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13 Problems Only Women Travelers Can Understand

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor November 13th, 2020 Posted in Inspiration and Love Stories, Travel Blog 3 Comments

Whether you are traveling for the first time or an avid traveler; there are problems you will encounter as a female. If you are one or you know one, here’s a list of 13 Problems Only Women Travelers Can Understand.

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It’s a bit of a struggle being a female traveler. You can pack too much or too little. There are monthly periods that can ruin an entire vacation. There might be danger lurking in the corner. Well, here are some problems you might relate to, and you encounter when traveling.

1. Struggling which clothes to bring

Georgina Sasha - Caribbean Wedding Preparations with Carnival Cruises

When I travel, I always list what I would wear every day, especially if less than a week. How much more a month? When I get everything out of the closet; it’s too bulky, too heavy, or it’s missing something. Should I bring two rubber shoes? Is one jacket, okay? Do I bring pajamas? Can my blouse be paired with my shorts – it looks ugly, need to look for something better. Deciding is a pain. It’s true, right? You can also read this female packing guide.

2. Bringing the toiletries and the beauty products

8 Problems Only Women Travelers Can Understand
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This is another problem that women travelers understand; bringing toiletry. Lotions, perfumes, face powder, sunscreen, facial wash, make-up kit, lipstick, and the list goes on. It’s a balance between being a good packer and being presentable while traveling, and not spending too much, too.

I usually keep everything in a travel organizer and keep them in a bare minimum and under 100 ml for liquids. For beauty products, I don’t bring everything, just a powder-foundation instead of two separate ones, my mini eye shadow and eyebrow kit, and one lipstick. You can survive with one shade!

3. Packing Bras

8 Problems Only Women Travelers Can Understand
Photo by Fahad Waseem on Unsplash

Packing Bras are a challenge, you don’t want them squished. You can buy a bra bag or pack it last. Hopefully, it won’t get checked by the airport officers as it’s a bit embarrassing for your undies to get displayed publicly.

4. Dressing Appropriately

Many female travelers out there wear things out of comfort; it may be sleeveless or shorts. Some countries, especially Muslim nations, are pretty strict when it comes to dressing. You need to cover up, or else you will get reprimanded or even arrested. You need to research beforehand what’s the dressing etiquette; are shoulders only covered? Do you need a knee-length skirt or pants? Should the head be covered?

5. The monthly visitor

5 Types of Menstrual Cup Alternatives to Use during Your Period
Photo by Tamara Bellis

Having your period is such a drag, especially when traveling. It’s uncomfortable, especially in the first few days as the flow is heavy. Napkin changing is also a hassle, so you might want to try a menstrual cup. But, honestly, it would always be a minus one day for me since I still spend my first day sleeping due to the pain. I hate it. Do you?

6. Public toilets

Toilets Around the World
Photo by rashid khreiss on Unsplash

Either a squat toilet or a sitting toilet; public restrooms are a problem. For squat toilets, it’s a bit of a challenge to pee as your feet, pants or skirt may get wet if you don’t control it properly. As for sitting toilets, it may be dirty; like people squat there or stains or water from someone peeing before you.

7. Hair

8 Problems Only Women Travelers Can Understand
Photo by Tanayut maleelai on Unsplash

Hair doesn’t stop growing while we travel. Be it in the head, arms, legs, or pubes. If you are a fan of waxing, it may be a challenge to find a salon as good as the one at home. Also, some may need to shave regularly; which is a bit uncomfortable if you are staying in places with shared toilets.

Read more: Top Tips for Female Hygiene while Traveling or 6 Simple Ways to Prepare for your Healthcare While Traveling

8. Stares and Safety

Another problem women traveler can understand is the stares of strangers, especially of local men, and safety. I once hitched on my bus driver’s car alone at night since I was a bit lost, though he was helping me, thoughts crossed of me getting kidnapped or potentially murdered. It’s a bit challenging to feel safe, especially when traveling solo. Still, you should be ready with emergency numbers or know what to do in case someone attempts bad things to you.

9. Carrying Stuffs

13 Problems Only Women Travelers Can Understand
Photo by Suhyeon Choi on Unsplash

When traveling, you’ll either have a backpack, luggage, or duffel. But sometimes, those can be a pain, especially if they are full and heavy. I tried bringing a backpack with a camera on my back, another bag full of souvenirs on my shoulders, and a wheeled suitcase; I struggle traveling with them, especially if I’m commuting or standing (not to mention the back pains.) I just wish I grow bigger and stronger. Do you?

10. Getting Pregnant or Safe Sex

13 Problems Only Women Travelers Can Understand
Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Whether you are traveling solo or with your partner, getting pregnant is a problem for females. Girls can have fun and go on one-night stands. We might not know the guy’s history, or if both parties are too drunk, they might forget using condoms. For those who don’t want to get pregnant, you may have birth control; but some are not 100% effective. You don’t want to travel in the first few weeks then vomiting on the next.

11. Getting harassed

Like the one above, a problem female travelers encounter is sexual harassment, especially from aggressive locals. Sometimes, people may touch you without permission or stalk you. I travel, hoping that I would be safe all the time and that no one will bother me.

12. Having Crazy Fun

13 Problems Only Women Travelers Can Understand
Photo by Kelsey Chance on Unsplash

We limit how much fun we have; why? We don’t know what will happen if we have too many drinks or enjoy late nights. There are many opportunists out there, so it’s better safe than sorry. I have fun when I’m with someone I can fully trust, though.

13. Judgmental persons

Whether at home or traveling, there will be people judging you on why you travel. Women are expected to settle down, get married, have kids, spend time at home. Can’t I just live my life the way I want? I save money for my travels, and I like traveling alone, but people are still doubtful or critical. Ugh.

Draft Your Own Heartinerary
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So those are 13 Problems only women travelers can understand? Can you relate to any of these? What are other problems you encounter during your travels? Tell us through the comments!

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3 thoughts on “13 Problems Only Women Travelers Can Understand

  1. Perhaps I’m not girly enough but so far at least practicality has beaten fashion every time! I struggle with trying to figure out if that friendly stranger really is a friendly stranger or is going to rob/kidnap me!! Hopefully my street sense will improve the more I travel 🙂

  2. All happened on me. I always try to be fashionable on travel but always ended up looking a lot shabbier than that. #7, definitely should buy the bra case from Bangkok. It takes up more space but better than getting my bra crushed and out of shape.

  3. Haha most of these sound so familiar to me!!! Especially #6, 8 and 10! I don’t have any problems with essential packing, I have everything I use at home in travel sizes, so my luggage isn’t too heavy. And I always try to minimize my clothes as well. My tip: wear a lot of black! A color you can wear anywhere, except when you’re at a wedding.

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