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10 Best Wellness and Bootcamps in the UK

By Kach Umandap November 30th, 2017 Posted in Destination, Europe Travel Blog, Travel Blog 3 Comments

Gone are the days when people only travel because they want to see the iconic sights and structures in popular tourist destinations. There is a new demand among travelers. Recently, people are looking for wellness and travel destinations.

For those who are not familiar, wellness tourism has an objective to promote the well – being of the travelers. Usually, it involves fitness camps, yoga, and meditation. If this interests you and you are looking for a wellness escape in the UK, I am listing ten spots which you might want to consider.

1. No1 Bootcamp in Norfolk

This camp does not only target your physique, but it aims to improve your mental and spiritual health. They have passionate trainers, mentors, chefs and even photographers that will push camp goers to hit their individual goals. They will stick by your side until the very end.

The ambiance of No1 Bootcamp in Norfolk is soothing, and it makes losing weight easier. Even if the activities are extremely tiring, the relaxing view makes it worthwhile. At night, you can freely talk to other boot campers and share your stories. Or if you want to have a relaxing massage to soothe your muscles, they certainly have the facility for that. This is one of the best fitness boot camps to date.

2. Who Dares Slims

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This boot camp will change your life. Whether your goal is to boost fitness, kickstart weight loss or just feel empowered by learning self-defence and survival skills – Who Dares Slims will leave a lasting impression. Run in Spain and Scotland by ex-Special Forces trainers, they leverage military style-fitness with the comfort and luxury feel of a retreat with massages from the in-house physiotherapist that can be arranged daily. Decide whether you want to pay a bit more for your own space or are happy to share and make new friends.

3. The Body Retreat, Somerset

Even if you have a busy schedule, it is still recommended to have a retreat. One of the most popular choices would be The Body Retreat, Somerset. In here, you also get to learn and experience a lot of things such as hypnotherapy and beauty treatment. Without a doubt, you will see yourself with oozing confidence after finishing the retreat. If you are feeling down, then this is something that will lift your spirit up. In just seven days, you can see dramatic changes.

4. The Malvern Spa

This is the first spa in Malvern since 1910. The popular Malvern Water Cure can be experienced here as well. They have day and overnight packages which will make you feel rejuvenated, relaxed and ready for the next days. And it is not just about massages or therapies. There are available fitness trainers that will help you achieve your body goals. You can get the value for money in The Malvern Spa.

5. GI Jane Bootcamp

Calling out all the ladies out there! Get fit and make new friends in GI Jane Bootcamp. There are different camps to choose from. They have the week camps, the 2 – week camps, mid-week camps to name a few. The activities are physically and mentally challenging which are also ego boosters for the ladies who would try it out.

6. Fit Camp UK

Known as The Ultimate Body Transformation Programme, a lot of people loved the Fit Camp UK. They have different locations throughout the Midlands, and their prices are considered competitive. You can also get the best guidance from qualified instructors. This is also a good choice if you want to ‘reset’ your healthy lifestyle.

7. Hillmotts Retreat

One of the most popular fitness boot camp companies in the UK is the Hillmotts Retreat. They do not believe that shouting at their camp goers will help in motivating them. Hence, they have created positive programs but are equally effective in getting back in shape. And it doesn’t matter if it will be your first time to go to a fitness boot camp. They will treat you like a family instantly.

8. Fit Farm

This was established ten years ago, and their programs are scientifically proven. It has received some awards in their respective industry, showing that they know what they are doing. They have two styles of accommodations. One is what they call “FitFarms Classic” which is the traditional one, and “FitFarms Camp” where you can stay in British Bell Tents.

9.TEAM Bootcamp

Would you like to experience a military-style fitness boot camp? If yes, then head to TEAM. They promise to help you lose weight the fastest time possible. They have different accommodations from shared rooms to VIP ones.  The comfortable rooms are perfect after sweating out the whole day. I’m sure you will have a good night rest enough to face the activities in the next days.

10. Trimmer You Boot Camp

Their 5 – star boot camps will tell you that you are in for some luxurious treatment. They know that camp – goers are training so hard to achieve results. Hence, they reward them by treating everyone as a true VIP. With 10 hours of training every day, you are sure to get the best shape you have always dreamed about.

11. Grayshott Spa

This isn’t your usual spa destination. You can get a whole lot more. You can have therapeutic treatments, healthy food made in their cuisine and of course, an ideal program perfect for your needs. This is a great escape if you need to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This 47 – acre property has its swimming pools (indoor and outdoor) and tennis courts. You can do a lot of things at Grayshott Spa. They are also known to house a great staff.

You see, it’s nice to travel the world and see different places. But it wouldn’t hurt to stop for a while and stay in one place if that means it will help you with your health. Joining or going to wellness camps or destinations is like hitting two birds with one stone. You get to enjoy the great ambiance, you get to meet new friends, and you get back in shape. The last one is very important because a healthy mind and body will help you in enduring challenges as you go back traveling different continents.

As a digital nomad, it is ok to take a break. Treat these boot camps as your ‘shortstops’ that will sharpen your skills. Trust me, the things you will learn here can be useful once you get back and hit the road.

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3 thoughts on “10 Best Wellness and Bootcamps in the UK

  1. Hey, this is great review of boot camps in the Uk. Really glad you included us (Team Bootcamp). Thank you

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