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Best Cities to Visit in the Philippines for Casino Lovers

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor August 17th, 2020 Posted in Philippines Travel Blog No comments

The Philippines is a great destination for casino enthusiasts as gambling is legal and casinos are top-notch. Here are the 3 best cities for casino lovers.

If you are a casino lover who wants to travel and visit new places, the Philippines is the place for you. The island country has a rich gambling tradition that spans centuries back. It also has some excellent land-based casinos that keep that tradition going to this day.

Best Cities to Visit in the Philippines for Casino Lovers
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And don’t worry about the legitimacy of Philippine casinos, gambling in casinos is completely legal in here. This is true both for the land-based casinos we are going to list here and for their online counterparts.

Land-based vs online casino entertainment

This article will help you find the best land-based casino venues in the Philippines. However, we also recommend that you try out the country’s booming online gambling industry.

Playing at land-based casinos is an excellent pass time activity when the weather is great and you can move around the city. On a rainy day, though, nothing beats spinning the slots from your hotel room.

The best thing about online gambling in the Philippines is that you can play at any online casino regardless of your location. Secured casino websites can be accessed from Manila, Quezon, Cebu, or any city in the Philippines as explained here.

Of course, land-based and internet casinos have their own advantages and disadvantages so depending on what is most important for you, please consider the factors described below:

Best Cities to Visit in the Philippines for Casino Lovers

Now let’s look at three great cities for casino lovers in the Philippines and the casino options they offer. We’ll also look at some super-fun things you can do there while taking a break from casino tables and slot machines. At the end of this article, you will also find a very useful list of all land-based casinos operating in the Philippines right now.

The Best Cities for Casino Lovers


Best Cities to Visit in the Philippines for Casino Lovers
Photo by Ramon Kagie on Unsplash

When you are in Manila there are some places that you must visit. These include the National Museum, Fort Santiago, Rizal Park, and the 16th-century walled city Intramuros. The capital of the Philippines boasts tons of popular tourist sites but also has some of the most prestigious casinos in the country. And because of that, it is absolutely one of the best cities for casino lovers that you should visit.

Arguably the most popular of these is the Solaire Resort & Casino. The casino has 1,200 slot machines and 300 table games and they make it the largest gambling establishment in the capital. Furthermore, Solaire Resort & Casino is open 24/7 and is the perfect place to start your Manila adventure. It is also the largest casino by size in the whole country according to this list.

The Hyatt Regency Hotel & Casino is the second-biggest gambling establishment in the capital and the second casino you should visit. It has 626 slot machines and 123 table games. The casino has both popular new titles and classic gambling products. It also allows players to use different denominations and that means that both budget players and high-rollers can enjoy playing there.

Angeles City

Best Cities to Visit in the Philippines for Casino Lovers
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Angeles City is located in Pampanga province. It is a city that is rich in history and has lots of 19th-century buildings that you can explore.

Chief among these is the colonial Holy Rosary Church. It was built in the late 19th century and is a must for any tourist visiting the city.

Other popular tourist attractions that you should visit include:

  • Museo Ning Angeles – if you are a local history buff;
  • Pamintuan Mansion – if you are into period art and vintage antiques.

Angeles City is not only a hotbed for history enthusiasts, but it is also a popular nightlife destination and has several super-fun casinos.

The most popular of these is Casino Filipino. It boasts 287 slot machines and 39 table games. The layout of the casino is also neat and even a casino beginner can easily find his/her way through the venue.

Casino Filipino Mimosa is another gambling establishment that you should check out while in Angeles City. It is evident that the owners of the casino went for a Las Vegas meets Hollywood type of look and it’s fair to say that they succeeded in doing that.

The gaming offer in the casino is quite decent as the venue houses 489 slot machines and 24 table games. These include jackpot slots that can be quite rewarding as well as top table games such as roulette, blackjack, stud poker, and many others.

Cebu City

Best Cities to Visit in the Philippines for Casino Lovers
Photo by Zany Jadraque on Unsplash

Cebu City and the entire Cebu province are popular tourist destinations too. Cebu City is the capital of the province and is also known as the Queen City of the South. It is also the oldest large settlement in the island country. This means that there are lots of heritage places that you can visit as well as go to history-inspired events such as the Sinulog parade.

These include Filipino-Spanish historical buildings such as Fort San Pedro, Basilica del Santo Nino, and the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral.

Other popular attractions that people often visit include the Cebu Taoist Temple and Museo Sugbo. Lastly, no visit to Cebu City is complete without going to the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel that adorns the city’s skylight.

While you are at the Waterfront Hotel you can also check out the Waterfront Casino. It is the biggest gambling venue in the city and has as many as 429 slot machines and 61 table games.

Moreover, the slot machines at the Waterfront Casino come with different RTP percentages and if you do your homework, you can find some that are pretty rewarding. So plan your spins right and the casino might even pay for your gambler’s adventure in Cebu City.

All casinos in the Philippines currently in operation

Here is a list of all land-based casinos across the country which you can visit:

  • Casino Filipino Angeles
  • Winford Hotel Manila
  • Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino
  • Casino Filipino Heritage
  • Casino Filipino Hotel & Casino Manila
  • Olongapo Casino Filipino
  • Casino Filipino Mimosa
  • Casino Filipino Paranaque
  • D’Heights Resort and Casino
  • Casino Filipino Tagaytay
  • Fiesta Resort Casino Poro Point
  • Fontana Leisure Park
  • Slot Machine Arcade – Bacolod
  • Slot Machine Arcade – Ronquillo
  • Solaire Resort and Casino Manila
  • Casino Filipino Davao
  • Waterfront Airport Hotel & Casino Mactan
  • Casino Filipino Bacolod
  • Casino Filipino Laoag
  • Rizal Thunderbird Resort & Fiesta Casino
  • Casino Filipino Pavilion
  • Casino Filipino Silahis

We hope you find this article helpful in your plan to try legal gambling in the Philippines. Aside from the country’s rich and beautiful natural resources, this type of industry is also what tourists visit here. So if you’re planning to try gambling, these 3 cities for casino lovers are the best options!

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