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What would you do if you want to take a short break from the busy life that you have in the city? Where would you go if you want to give yourself a reward after weeks of stress and hassles? What if you only have a very limited time to unwind and be one with nature? You don’t have to worry, here’s to help you out in planning for your next great adventure!

awesome things to do in southern cebu

Head on to Southern Cebu for a blissful getaway! I’m sure you’ve heard about whale shark encounter in Oslob, but really, there’s more to that! Rest assured, you’ll never run out of things to do while you are there.

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Here are the Awesome Things to Do in Southern Cebu


Some might actually prefer renting a van, especially those travelling in big groups. But if you really want to experience how Cebuanos treat their guests, I suggest you take a bus from Cebu South Bus Terminal going to your first destination. You might be challenged by language barrier but this will make your trip more unforgettable. There’s also more opportunity to befriend locals, thus, you can get more tips like where you should go or how much you should pay for the fare, while you are in their territory If you worry and think about comfort while travelling, riding a bus in Cebu won’t put you to hassle. Their seats are actually comparable to airplane seats (referring to Ceres Liner Bus)!

TIP: Catch the first trip to maximize the day. Travel time going to Oslob is 3hrs.


awesome things to do in southern cebu

The locals usually refer to it as Sumilon Sandbar. Don’t get confused if they tell you about Sumilon island and/or Sumilon sandbar as these are one and the same.

There are times when the sandbar is not visible, but you don’t have to worry, as the crystal clear water would not disappoint. It would be good to rent a snorkeling gear too so you can better appreciate the underwater life. Just tell the boatmen to bring you to the snorkeling area in case you got bored wandering around the fine sand on the shore.

How to get there: Rent a boat at the Whaleshark encounter briefing area going to Sumilon Island. Rates: 1500 for 1-5pax; 2000 for 6-10pax.

TIP: It’s best to be here by 7:00am so you can have the island all by yourself.


Neither words nor pictures can ever justify how beautiful Tumalog Falls is. Never ever miss this spot if you want to be awed by the wonders of nature! This majestic falls will definitely make your jaw drop while you ask yourself, “Why have I discovered this just now? How can I not know about this?!”

Don’t forget to waterproof your things because you will get wet with the mist from the falls. I strongly suggest that you also take a dip in the basin and feel the oh-so-cold water to complete your Tumalog experience.

awesome things to do in southern cebu

How to get there: Ride a habal-habal from the Whale shark Encounter Area or rent a multicab for bigger groups for only 120.

TIP: From the parking area, you may just walk going to Tumalog Falls since the way is downhill. Ride a habal-habal on your way back to the parking area for only 30pesos.


To be able to see the uniqueness of Dau falls, you must trek first for 30mins. It was an easy trek since the trail is flat most of the time. If you’re not into trekking, I promise you, it will all be worth the sweat once you get there.

The basin of the falls is somewhat deep so you can also do cliff jumping. Maximize your time by practicing your cliff jumping skills while enjoying the simple yet unforgettable beauty of Dau Falls. On your way down, there’s a part where you can slide with the current of the water. It will surely be fun and exciting! Just don’t do it if the guide will not allow you. Sometimes, logs block that area.

awesome things to do in southern cebu

How to get there: From Oslob, we rented a multicab going to Samboan. You may also ride a bus but this will take longer (about 1.5-2hrs).

TIP: There are no fixed guide fees here. You can give them any justifiable amount.


Be challenged with Aguinid’s special character. It has 6 levels (Level 0 – Level 5) and every level is just so unique that you would surely be enthralled to go to the next one.

Who would have thought that you could also climb (Level 3) and slide on the waterfalls(Level 5)? Exciting isn’t it? It’s the best part of the adventure! Include this in your itinerary and experience what I’m talking about.

awesome things to do in southern cebu

How to get there: We rented a multicab from Oslob to tour us around Samboan. You have an option to ride a habal-habal from Samboan town proper.

TIP: Guides are mandatory but there are no fixed guide fees. They are really good so they deserve a tip. They are good photographers too. 🙂


Looking for a fancy, 5 star hotel? Why not sleep under 5 gazillion stars at Osmena’s campsite? Watch the sunset, count falling stars, have a crazy socials at night, wait for sunrise, cook a simple yet satisfying breakfast and appreciate the view from the mountain top! What more could you ask for? You have all the chance to witness these breath-taking moments by trekking for just 40minutes.

awesome things to do in southern cebu

How to get there: Ride a habal-habal from Dalaguete Market or ride a bus that will drop you off at Mantalungon Public Market.

TIP: If you’ll do a night trek, the only way to go to Mantalungon is through a long habal-habal ride.


Are you the type of person who loves adrenaline rush? Never leave South Cebu without going to Kanlaob River, Alegria, for canyoneering. Jump cliffs and waterfalls from 5 to 65 feet! Not that spontaneous? Don’t back out! You are not required to jump off the 50ft cliff and 65ft waterfalls, but I’m sure you won’t want to miss this pumping experience, right?

Enjoy the relaxing view of the canopies from above while floating with the current of the river, tease your buddies while they take their time before jumping, meet new friends by giving words of encouragement to the people you encounter, listen to inspiring stories from the locals (guides), and share this great experience to your family and friends when you get home!

Here’s a sneak peek of what to expect in canyoneering:

How to get there: We rented a habal-habal from Osmena Peak to Canyoneering Jump Off at P300 per head.

TIP: Traverse to Kawasan Falls to experience the 65ft. cliff jump.

If you still have enough time and energy, I suggest you also visit Mantayupan Falls, Inambakan Falls and Binalayan Falls. Moalboal is also one of my recommendations if you wish to discover South Cebu’s abundant underwater life. There’s a lot more to do and to discover! You just need to bring lots of energy as you go on your next blissful getaway at Southern Cebu! Travel responsibly!

*All photo credits goes to Camille Garcia

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  1. Wow this looks like a totally amazing place! I love the waterfalls, I’ve never seen real waterfalls in a hot country so this would be fab!

  2. I just returned from Slovenia where I experienced so many waterfalls so I would visit Cebu to enjoy those waterfalls too.

  3. Oh wow the waterfall in Cebu looks so tranquil and clear, a stark contrast to the water found in the UK. I have to admit this was the first time I had heard of Cebu but I will be finding out more.

  4. Before reading your posts I had never heard of Cebu and now I am obsessed with looking and reading about it online

  5. I have to confess I’ve never heard of this place but it looks absolutely beautiful. I’m a complete wuss when it comes to trekking and outdoor activities. I did try abseiling once but it was a complete disaster!

  6. Cebu looks amazing! I love your tip about travelling on a bus – I’ve really enjoyed some of my bus adventures while travelling!

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