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For Female Travelers: A Simple Guide to Meeting and Rejecting Men While Traveling Solo

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor May 14th, 2022 Posted in Travel Blog, Travel Guides 2 Comments

While you’re traveling solo, there’s a big chance that you’d like to meet someone. There are so many opportunities to meet people when on the road; it may just happen when you least expect it. People don’t feel like they have to live to a certain stereotype when they’re traveling. They can be themselves and are not afraid of doing so. This is why some of the best relationships, romantic and casual, are made while on the road.

How to meet men while Traveling: Where to meet them?


Staying at a hostel is one of the best ways to meet people. There will most likely be many other people traveling solo who are also looking to make friends. Don’t be shy! You’ve already put yourself out of your comfort zone by traveling somewhere other than your home country, so talking to someone should be quite simple. Besides, you know you’ve already got something in common; you’re both traveling in the same country!

Your hostel may have an on-site bar or an event that is taking place at the hostel or locally in town. There may be free walking tours or surf lessons, depending on where you are. These are the perfect opportunities to meet someone. Attend as many or as few of these as you’d like! A pretty simple conversation starter is asking “Where are you from?” Then ask about their home country if it’s different than yours. Chances are, the conversation will go quite well!


Bars are a classic option, and one of the easiest ways to meet people. Everyone is socializing and relaxing! If you see someone standing at the bar, go up and introduce yourself. Ladies, try not to fear rejection! Although a bar is not the ideal place to make a long-term romantic connection (however, it does happen!), it is a place where you can easily meet someone, and if you like them, see them again (this is true anywhere!) Also, if there is a group of people and you are alone, ask them to sit at their table and start talking to the group. Most everyone has been in that position at some point, so chances are they’ll sympathize and you’ll be making friends with them in no time!

Be careful at bars, though: Watch how much you’re drinking (know your limit!), and be cautious since many people are just looking to hook up. If that’s not what you want, then don’t lead them on!


Couchsurfing is a website where travelers request to stay at a host’s house for free! However, to meet someone, there are also Couchsurfing meetups. Search the city you’ll be staying in, and there will be a list of meetups and when they’re taking place. This is an amazing way to meet people who are also looking to mingle and make friends or have have have have have a future romance!

Coffee Shop, Library, and Lobbies

People tend to congregate in these areas for relaxation. However, they are great places to meet people. Ask someone about the book they’re reading, ask someone for directions, or what they recommend ordering. You’ll soon realize how easily the conversation flows, and how quickly you can make a new friend.

Random Chance

A lot of the time, you’ll meet someone by accident. Maybe you end up dropping your groceries, or losing your umbrella in the wind, or by someone spilling their coffee all over you (ouch!). Don’t look past these random chances. These are the ideal conversation starters (unless something happened to make you or the other person angry!) because, a lot of the time, they’ll end up being quite funny.

How To Reject Men while traveling SOLO.

Oh gosh, that guy is staring at me- how do I get rid of him? I’m sure this thought had gone through your heads more than once. Some (or a lot) of the time, there will just be someone talking to you that you don’t want to talk to anymore. Initially, you may be looking to make a new friend and will be happy for the company. But that may not be the case for him, he may be looking for something more! Of course, meeting people is great, but sometimes, you’re just not in the mood. So, how do you reject someone?

Step 1: Don’t sound too interested

Okay, so you’ve been approached. First things first, don’t lead him on. Yes, flirting is fun, but it will only leave him embarrassed when you suddenly shut him down. Do this by not sounding too interested in the conversation. Be friendly, but not overly friendly- it’ll give him the wrong impression. When he starts to become persistent and won’t leave you alone, this leads to Step 2.

Step 2: Be straight to the point – reject him!

Be straight with him; tell him the truth: you’re not interested! Getting your point across early on will save for trouble later. Say, “I’m sorry, but I’m just not interested,” and walk away.

Step 3: Be Rude

Okay, he hasn’t left yet, or he keeps bothering you. You can be rude to him by telling him to leave you alone, and then, by ignoring him. Let’s hope this never has to happen!

EXTRA: Safety Tips

There are many precautions that you should take into consideration when traveling alone. An obvious one is to never walk around alone at night. Take a cab to your hotel or hostel, and always make sure the cab is a marked city cab. Furthermore, listen to your gut! If something doesn’t feel right, just leave. You can also let the front desk at your hostel or hotel know that you’re traveling alone, and let them know where you’re going and when you should be back at the hotel or hostel.

Traveling is one of the most opportune times to meet someone. A lot of relationships are started on the road. If you make it past the initial test of traveling with someone long-term, then you can make it through anything! You’ve seen them at their worst when they haven’t showered for three days and have been wearing the same pants for a week. You’ve seen them at their best when that initial wave of euphoria passes through them when they see a brand new city they immediately fall in love with. Just be yourself, and the rest will be easy.

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2 thoughts on “For Female Travelers: A Simple Guide to Meeting and Rejecting Men While Traveling Solo

  1. Great tips! I never walk alone at night and when going couchsurfing, I make sure my host is a female :-).

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