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Villa Escudero in Tiaong, Quezon – Memorable Staycation with the Grandparents

By Kach Umandap April 13th, 2017 Posted in Luxury Hotel Review, Philippines Travel Blog, Travel Blog 3 Comments

If you haven’t read my old posts and articles, I’m from the province of Laguna, which is becoming popular for short day trips or vacations. There’s actually an article we published which you can relate to if you were born in Laguna. In my case, I was raised in San Pablo City – the city of 7 lakes. Yes, our simple town has taught me some amazing lessons in life which I use up until now. Thanks to my humble beginnings and upbringing, it paved a way into dreaming bigger.Villa Escudero Tiaong Quezon – Memorable Staycation with the Grandparents

Speaking of San Pablo, make sure you keep a list of what to do and where to go to.

To begin with, San Pablo City Laguna is a 2 – hour drive from Manila via South Luzon Express Way. But with traffic, most especially during Fiesta season (April – May), the travel time can be 3 hours or more! Anyway, here’s what you can do in our town.

If you are going on a road trip, I suggest that you hire a car from Hertz, Philippines.

Villa Escudero Tiaong Quezon – Memorable Staycation with the Grandparents

  • Visit the Lakes – There are actually 7, but I would recommend that you visit Pandin and Yambo if you want to have the best lake experience. Feel free to dive in and get yourself stuffed with local delicacies.
  • Bato Resort – Do you want to cool off? If yes, the best place to go to is Bato Resort. The water can nearly freeze you – and I am not kidding.

Villa Escudero Tiaong Quezon – Memorable Staycation with the Grandparents

And if you want to stay a bit longer in the town (which I’m sure you will!), I suggest that you drive a little further to reach Tiaong, Quezon. Here you’ll find the famous Villa Escudero. Fortunately, this is where we stayed at when we visited my grandparents. The last time I went here was in 2009 – a week before I left for Kuwait. And just this year, I came back with my husband, grandparents, aunt, uncle, my brother and his family to celebrate my grandmother’s 75th birthday. Boy, it was so much fun!

Why do I recommend Villa Escudero for family staycations?

What I like about Villa Escudero is that you get to enjoy the time with your family while embracing the Filipino Culture. Allow me to give you an overview of the property, and I’m quite positive you’d be blocking your weekend for a long drive to Tiaong Quezon.

Villa Escudero is a working coconut plantation founded by Don Placido Escudero and his wife, Dona Claudia Marasigan in the 1880s. This was opened to the public in 1981 and never fails to amaze locals and tourists from all over the globe.

The Accommodation

Villa Escudero Tiaong Quezon – Memorable Staycation with the Grandparents

  • LongHouse Unit – Apartment – style units located in a serene part of the resort. A double bed is provided, and mattresses can be requested. All units have fans and can occupy six people
  • Executive Longhouse Unit – You have here a king size bed and a day bed. The guests can enjoy their own garden too. Rooms are air-conditioned.
  • Riverside Unit – Savor the beauty of the river in your room which is naturally ventilated. This can house 12 guests, and the units are equipped with fans.

Villa Escudero Tiaong Quezon – Memorable Staycation with the Grandparents

  • Executive Riverside Unit – You have two single beds and a day bed on the first floor. The second floor has a queen-size bed, a single bed, and a day bed. You even have your patio. This can fit four guests.
  • Presidential Suite – This room fits five people. You have your own large patio which is adjacent to the river. The air-conditioned suite has a queen size bed, a double bed, a single bed, and a day bed.

The rooms are made with native materials, and it instantly gives you that ‘provincial’ feel. It’s very simple, far from the chaos of the metro and definitely a peaceful spot where your family can truly enjoy. I bet your teens won’t even look for a wi–fi spot.

The Food

Oh my goodness! As someone who left the country for years, I was so excited to have a feast at Villa Escudero. If you visit the property, a must – do is to eat at the Labasin Waterfalls Restaurant. You will have your buffet lunch and enjoy it with your bare hands like a true Filipino. Let’s not forget about your feet soaked in shallow running water the whole time. It is an experience I would love to do again! Jon loved every bit of it!

Villa Escudero Tiaong Quezon – Memorable Staycation with the GrandparentsVilla Escudero Tiaong Quezon – Memorable Staycation with the GrandparentsThe Facility & Activity Guide

You don’t have to leave the property to enjoy some fun activities. Here are some which I would highly recommend.

  • Villa Escudero Museum – This is a private museum which is considered one of the largest in the country. Your family will get to see amazing artifacts collected all over the globe.
  • Bamboo Rafting – This is probably one of Jon’s favorite activities in Villa Escudero. You better try it out and gauge your rafting skills.

Villa Escudero Tiaong Quezon – Memorable Staycation with the Grandparents (42)

Villa Escudero Tiaong Quezon – Memorable Staycation with the Grandparents (41)

  • Philippine Experience Show – Watching a cultural show is always recommended, most especially if you are traveling with your family. Such activity is enjoyable regardless of your age. Plus, it is good to show the kids their culture and heritage.

  • Swimming Pool – The swimming pools are newly opened! There’s a kiddie pool, an infinity pool, and an adult only pool.

Villa Escudero Tiaong Quezon – Memorable Staycation with the Grandparents

Villa Escudero Tiaong Quezon – Memorable Staycation with the Grandparents

Villa Escudero Tiaong Quezon – Memorable Staycation with the Grandparents

Fact Sheet: Frequently Asked Question about Villa Escudero Tiaong Quezon

1. How much is the rate in Villa Escudero Tiaong Quezon

To inquire about rates, availability or promo, check the links below:

Own website | Tripadvisor  | Expedia

2. Where is Villa Escudero Tiaong exactly located?

Villa Escudero is located at KM 91, Tiaong Quezon.

3. Is smoking allowed within the property?

Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the rooms, cottages, and public dining areas. Smoking shall only be allowed in designated smoking areas.

4. Can you bring outside food to Villa Escudero?

Food and drinks cannot be brought into the property without informing the management. Corkage fees apply.

5. Can everyone use the bamboo rafts?

Children that are eight years and above can ride the bamboo rafts. Life vests are available for everyone’s safety.

6. Is there a parking space for Villa Escudero guests?

The resort has parking spaces allotted for its guests and driver’s license should be surrendered.

7. How can guests make reservations?

It can be coursed through email, phone or directly thru the website.

8. What is the check – in, check – out time of Villa Escudero?

The standard check – in time is 1300 and the check – out time is 1100.

9. What time does the gate of the resort close?

It closes at 2000.

10. Can the reservation be canceled?

Once confirmed, the guests can modify or cancel the booking – 72 hours before the date of the arrival. This will not incur cancellation penalty.

Villa Escudero gives you that Filipino – experience you don’t usually get from luxurious hotels in the metro. So yes, what’s a 2 – 3-hour drive? I’m telling you, it’s worth it!

Monkey DividersThis trip was arranged by Tourism Promotions Board. Special thanks to Mr. Gerry Panga, the Tourism Attaché and Director for Northern and Southern Europe, Department of Tourism.

Monkey Dividers

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3 thoughts on “Villa Escudero in Tiaong, Quezon – Memorable Staycation with the Grandparents

  1. Proud to be a Quezonian!
    Question, what time starts your day tour and till what time?
    Your overnight stay check in says, 1300 hrs checkout 1100 hrs ff day…the price covers only the accommodation? Or How many meals?
    As Quezonian, do you give special rate?

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