How to Use and Send Money using GCash in the Philippines

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GCash is the newest way for a cashless and fast transaction. Before we need always to have money on our wallets; with GCash, you can pay thru QR codes as long as may balance ka lang. You can also make online payments with GCash and don’t need a credit card anymore. So it’s the newest and most convenient way to handle your money.

How to Use and Send Money using GCash in the Philippines3

With a fully verified account, you can have up to Php 100,000 in your account and incoming cash and outgoing cash with that limit. If you have a good credit score, you can also borrow money thru GCash. Marami talaga ang features ng GCash as you can buy your own load or load other people’s phones through here, pay bills or invest money. Don’t worry, BSP monitors it so your money is safe.

How to Use and Send Money using GCash in the Philippines5

How to Apply for GCash:

1. Register in GCash First – click this link to register.

GCash How to Guidea

Click “Proceed to GCash Registration”

2. Enter your mobile number. Don’t worry; this isn’t inclusive for Globe users; you can use it for all networks.

GCash How to Guidea1a

3. A code will be sent to your number; this is to verify that it is indeed yours and if you are using it. Click “submit” afterward.

4. Provide your personal information, as stated in the form.

GCash How to Guidea2

5. Put in your Mobile PIN (MPIN). This will be used as your log-in code and if ever you have payments or transfers. Mostly for verification services.

GCash How to Guidea3

6. Congratulations! You may now have an account; you can download the GCash app before or after the registration.

GCash How to Guidea4How to Get Verified in GCash:

To use all of the features, you need to verify yourself. It’s pretty easy to get verified. Here are the steps:

GCash How to Guidea6

1. Go to your GCash App and click “Verify Now.”

GCash How to Guidea5

2. Find a Valid ID of yours and take a picture of it.

3. Take a Selfie.
This is to verify if the person in the picture and the one in the Valid ID is the same.

4. Fill in your personal information.

5. Submit the application

6. And you are now “fully-verified!” 

Here are the perks of having a verified account:

GCash How to Guidea7

How to Link Bank Account or Paypal Account in GCash:

If you have a bank account or PayPal account, I suggest you link it to your GCash so that it’s easier to transfer your funds. You don’t need to go to the centers to cash-in or cash-out, diretsyo na sa account mo.

1. Go to “My Linked Accounts”

GCash How to Guidea82. Choose what you want to connect; bank cards, Paypal and etc.(my example will be PayPal)

3. Put your Paypal E-mail address and click Link.

4. Type your e-mail address and your password then click “authorize.”

GCash How to Guidea9

5. Close and Continue. You can now use your PayPal account.

How to Cash-in in GCash:

Now that you are registered in GCash and Fully Verified you can cash-in. Anong ibig sabihin nyan? Pwede kang mag-deposit or lagay ng funds sa GCash Wallet mo. You need to have funds para makabili ng load, pay ng bills at etc.

1. Click “cash-in.”

GCash How to Guidea10

2. Choose between “Over-the-Counter,” “Online Banking” or “Remittance”

For over-the-counter:

(Examples are Robinsons/SM Department Stores, Pawnshops like Palawan, Cebuana Lhuillier, Bayad Center, 7-Eleven, etc.)

Go to the place where you want to convert your cash to virtual money and inform them that you would like to cash-in to your GCash wallet

Fill out GCash Service form, enter your mobile number (the one in GCash) and the amount.

Present a Valid ID and your payment. There might be additional fees.

Wait for a confirmation that money has been transferred to your wallet.

For online banking/remittance:

Since I have a BPI account, here is a sample:

Enter an amount you want to deposit

GCash How to Guidea11

Click confirm

GCash How to Guidea12

A code will be sent to your phone number (the one registered in your bank account), enter it next

Then check your balance.

How to Load using GCash:

You can buy an electronic load using your Gcash.  It’s easy and you get rebates too! So if you load Php 10.00 you get to pay only Php 9.50. You could do a business selling load! Here’s how to load using GCash:

1. Go to “Buy Load.”

2. Enter the number you want to buy load for.

GCash How to Guidea133. Enter the amount and click next.

GCash How to Guidea144. Pay the amount you wish to buy.

GCash How to Guidea15

5. You will receive a message that you have received electronic load and a rebate.

GCash How to Guidea16

How to Send Money from GCash to GCash

For Sender

STEP 1:  Open the GCash App on your phone.

STEP 2: Tap “Send Money” and then “Express Send.”

STEP 3: Type receiver’s number and the amount. Tap “Next.”

STEP 4: A text confirmation notifies you that you have successfully sent money.

For Receiver

STEP 1: Receive money in your GCAsh account from the sender.

STEP 2: You can cash out through GCash Master Card or Over the Counter e.g. Palawan Pawnshop, Bayad Center, SM, Robinsons. Ask for a GCash Service Form.

STEP 3: Present a Valid ID.

STEP 4: Receive a text confirming your cash out and enter the MPIN confirm it.

STEP 5: Get Receive your cash.

Other Services of GCash:

  • You can “Save Money” using GCash and deposit in the CIMB Bank. If you accept, you will be given an account number and an online username and password.

GCash How to Guidea17

  • You can also “Pay Bills” using GCash, choose the category on which you want to pay. Enter the details, click next, and pay. Easy as 1-2-3.

GCash How to Guidea18

  • You can “Pay using QR.” If you see stores that say “We Accept GCash,” then you can use this app. Make sure you have enough balance. Scan the QR code, enter the amount you need to pay, review and confirm payment. Then a message of confirmation will be sent to you.

GCash How to Guidea19

  • You can have a “bank transfer.” Select a partner bank, enter the amount, the account name and number to send money.

There are indeed many services in GCash you can choose from so you can check the app. Promos are also running so try and browse them; you may get discounts or freebies while using it. In case you have something to report to; you can go to

How to Use and Send Money using GCash in the Philippines6

GCash is helpful; it is not only fast and convenient but eco-friendly too as it’s paperless. You can save your receipts on your phone or up in the clouds (if you get what I mean.) Plus it is used in many government offices like payment of (add a link to the following) DTI Registration, NBI Clearance, BIR Tax Payments, and the like.

How to Use and Send Money using GCash in the Philippines4

So download the GCash App app now and enjoy it! 

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    1. You can cash in means you’ll put money to your CGash balance from your bank or over the counter. If it’s send money, you can only do so if you have balance in your account or after Cash-in.

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