” but others misunderstood you

    On a hot and sunny weather at school, I once said, “ambanas naman”. My classmates looking at me seriously, asked me “kanino ka naiinis?”. That is when I found out that there are words only people who grew up or lived in Laguna would understand. Being a Calambeño, I never know that it means naiinis or nakakainis in other places. I even asked some friends, one in Calamba and one in Sta Cruz, what will be in their mind if I say ambanas, they said mainit so I am not mistaken. In the Laguna province, “banas” means mainit. In a sentence, we can say, “Mababanas ka sa sobrang init ng panahon”

  41. When you say “ambanas”, then your classmates misunderstood you. Being a Calambeño, I never know that it means “nakakainis” in other places. I once said at school, “Ambanas naman” then my classmates asked me, “Kanino ka naiinis?”. That’s when I found out that there are words only people who grew up or lived in Laguna would understand. Banas means mainit in Laguna, like “Mababanas ka sa sobrang init ng panahon.”

  42. When we like to drink alcoholic beverages, we say “tara babarik”, and when we say “magpaitik” it means bf/gf. 🙂

  43. Please include Lumban, Laguna. They’re best at making Barong Tagalog and Filipiñanas. It’s the Embroidery Capital of our country.

  44. di ko yata alam ung chocolate cake na Mer Nels ah. Laguna ako but i really dont have any idea kung anung itsura at kung saan sya galing?

    1. Mer-Nel’s chocolate cake iz da bomb! It tastes so much better than Goldilocks tbh. Their chocolate frosting tastes like Jollibee’s hot cholocate fudge. Originally from Los Banos but they are now expanding.

    2. Mernels cake is from Los Banos Laguna. Nasa red box xa and so mouth watering it really melts in your mouth! There’s a branch at Sm Calamba.. Enjoy..?

    3. from los baños laguna po..meron din sa sm calamba 2nd floor.. masarap po cake nila and affordable pa ..quality cakes ang Mer Nerl’s 🙂

  45. Please include in the list of what to find in Laguna: Puto Binan, balut and itlog na maalat in Victoria, quesong puti and Barong Tagalog of Lumban, lanzones and rambutan to name a few…

  46. It’s only in Pagsanjan wherein “pansit ulam ” became popular through “Abeng’s Pansitan SA Plaza” where I lived before and my mother used to sell that special “Lambanog”.

  47. In some part of Laguna like Sta. Cruz, when your classmates or friends are trying to annoy you, and your response was… Nakakainis na kayo lagin niyo nalang akong INAATIG, that means inaasar. 🙂

  48. Nagtanong si classmate mong from the city “sino inaantay mo?” Sasagot ka “yung kaon ko.” Akala nila may karelasyon ka na. Ka-on.

  49. When they know you’re from Biñan and ask for ‘Puto Biñan ‘ as pasalubong, specifically saying “Yung Aling Nene ha!”

  50. When you say “Kaon” (e.g. Kakaunin ko mamaya yung nanay ko sa palengke), your friends dont understand you. “Kaon” = “Sundo”.

  51. When you’re the only one in your group who knows what “sinukmani” is. (Sinukmani = Biko)

    If you’re living in Pagsanjan, people always ask… “malapit ka sa falls?”

    If you are also wondering why bus conductors go down everytime you pass a railway. (Still a mystery to me, though).

    1. I knew someone else is going to notice that! I always wonder why they go down the bus but I never bothered to ask them lol. can someone answer why they do this? Haha

    2. bus conductors go down the bus to see if there’s a train coming…usually kasi sira yun harang or early warning device sa railway.

    3. Bus conductors step out of the bus every time they’re about to cross a railway because it is thought to keep them safe during the trip. Superstitious belief, they say.

      1. Mandatory po siya na ginagawa ng mga Conductor every time na may madadaanan na railway to ensure the safety of the trip, na kahit hindi nagooperate and train/railway kailangan parin nila gawin yon.

    4. Pagsanjeño rin ako at yan ang madalas tinatanong sa kin. Parang katabi lang ng bahay namin ung falls ah.

      Bakit sa amin, ang bayan ng Bay ay ang tawag ay BAE pero ang PAETE ay PAY-TE?

  52. When someone asks you where do you study and when you say UP Los Baños, next question would be..
    “Anong course mo? Agri? ”

    Because they thought UPLB is primarily an Agri College.

  53. In Paete, when I was young, my mom always sent me to buy “langis” in sari-sari store which refers to cooking oil. I only knew its crude oil when I was trying to buy the same in Manila, I was already 16 then. 😀

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