Documents You Need to Have to Travel or Go Home during GCQ/ECQ

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Do you want to go back home or go to work? Well, you will need to submit documents so that you can board the vessels or planes and cross borders. Here’s an article that tells you the documents you need to have to travel or go home during this GCQ or ECQ (Community Quarantine.)

Different Ways to Travel from Mactan Airport to Cebu City and other Cities
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Essential travel is already allowed; these include returning OFWs, those who are stranded, or if you are an authorized person outside of residence but are considered an essential worker. Leisure travel or traveling for tourism or relaxing is not yet allowed.

Locally Stranded Individuals

If you are stranded in the place you are in, e.g., you are in Manila but want to go home to the province of Leyte, then you can board a plane or a boat. The following documents are needed:

  • Medical Clearance Certificate – City or Municipality Health Office
  • Travel Authorization by PNP

Overseas Filipino Worker

For those Returning Overseas Filipinos who want to go home, these documents are needed:

  • Bureau of Quarantine Certificate
  • Passport – with arrival Stamp
  • ID – showing your proof of residence

Authorized Person Outside Residence

These are the people working in the sectors which are considered essential services like Medical (Doctors, Nurses, Health workers, etc.), Security, Banks, Supermarkets, Pharmacy, etc.

If you need to cross borders or go home, here are the documents you will need:

  • Certificate of Employment or Company ID
  • Medical Clearance Certificate – City or Municipality Health Office
  • Travel Authorization by PNP (not anymore needed as Per June 1, 2020)
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How to get a Medical Clearance Certificate

This is based on my experience when I got a Health Certificate at the Rural Health Unit in our municipality. I needed to go out of town (Palompon) and off to the nearest city (Ormoc). We crossed 3 borders (Matag-ob,  Kananga, and Ormoc), where we were asked to show our documents and write in their Health Declaration form.

The process may be similar to that of your town. For big cities, please inquire at your Barangay as they may also issue Health Certificates.

STEP 1: Proceed to the nearest City or Municipality Health Office or an agency designated by them where you can get a Medical Clearance Certificate.

STEP 2: Get a number and wait for your turn. (In our town, only 100 people are served daily).

STEP 3: During your turn, the medical officer will take your temperature. Then you will be asked where you will go, what purpose, and the date of your travel. Your name and contact details will also be written.

STEP 4: Your data will be encoded in their system.

STEP 5: Receive your Medical Clearance Certificate. Usually, this will be only good for 1 or 2 days, but some can get it for a week.

documents you need to pass to travel or go home

How to get a Travel Authorization by PNP

STEP 1: Go to the nearest PNP Station in your area.

STEP 2: Present your Medical Clearance Certificate.

STEP 3: The PNP Office will need to inform the LGU of your destination that a person is coming there.

STEP 4: Feedback or advice will be given by your LGU of destination. If it is a “GO,” you will be issued a travel authorization.

STEP 5: Get your Travel Authority from PNP.

I think this is to prepare the Local Government that an LSI or OFW is coming back to the town. Usually, those who come back are monitored and are quarantined in a facility.

How to get a Bureau of Quarantine Certificate

This is what returning OFWs will need to pass to go back home. You could get it online.

STEP 1: Prepare a soft copy of your passport.

STEP 2: Go to this website.

Documents You Need to Pass to Travel during GCQ ECQ

STEP 3: Enter the details needed. Upload also the picture of your passport.

STEP 4: Review and Click Submit.

STEP 5: Receive an e-mail of your Bureau of Quarantine Certificate. You can download and print it.

You can also verify your certificate through this part of the website.

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That’s it! Those are the Documents You Need to Pass to Travel or Go Home during GCQ/ECQ. It’s pretty hassling, I know, but this is to ensure everyone’s safety. It can be beneficial for contact tracing and also discipline people as some want to travel just for leisure. I hope this is helpful, especially if you want to go home. Good Luck and Stay Safe!

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69 thoughts on “Documents You Need to Have to Travel or Go Home during GCQ/ECQ

  1. Hi!
    Do you have any idea what are the documents needed if wanted to travel by Sea. From Manila to Cebu?
    And if you have any idea what requirements are needed if travelling with a pet (dog).

  2. Hello po, meron po bang help desk ng PNP sa airport na pwedeng makakuha ng travel pass/authority? in case po na alanganin ang processing? Thank you.

  3. Good morning asked lang po if kukuha ako ng med. Certificate hindi ko po kasi alam exact amount magkano po ba nung sa inyo at gaano po katagal ang process nun? Thank you po

  4. Good morning, ang cousin a naturalised US citizen and doctor of medicine. She wanted to visit her mother in Manila . What are the documents neededneeded.

    1. Contact the DFA po, they’ll probably need swab tests, visas, hotel bookings (for quarantine) etc. to be able to enter the country.

  5. Gud evening Po I’m ana ask k lng Po gusto Po umwi Ng asawa ko s isabela at ung ninang ko Po mam ay s Antipolo paano Po ang ggwain nila at ska pwede n Po b Ang angkas paano Po Ang pgkuha Ng travel pass salamat po

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