13 Problems Only Women Travelers Can Understand

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Beginner traveler or an expert still crosses these problems. You might have thought how bad ass you were when packing or planning for your two months backpacking, but at some point, you’ll see that there are still struggles that women travelers can only understand.

DIY travel guide to siquijor
Salagsoong Beach

In my experience, when packing, I’m either packing too much or packing too little, there’s no in between.

Here are my 13 problems only women travelers can understand:

1. Struggling which clothes to bring

How many dresses should I take? How about shoes? I love this shirt, but it won’t go with that sandals. These problems only women traveler can understand. Despite that you have been traveling for a while now, and survived wearing the same tops and shorts two consecutive days; deciding which clothes to pack is still such a pain to you. You can also read this female packing guide.

13 problems that only women traveler can understand

2. You get lost all the time

You lost count how many times you ended in an unfamiliar place, but you still believe inside you that you have a great sense of direction.

3. You love planning

But of course, things don’t go well as planned. You get pissed and upset because you always wanted to be organized. Planning ahead is your heaven, and a short notice from a friend made you sad because you missed another hangout with friends. Related Article: How can you balance your career and travel?

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Plotting your vacation leaves early means more time for travel planning.

4. Creepy stares from strangers

Well, even you just walk down the street this is inevitable. But when that stranger learned that you are traveling alone and your home is thousands of miles away, this creepy scene brings out your expert traveler instinct which is get lost in the middle of the crowd, get ready to dial emergency numbers or spontaneously talk with guys and pretend he’s your boyfriend.

5. Packing your essential stuff

Lotions, shampoo, wet wipes, facial wash, toner and more! These are common problems for a beginner, but at some point no matter how expert you are as a traveler, you still find yourself weighing between packing wise and making sure you are presentable.

6. Spending money on shopping

Let’s get this clear; we love to travel, eat and shop. But as we visit new places from time to time, pictures and experiences are sometimes not enough for us. See that dress on that local store or that cute tiny keychain? Those things remind us where we have been. If you’re from Europe or the West, you might be thinking, “I should visit Nike store in Asia, maybe it’s cheaper there!”, and this makes you spend a little bit more than your budget.

7. How to pack my bras?

Ugh, I love my bras, I spent money on them, and I can’t take seeing that I have to crush them in the suitcase.

8. Public toilets

Squat toilets? Ugh, what a pain. We want to enjoy every minute of our travel, and getting sick because of these public toilets is just not so wonderful.

13 problems that only women traveler can understand19. You miss your home, always

Your friends will say how cool that you travel a lot. But they wouldn’t understand sleeping on a creaking bed is a nightmare but that’s what you can only afford. On the downside of your trip, it makes you wanted to book a ticket back home.

10. You can’t convince yourself that you didn’t forget anything at home

Phone? Check, Wallet? Check, Passport? Check. But you know yourself enough to tell if you forgot something.

11. Finding out what you forgot

Damn, I forgot my favorite lipstick! Why??

12. Left something at the hotel

I forgot my book, how can I be so dumb? Related Article: Best Hotels and Hostels around the world

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13. The monthly friend visitor

Even though plenty of things can make our journey easy, this part of the month is such a party pooper. Despite having your best kit against this situation, it is still upsetting because this visitor is uncomfortable.

Having these problems when you travel over and over again maybe annoys you, or maybe it makes your journey more exciting and memorable. Do you also have problems only women travelers can understand? Share them in the comment section.

Girls, let me know if we had the same struggles!

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6 thoughts on “13 Problems Only Women Travelers Can Understand

  1. Perhaps I’m not girly enough but so far at least practicality has beaten fashion every time! I struggle with trying to figure out if that friendly stranger really is a friendly stranger or is going to rob/kidnap me!! Hopefully my street sense will improve the more I travel 🙂

    1. Wow! You must be the expert traveler! 😉 Anyway, I’m normally friendly, but it sends wrong message for strangers sometimes! 😀

  2. All happened on me. I always try to be fashionable on travel but always ended up looking a lot shabbier than that. #7, definitely should buy the bra case from Bangkok. It takes up more space but better than getting my bra crushed and out of shape.

    1. I love my hats!!! But obviously not very practical 😀 I heard that sports are the solutions for crushed bras! 😀 I agree with squat toilets. Don’t wanna pick up some things that might make me sick during my trip 😀 Thanks for reading! Feel free to share this funny yet true stories! 😀

  3. Haha most of these sound so familiar to me!!! Especially #6, 8 and 10! I don’t have any problems with essential packing, I have everything I use at home in travel sizes, so my luggage isn’t too heavy. And I always try to minimize my clothes as well. My tip: wear a lot of black! A color you can wear anywhere, except when you’re at a wedding.

    1. I hate public toilets, but inevitable! I hope I can learn to pack light as you do Sonderbarmii! Thanks for reading! Feel free to share it! 🙂

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