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10 Reasons Why You should Travel with Your Siblings

By Kach Umandap September 22nd, 2020 Posted in Inspiration and Love Stories, Travel Blog 2 Comments

We have seen a lot of friends traveling together. There are also hundreds, even thousands of traveling couples (like us). However, have you heard of traveling siblings? I’m sure there are few all over the globe, but this concept is not as popular as traveling groups or lovers.

I actually wondered why given that there are a lot of benefits when you travel with your brothers and sisters. If you have read my older posts, you’d see that I traveled with my siblings in South East Asia. It was the same time when I started my long-term travel journey (it was actually their first time to travel outside the Philippines).  And in fact, just last year, my sister traveled with me in 5 different countries when she visited us in South America.

10 Reasons Why You should Travel with Your Siblings

If you haven’t tried traveling with your siblings, I’ll push you to do it right now! Here are my 10 reasons why you should travel with your siblings:

1. You become more responsible

When you are traveling with your siblings, it is your natural instinct to look out for each other regardless if you are the eldest or the youngest. It is not just yourself that you take care of but you always consider the welfare of your brothers and sisters. Thus, increasing your ‘responsibility – meter’. It’s an unwritten rule!10 Reasons Why You should Travel with Your Siblings

2. It’s an awesome ‘quality time’

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy watching movies or having a drink with my siblings. I know we have been fighting over petty things when we were kids, but we are grownups now and things are more different. Simply put that I love having quality time with them. Doing fun things overseas have definitely raised the bar. And since you don’t want to bore yourselves, you think of great ways on how to make your days together more exciting!

How many siblings have tried bungee jumping together?

How many have tried visiting caves and eating exotic foods?

Think about it – it’s going to be one for the books!10 Reasons Why You should Travel with Your Siblings

3. You discover new (sometimes weird) things about your siblings

You might have a box filled with embarrassing things about your siblings, but trust me – you are yet to learn more! Wait until you see them try out spicy food in South East Asia.  Or check out how they try to converse with a local in a different language. You would be surprised how different your siblings act in an unfamiliar situation. I’m not saying you should blackmail them in the future, but those things can be great conversation topics years from now! 🙂10 Reasons Why You should Travel with Your Siblings

4. You become closer

As if you have a choice here, right? If you are planning to travel for days, you have no choice but to spend time together. My tip for you, limit your time online and have sensible talks with your siblings. Talk about your plans and even your struggles. It will definitely take a load off your chest. Save those pictures for posting at a later date. Enjoy your time.10 Reasons Why You should Travel with Your Siblings

5. They will never leave you – or your parents will get mad!

Your siblings will never leave you even if you do the most embarrassing act in another place. The reasons are obvious. One, blood is thicker than water. Two, they will be liable and your parents will get extremely mad! The latter part while true, is of course, a joke! Seriously, they will always have your back so you don’t have to worry about getting drunk in a hostel! And even if you break your arm, you are sure that someone’s going to be there to fend for you.10 Reasons Why You should Travel with Your Siblings

10 Reasons Why You should Travel with Your Siblings6. You can share the best stories with your kids in the future

Imagine years from now and you have your own kids. Wouldn’t it be cool to tell them your travel adventures with your siblings? It’s not your usual ‘movie night’ stories. It’s about beaches, luggage, passports and all that jazz! And if I were you, I will try to inspire them to do the same when they get older.10 Reasons Why You should Travel with Your Siblings

10 Reasons Why You should Travel with Your Siblings

10 Reasons Why You should Travel with Your Siblings7. You can easily talk about money

The danger about traveling with friends or strangers is that sometimes, you are conscious on ‘money’ talks or splitting the bills. If you travel with your siblings, you can easily plot your budget and can tell them (without inhibitions) that they need to pay their share. Plus, you can always bug them if they still haven’t paid you after the trip. 😉10 Reasons Why You should Travel with Your Siblings

10 Reasons Why You should Travel with Your Siblings8. They will keep you safe

Traveling with your siblings will give you so much comfort because you know that they will try their best to keep you safe. Yes, they might take photos of your embarrassing moments while you travel, but you can be sure that you will be back in your hotel or hostel in one piece! It’s the law of nature. You are like a wolf pack – except you are not hunting!

10 Reasons Why You should Travel with Your Siblings

10 Reasons Why You should Travel with Your Siblings9. You can share shirts!

You don’t have to bring a lot of clothes because you can use theirs. I’m talking about those clothes made both for men and women. Use theirs as you step in another country and you can have a new wardrobe perfect for your Instagram posts. Pretty practical, don’t you think? (Here’s our packing tips for female travelers!)10 Reasons Why You should Travel with Your Siblings

10 Reasons Why You should Travel with Your Siblings

10. Getting your parents approval to travel would be a breeze!

When you travel with friends, your parents will naturally ask a lot of questions. But if you travel with your siblings, they will approve almost instantly (that didn’t happen in our case but we made it!). And if you are lucky, they will even give you some ‘emergency’ cash 10 Reasons Why You should Travel with Your Siblings

Monkey DividersIf you are going to travel with your siblings, here are some tips.

1. Leave a copy of your travel plans at home

10 Reasons Why You should Travel with Your SiblingsYour parents would want to know your travel plans. Lessen their worries by providing your itinerary. And don’t feel bad if they check on you once in a while.

2. Make sure you all get your travel insurance

You can’t be so sure if something unfortunate will happen. Just so you are safe, ask your siblings to get a travel insurance.

3. Set up general rules

10 Reasons Why You should Travel with Your SiblingsBefore you leave, ensure that you plot rules for your siblings or make sure you assign tasks. Here are some samples.

  • No sneaking out
  • Always stick together
  • Keep a copy of each other’s travel documents

I can still think of more reasons but I’m pretty sure these 10 reasons will make you call your siblings to pack their bags and see the world together! That’s what you call – #SiblingGoals

10 Reasons Why You should Travel with Your Siblings

Monkey Dividers

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2 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why You should Travel with Your Siblings

  1. I have always wanted to try traveling with my two brothers alone but they are younger , hopefully when they are older all 3 of us can take off somewhere together!

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Written by Kach Umandap

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