7 Awesome Things to Do in Seattle, Washington

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Seattle is a coastal city at the Pacific North West of the United States. Made famous by TV series and movies shot in this city such as: Grey’s Anatomy, Sleepless in Seattle and Fifty Shades of Grey.

A gloomy day at Elliott Bay
A gloomy day at Elliott Bay

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Monkey DividersHere’s our 7 Awesome Things to do in Seattle, Washington

1. Catch a fish at Pike Place Market


Things to Do in Seattle
After a rainy day when visiting Pike Place Market

This century old public market facing Elliott Bay, Seattle’s waterfront is the most popular attraction in the city and among the most popular in the US.  You can get anything from fresh seafood, crafts, fresh green vegetables, flowers to souvenirs. Have an empty stomach and big appetite and enjoy the food in any of the several restaurants here. Seafood is fresh and delicious, it’s worth the price. Have a clam chowder at the Athenian Seafood Bar and Restaurant, it’s terrific! 

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Do not miss the world famous flying fish presentation by the fishmongers. By throwing and catching is their traditional way of passing fishes on sale to entertain themselves and the customers.

How to get there: Take a Light Rail Train and alight at Westlake Station and follow the signs to the market.

2. Get a Coffee at the 1st Starbucks Store

The biggest coffee companies in the world have their headquarters here in Seattle.  In this rainy city, you will find coffee shops in every few meters of each block. Starbucks, Seattle’s Best or Tully’s, some are just within 20 meters away of each other. But the one that stands out is the humble 1st Starbucks Coffee store in 1912 Pike Place, just in front of the market.  It’s simple and not too fancy, just a small shop to get a good coffee and your favorite Starbucks collectibles. Amazing how this humble coffee shop which opened in 1971 made itself a respectable brand and a worldwide hit.

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First Starbucks Store
Got my Coffee at the First Starbucks Store

How to get there: Just cross the street from the crafts shops at Pike Place Market.

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3. Climb up the Space Needle

The Space Needle being Seattle’s icon and most famous landmark appeared in several TV shows and movies like Sleepless in Seattle. You can reach the top of this 605 ft high observation tower via a high speed elevator that takes about 40 seconds.  From the observation deck, you will have amazing views of the city and Washington state. There’s also a revolving restaurant for a fancy dinner.

Check out some of the cool and cheap tours you could do in Space Needle.

Seattle Space Needle
Seattle Space Needle

How to get there: Take a monorail from Westlake Station and alight at Space Needle. If you buy a City Pass, you will get access in the monorail and twice access in the Space Needle for 24 hours.

The Space Needle is a glowing structure at night

4. Live in a Postcard at Kerry Park

The views from Kerry Park of downtown Seattle and the Space needle is truly a living in a postcard moment. A perfect spot to capture the beautiful panoramic view of the city. It was gloomy and raining when I visited but Mount Rainier can be seen at the background on a perfect clear summer day.

View of Downtown Seattle from Kerry Park
View of Downtown Seattle from Kerry Park

How to get there: From downtown, via bus number 13 (Seattle Center) or 2 (Seattle Center).

5. Touch the Colors of Autumn

Washington state is well known by its unofficial nickname “Evergreen State”. During autumn or fall, the city of Seattle turns into a colorful and vibrant capital of the Evergreen State. This is a feast in my eyes, living in a tropical weather all my life, I’ve never experienced the beauty of this colorful season before. The room rates of the hotels drops and another good reason to visit is a number of autumn festivals takes please during this season. Just be prepared and wear or bring something that can protect you from rain, showers are expected at anytime of the day.

Check out some of the cool and cheap tours you could do in Washington.

6. Experience Music Project Museum 

Better known as the EMP Museum, its a nonprofit museum dedicated the ideas and risk-taking that fuel contemporary popular culture. Simply, it’s mostly about science, contemporary art, film and music. The exhibits are mostly interactive that kids and adults will both enjoy. You can simulate some musical instruments, feel what it is like in a recording studio or try the exciting scream booth like you’re in some horror movie. Have you heard of the band Nirvana? They started making their scene in Seattle before they exploded as a worldwide hit. Check more about them at their exhibit inside EMP.

EMP Museum
Pose for your most scared face inside the Scream Booth
The Amazing Musical Instrument Tower Sculpture inside EMP Museum

How to get there: Just a few steps from the Space Needle. Entry in the museum is included if you by a City Pass.

7. Leave Your Mark at Seattle Gum Wall

The gum wall is a unique land mark in downtown Seattle. It’s an alley near Pike Place Market with wall bricks covered in used gum. It started in the 90s when people started sticking gums on the wall and eventually became one of the city’s tourist attractions. The place is colorful and a popular spot for photography. Chew your gum and find your spot on this huge wall, leave your mark that once you have been in this city.

Seattle Gum Wall
Left my mark in Seattle

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Recommended Budget Accommodation in Seattle, Washington

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Residence Inn by Marriott Seattle University District

Residence Inn by Marriott Seattle University District is a clean, modern and new hotel, withing walking distance from U Wash. It has great amenities, spacious rooms and full kitchen facilities. Breakfast has healthy options, and it also has an awesome indoor pool. Definitely one of the best and well recommended budget accommodation in Seattle, Washington.

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Recommended Luxury Accommodation in Seattle, Washington

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Hyatt at Olive 8

Hyatt at Olive 8 is an excellent place to stay in Seattle, offering guests with above par room service, spacious and very comfortable rooms, a true modern hotel style. Location is quite central, with lots of restaurants within walking distance. Affordable and great customer service, truly one of the best and well recommended luxury accommodation in Seattle, Washington.

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Silver Cloud Hotel – Seattle Stadium

Silver Cloud Hotel – Seattle Stadium is a great hotel, clean, comfortable and has a convenient shuttle service to downtown. Check in/out is excellent and staff is exceptionally helpful. If you are a sports fanatic, this is also perfect for you since location is near the stadium.  Definitely one of the best and well recommended luxury accommodation in Seattle, Washington.

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  1. This was so useful for me today as I got a new co-worker and she had no idea what to do or see in Seattle. I sent her this and now I think she likes me 🙂 Thank so much!

  2. Seattle is not a coastal city. Seattle is on Puget Sound, which is an inland body of water. It takes about 2 hours to drive to the coast from Seattle.

  3. Oh, my. So many wonderful places to go to that I’m sure I’d be sleepless in Seattle 😀 I was at awe when I saw the very first Starbucks coffee shop in the picture.Having a cup of coffee there would definitely be a treat. I was also wondering why our public markets don’t have neon lights like they have. 🙂 Well, anyway, thanks for the post!

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