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Knowing The Real Story of the Life of a Flight Attendant

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor November 23rd, 2020 Posted in Inspiration and Love Stories, Travel Blog 18 Comments

Many people think that the best way to travel around the world is to be a flight attendant. And many think it’s pretty easy and glamorous, but it’s not. Here’s a glimpse of their life as you we have prepared Questions for them. Here’s the Real Story of the Life of Flight Attendants.

Knowing The Real Story of the Life of a Flight Attendant
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Real cabin crew members were asked with regards to the questions. A few were also based on experiences shared by flight attendants. We have placed fictitious names to protect the identity of the interviewed flight attendants.

Q1: Why did you become a flight attendant?

Knowing The Real Story of the Life of a Flight Attendant
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Ariel: “I love to travel, and what other better way to see the world and get paid for it?”

Belle: “I loved how glamorous flight attendants look, and I was fantasizing about being that glamorous while walking the streets of all the beautiful cities in the world. Also, the idea of being stuck inside an office and on my bum is repulsive to me. I have always wanted to see and take what the world has to offer.”

Cinderella: “I decided to become a flight attendant after spending 3 years abroad. When I returned home to Canada, I knew I wanted a job where I could keep traveling and interacting with people from different cultures. And I love airplanes!”

As you can see, flight attendants really get a chance to travel, especially if assigned internationally. You could see the world, interact with people, and get paid for it!

Q2: What are the Advantages of Becoming a Flight Attendant?

Knowing The Real Story of the Life of a Flight Attendant
Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Elsa: “The best advantage is to travel for free, having the opportunity to experience the local life during layovers, discounts, and privileges when deciding to fly out of working time.”

Anna: “The pay is great medical insurance is the best.”

Mulan: “Awesome benefits, the family gets to travel a lot, and the company is great.”

If you love traveling, it’s really a great option to be a flight attendant. As you get good benefits and pay, you’ll also travel somewhere without spending a lot of money! Lucky!

Q3: What are the Disadvantages of Becoming a Flight Attendant?


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Jasmine: “The erratic and unexpected changing of schedule due to unavoidable reasons.”

Moana: “It’s very hard on your body. Sometimes I get jet-lagged, and on holidays I will spend time to recuperate and sleep. Sometimes, it feels like a short term plan rather than a life career choice.”

Pocahontas: “The biggest downside of the job being away from friends and family for a long period of time.”

A con of being a flight attendant is, of course, not being able to be always with your loved ones – being absent on special events. However, you always need to be flexible and stay healthy. There’s no one else who will take care of you in another country but yourself.

Q4: What’s the schedule or shifts like? How about the vacation leaves?

Knowing The Real Story of the Life of a Flight Attendant
Photo by Delta News Hub CC BY 2.0

Rapunzel: “I usually work 15-18 days in a month. I am gone for about 48 hours for international flights at a time, and it’s just there and back. Domestic flights can be just day trips or sometimes 3-4 day trips where we can go anywhere coast to coast.”

Tiana: “Layovers can take 10 hours sometimes, depending on your schedule and location.”

Merida: “In our airline, when we reach 3 years of service, we get to take 6 months of unpaid leave. But if we reach 5 years of service, we can take 1-year unpaid leave.”

The leaves are great, especially if you are already married or have kids; it’s a great amount of time to spend together with the family. However, the work hours are a toll on the body; I can’t imagine how it feels to work 48 hours straight (2 days). I love being in charge of my schedule.

Q5: What do you do on your day off?

Knowing The Real Story of the Life of a Flight Attendant
Photo by peter burge CC BY 2.0

Giselle: “Travel to other places.”

Snow White: “I spend it with my loved ones.”

Aladdin: “Sleep.”

Q6: What’s the Weirdest Thing a Passenger ever asked you?

Knowing The Real Story of the Life of a Flight Attendant
Photo by Delta News Hub CC BY 2.0

Harry: “Just recently, someone asked me for a lighter. He wanted to smoke. That ‘someone’ was a prince.”

Hermoine: “If the ice cream we were serving was vegetarian.”

Ron: “I was traveling to Osaka, Japan, and one passenger from the UK asked me if I can open the door for a while to smoke a cigarette and also to take some fresh air (from 42000ft.)”

Q7: What’s the sweetest thing a Passenger ever done to you?

Knowing The Real Story of the Life of a Flight Attendant
Photo by Delta News Hub CC BY 2.0

Fred: “When passengers bring us treats, that is always a nice surprise.”

George: “When they appreciate the work that we do, like when we get a smile or a reply or just a simple thank you.”

Ginny: “One passenger shook my hand and said to me, please keep doing this on every flight. I ask him what I did. And he said: Put smiles on people’s faces, and this will make you the richest man on the earth!”

Q8: Any advice for aspiring flight attendants?

Knowing The Real Story of the Life of a Flight Attendant
Photo by Delta News Hub CC BY 2.0

Dumbledore: “Be prepared to move to the company base and live like a nomad. It’s a fun career. You have to be very flexible and willing to pivot in challenging times.”

Draco: “Be enthusiastic and develop their teamwork; this job could be a great responsibility but also an adventure.”

Snape: “Try to feel every cloud from the sky.”

That’s the end of our question and answers from flight attendants. As you can see, it’s not an easy job; you are in charge of your passengers’ lives. It’s also not always as glamorous as most people think. You could work anywhere and for hours. I hope this might help you if you also decide to be a flight attendant someday!

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18 thoughts on “Knowing The Real Story of the Life of a Flight Attendant

  1. I love flight attendant job and i will like to become one . It will be a dream come true for me.

  2. I love this questions and answers
    And I know some knowledge of cabin crew thank you for sending this real life of a cabin crew

  3. Its good i got an idea thaanks to you! I found it funny that the names were disney princess and harry potter lol.

  4. Hello!
    I´m from Brazil. Congrats on your projects! I hope you accomplish all of them and many others. God bless you!

  5. So nice
    Even M trying harder and harder to become a successful Cabin crew?
    Because I really love exploring the world.
    Thank you?

  6. Hi! I am looking for respondents on my survey. I am a grade 11 research student from Manila, Philippines. I really need help for my Career Research Survey. My topic is Flight attendant so I need flight attendant respondents to answer 6 questions on my survey. Kindly email me if you want to help me with my final output for me to be able to have good remarks on school 🙂 Thank you and God bless!

  7. I enjoyed the article. I am an aspiring Air hostess. My dream is to work with Emirates. I do love travelling and meeting people. Thanks Mary.

  8. It’s not realistic. It only showed the good side but not the reality of the sacrifice these FA makes. I know FA who can’t establish a family because they can’t leave their job.

  9. Is it possible to do a cabin crew diploma and get a job even if you are not working in that field like if one is not employed in the aircraft field?please respond…

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