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Why you should use VPN all the time while traveling?

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor November 25th, 2019 Posted in Travel Blog, Travel Blogging and Digital Nomads Tips, Travel Guides One Comment

Virtual private networks have come a long way since they were created and they are now more secure and easier to use than ever before. A great VPN can make a huge difference in your internet usage and in how easily and safely you can access the internet. Not only are those networks now more popular and better put together than ever before, but they are also more useful and more beneficial for travelers than ever before.

Why you should use VPN all the time while traveling
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So why should you be using a VPN while traveling? Keep reading to find out.

1. Public Wi-Fi and Public Internet makes private access difficult

Why you should use VPN all the time while traveling3

Everyone loves the ease of being able to sit down in a restaurant, in a hotel room, or in a lobby and be able to access the public wi-fi to search the internet for free. The problem with these free networks, as convenient as they are, is that they are also very public. This means that the person next to you or twenty feet away accessing the same network does have the potential to access your information and pose a real cyber threat. A VPN is going to help you make sure that even if you are accessing a public wi-fi hotspot, your information is still going to be safe and secure within your own personal VPN. Surfshark is one such VPN that allows you to surf the internet without having to worry about valuable and personal information being compromised.

This is the main reason why you should use VPN for travel.

Why you should use VPN all the time while traveling2

2. Government Censorship

Why you should use VPN all the time while traveling6

On these public networks, you may also have to deal with things like government censorship of certain content, especially on public networks. If you are in a country like China or Korea for example traveling, there is a huge amount of information and content that you are likely not going to be able to access simply because of where you are and where you are attempting to access the internet. Using a VPN that is based in the United States is going to help you to go around these censorships so that you can access what you want when you want no matter where you are. This also has to do with limiting what you can access based on where you are and where you are accessing from. This can also relate to use at places like libraries and other public institutions that do limit what you can see based on where you are.

3. Privacy and Protecting Your Search History

Why you should use VPN all the time while traveling5

Based on where you are accessing the internet from, there is some danger in what you search. A VPN is a fantastic way to make sure that you are going to be able to search in privacy and that you are not going to have to deal with things like your search history potentially getting you in trouble. This is also going to help with limiting tracking of your information and tracking of what you are looking up or looking at.

4. Avoid Location Price Targeting

Why you should use VPN all the time while traveling4

You can also avoid your location being used to target the prices of items that you are potentially buying. Say for instance you are on a website looking for airline tickets home or to another location. If location services are on there is always the potential for the tickets to jump in price based on where you are. Whereas if you are searching privately you are going to get the best price and your location is not going to come into the picture at all.

5. Entertainment Restrictions

Why you should use VPN all the time while traveling3

When it comes to using your streaming services like Netflix there are some shows and some content that might be limited based on where you are, you may not even be able to access Netflix in certain countries and using a VPN allows you to access your Netflix anywhere. This means that things like copyright agreements, location and more are not going to affect what you can watch, what you can access, and what you are going to be able to get to. This is going to give you the freedom to use the service you already pay for and it not going to take your location into account at all.

6. Erasing Your Internet Footprint

Why you should use VPN all the time while traveling1

This also has to do with the fact that you can search the internet, do research and look at whatever you want without having to worry about your footprint and without people being able to track what you have looked at and what you have searched. This gives you a measure of freedom when it comes to the internet no matter where you are or what you are accessing. 

Why you should use VPN all the time while traveling7
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The internet is a vast and varied thing and being able to search without fear of your information or privacy being compromised is essential. These are just a few of the fantastic reasons you should be using a VPN when you travel or when you access the internet at all really, even when you are at home.

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One thought on “Why you should use VPN all the time while traveling?

  1. I downloaded ExpressVPN on my phone and aside from maybe Instagram it’s probably my most-used app. Def worth having you shop a lot on your phone.

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