An open letter to Parents: Let us GO!

An open letter to Parents: Let us GO!

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Open Letter To Parents- Let Us Go


Thank you for everything you’ve done for me, for raising me, and for teaching me to be the person I am today.  I know I broke your heart when I quit my job and cast off all of your plans for me. I know you understood my words, but I don’t think you really understood their true meaning or the real reason that I left everything behind to start a life without fixed plans and limits.

Don’t think that I quit my job because of some quarter life crisis or to run away from something – I quit because I wanted to know myself better.

Don’t think that with this decision I lost all of my ambition, I have more ambition now than ever before and it’s being aimed in new and amazing directions.

Don’t think I’m just rebelling against you; I’m finding my own way through life, which is the only way that I’ll be truly happy.

Don’t think I’m insulting your hard work when you see my pictures cleaning hostels in exchange for bed and food; I’m just finally experiencing the real world and learning to be humble.

Don’t think that I’m wasting my University degree by giving up my career; I’m making better use of it than ever before, expanding my experience of the world with real life education.

Don’t think that my travelling lifestyle is all about parties; I’m not roaming the world indulging in some kind of hedonistic lifestyle! Instead, I spend every day indulging in new cultures, new experiences and new ways of living a fulfilled and happy life.

Don’t think I’ve wasted my savings to travel, I have finally discovered the best thing to invest in – REAL LIFE EXPERIENCES, because they are the only things that last forever.

Don’t think that I don’t care about my future, I have more aspirations than ever before and I’m rising to each and every one of them.

Don’t think I lost my values, especially when I disobeyed you to pursue my dreams; all of values, morals and ethics you taught me are still fully intact and every day they help me to discover new pieces of myself.

In order for me to fully immerse myself in this world of wanderlust, I ask only this – let me go, believe in me and trust me. After all, you raised me to be strong and independent, which is a big part of what led me onto this path. You may not understand everything that I’m doing and you may never agree with it, but I know that one day, you’ll be proud of me.

Your grateful and loving child, now and always.

An open letter to Parents Let us GO!

NOTE:  I’ve received a lot of emails asking about how I managed to inform my parents about my decision to travel long-term 2 years ago. To be honest, growing up in a Filipino culture, it wasn’t easy. My parents have very different stands on this and they were indeed very worried and upset with me! Well, I was 24 years old and planned to travel on my own for an unlimited amount of time (Jon wasn’t with me at that time). Who wouldn’t think that I was a little bit crazy?!

I wrote this article with my whole heart (crying while writing it!). For parents out there who love us so much that you won’t let us travel the world. TRUST US! BELIEVE IN US! After all you raised us to be independent, right?

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Comments 46

  1. Great article. I often take for granted that my parents and family have been so extremely supportive while I wander all over the world getting myself into dodgy situations and not knowing what the hell I’m doing. I’m very lucky. Kudos to you for following your heart regardless of what people say! I’m sure that deep down they are proud of you (for doing something maybe they never had the courage to) and are happy that you are following your dreams. 🙂

    1. Thank you Alexa! I just recently traveled with my mom, hopefully my father will join me in my future adventure! Finally, he accepted this lifestyle that I have!

  2. Great article! I often take for granted how extremely supportive my parents and family have been while I wander the world not knowing what the hell I’m doing.

  3. I relate to much with your open letter. Im currently a government employee here in Philippines now. And me too I wish there will be days where I could travel and living the dreams. Ms. Kach as I explored ur website I see that ur conducting a teach while travelling program. I want to be part of this someday. I promise to my very soul that I will someday, i just have to save some funds or budget for this. Right Ms. Kach? 🙂

  4. I only hope that when my teenagers make life decisions different from my own that I can be understanding and open minded. Of course I would support a travel lifestyle, but who knows what they will choose.

  5. This article struck a chord with me. I also love to travel and as early as now (my son has turned 2 exactly 2 weeks ago), I am already bringing my son with me in all countries I go to in the hopes that he would also understand the beauty of traveling and being immersed in different cultures. At the same time, I am also a mom and feel your parents. Not sure how I’d feel or handle this situation had this been my son but you clearly and beautifully captured your message and I feel you too. You said you cried while writing and guess what, I also cried while reading! haha 🙂

  6. Great article kach!I’m lucky too my parents understand me,now…haha!But yeah sometimes you just have to go out there and to do it to show them that the WORLD is SAFE and Beautiful! and it’s a mix of Ups and Downs,but the greatest thng about it is that Travelling is a Great Teacher!Coming from a Filipino Family, most of the time they don’t get it, but eventually they will and support you, not financially but just TRUSTING you is enough!Safe Travels and more Adventures for 2015!:D

  7. Great article! I do want to do like you do only that I wanna go to events to start crossing off my bucket list..First goal with my hubby is World Cup….but i wanna run a business myself before quitting my job and it hasn’t materialized for years now. I’m bad with planning and quitting my job would raise eyebrows at home (just glad my husband supports me no matter what I will decide). Oh well, I don’t mind cleaning houses and all that stuff too either as long as I can do what I longed to do.

    You’re a brave girl. Looks risky but hope I can do it myself one of these days. I think I just need time and a perfect timing..hehe..

    1. Hello Kea, aww. I was planning to start a business too but we’ve been lazy and you’re both lucky to have each other!

      Thank you for you kind words and yeah wait for the right time! =)

  8. Your best article so far, Kat. Tagos sa puso, mehn! 😉 Well, di naman maiiwasan for a parent to be worried, pero I’m sure both of them are really proud of you! :*

  9. Thank you for this! It’s really hard to put these feelings in to words…at least for me. I don’t want to hurt any feelings, but you have to right for you! Way to go for finding how to put this out there!

    1. it took me a while before finally deciding to publish this as I wrote this in my diary weeks ago- but yeah, decided that I should share it then! Thank you for reading Jessica!

  10. Dear Parents:
    Don’t worry about your daughter she will be fine, stronger, and more successful in the future from her travel experiences. I know this because I did the same thing. I quit a great paying secure job to travel and live overseas for several years. It was the greatest experience of my life. Many people thought I was a bum and that would never work again. I am now back working in the USA. I now work with more vigor and dedication than ever before. I’m currently making some of highest salaries of my career. The job I have now is my favorite of my whole career and it’s a stepping stone to my new life.
    Kach will be fine and she’ll have a great life!

    1. You are awesome Brian!!! Thank you for sharing, I know indeed we have a lot of opportunities (during or even after ) this travelling lifestyle!

  11. This post is great and filled with such raw honesty!
    I remember when I had to tell my parents that I’m leaving again (after being away for 3 years and only staying for one year in my home country) – the same things went through my head!
    Happy travels! xx

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