Travel Essentials For Men: The Complete Packing List of Travel Gear and Clothing for Male Travelers

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With so many different things to choose from, it can be tough when deciding what’s best to pack for traveling. We bring you the Complete Travel Gear for Male Travelers, where we put together recommended backpacks, traveling essentials for anywhere in the world, digital and non-digital nomad gadgets, and even recommendations for each section of the world.

Complete Travel Gear for Male Travelers

Recommended Backpacks for Male Travelers

Jonathan on our way to Cuba

Patagonia Backpack: This backpack is a carry on size and lightweight with supportive straps. There are a lot of zippered pockets, all with fine divider. It also has a laptop pocket. Good price and great quality!

Osprey Porter 65L: Osprey makes quality backpacks with a ton of different support. This backpack has a shoulder harness and hip belt, along with lockable zippers and padded laptop sleeves.

Norston Rucksack 45L: This multi-functional bag is perfect for traveling or hiking, especially for those of you who hike a lot but still want a bag with a lot of space. There are 2 mountaineering cane place positions and some small pockets.

Travel Essentials & Hygiene Kit For Men

Complete Travel Gear for Male Travelers

Outlander 20L Daypack: This backpack is perfect for day excursions where you can put your camera, phone, money, and water and easily carry it around the city. There are many compartments and good back support.

Travel Wash Bag: This travel wash bag is stylish and comes with many different sections to organize your toiletries and keep everything in one compact space. 

American Crew Holiday Dopp Kit: This package has everything you may need, it comes with shampoo, conditioner, body wash, firm hold styling cream, and moisturizing shave cream, and all-in-one face balm. It’s easy to carry, small, and nicely scented!

GUM Travel Toothbrush: This toothbrush has antibacterial bristles and is very easy to travel with.

Toothpaste: The perfect compact size that fits into your bag, but leaves your teeth looking and feeling fresh and clean. 

Electric Razor: This quality razor leaves men’s skin feeling soft and smooth, and is very easy to carry. It’s battery operated with up to 60 minutes of cordless shaving time.

Dove Men Deodorant: This deodorant leaves men smelling clean, and is the perfect compact size to fit into anyone’s luggage. It comes with a pack of three so you won’t run out quickly.

First Aid Kit: This first aid kit is the perfect travel size and has all you may need to treat wounds and illnesses. It fits perfectly inside a backpack without taking up a lot of space.

Nivea Sunscreen: This sunscreen is small and powerful, with 30 SPF it will protect your skin from the sun but let you get a nice and healthy tan.

Journal: Keeping track of your adventures is a must! This journal is small and lightweight, perfect for traveling.

Padlock: Keep your valuables safe with your lock that’s small and takes up very little space in your backpack.

Ziploc Baggies: These are great for dirty laundry and keeping gadgets safe from the rain, and for extra storage for miscellaneous items.

Hand Sanitizer: You never know if you’re going to be able to wash your hands or not, so having this handy is always a good idea!

Basic Travel Clothing for Men

3 T-Shirts: These Calvin Klein T-Shirts are comfortable, fashionable, and multipurpose. They’re perfect for a night out or for lounging around your hostel.

2 Tank Tops: These tank-tops are great for exercising, hiking, and exploring a new city. They come in two different colors, too!

2 Casual Shorts: These shorts are fashionable and the perfect length for going out to dinner or the bars in a new city.

2 Denim Shorts: These hemmed shorts are casual but stylish at the same time. They’re multipurpose and allow for optimal comfort.

1 Exercise Shorts: These running shorts are comfortable and perfect for hiking, sleeping, and trekking in.

1 Long Shirt: This shirt comes in multiple colors and is the perfect fit and style for cooler nights or more dressy nights out.

1 Pants: These quick-dry pants are perfect for lounging around, hiking, and exercising.

5 Boxers: This set of five Fruit of the Loom boxers are comfortable and are packed very easily.

5 Socks: These Under Armour running socks come in a pack and are comfortable, slip-resistant, and help with in-shoe tractions, perfect for exercising and hiking.

These board shorts are soft and light so you can move easily. They’re also quick to dry and are stylish.

These water shorts come in many different colors, have an interior mesh lining, and side cargo pockets, perfect for storing money and other small items.

1 Rain Jacket: This rain jacket has large hip pockets, a back vent for ventilation, and a drawstring hood

Recommended Travel Gadgets To Bring

Complete Travel Gear for Male Travelers
Andrew Neel

Non-Digital Nomad 

iPhone 11: Make sure you get an unlocked iPhone so you can put a SIM card into it! The iPhone is a great tool to have while traveling, it has Mapped, takes quality photos, and apps even let you keep in touch and text your friends from around the world, necessary for traveling!

Wildtek Waterproof Cellphone Case: This cellphone case is perfect if you’re planning on going into the ocean or pool! It keeps your phone dry, but still allows you to take photos since it’s see-through!

Nikon Digital Camera: If you’re an amateur photographer, this camera is perfect for you! It’s small, lightweight, and takes good pictures.

Kindle Fire 7 Tablet: Instead of having to carry around books, get the Kindle! You can have hundreds of books on one small tablet that’s lightweight and easily fits into your backpack.

Chargers & Adaptors: There are different shaped outlets in each country. This travel adaptor solves that problem so you can use the outlets and charge your electronics!

Headphones: Ideal for keeping noise out when you sleep, listening to music on long bus, train, and plane rides, or just having them relax when you write in your journal.

Digital Nomad

Nikon DSLR: This camera is ideal for your photographers. It has built-in wifi, shoots movies, and is compact, lightweight, and slim. For those of you who love photography or are looking to get into photography this camera is perfect for you!

GoPro Hero 8: The GoPro is great for you to adventure junkies. It shoots quality video and pictures, is waterproof, and fits with a ton of different accessories like a head strap and selfie stick for some awesome angles and action shots. It also captures high-quality audio when you connect a professional-level microphone.

MacBook Air: This lightweight computer is perfect for the digital nomads on the move. It’s thin, fits into most bags, and offers quality service.

Drone: For those of you who want to show your fans something new, get the Drone! It’s the best way to gain a new perspective of a city from above.

iPhone 11 Again, iPhones are very useful wherever you go or whatever you do.

Chargers & Adaptors There are different shaped outlets in each country. This travel adaptor solves that problem so you can use the outlets and charge your electronics!

Headphones Ideal for keeping noise out when you sleep, listening to music on long bus, train, and plane rides, or just having them relax when you write in your journal.

Travel Essentials For Men Traveling to North America

two monkeys travel - space coast - kennedy space center - florida 1

1 Button Up Shirt: This plaid button-up shirt can be worn on multiple occasions and for fancier

1 Dress Pants These pants are designed to help keep you cool, comfortable, and most importantly, professional. It has a hidden expandable waistband for more comfort.

1 Pair of Dress Shoes: These slip-on shoes are comfortable and versatile. They’re easily transported and can go with multiple outfits. They’re perfect for fancy dinners, nights out, and for walking around in cities in North America.

1 Pair of Boots: These stylish boots are perfect during the cold winters in North America and can be worn for dinners, out to bars, and even walking around a city or nature park.

Travel Essentials For Men Traveling to South America

Two Monkeys Travel - Patagonia de Chile - Carretera Austral-15

Oxford Spanish Language Dictionary: This is great preparation for any scenario, especially in South America where many countries speak Spanish. It’s small and will come in handy if you’re ever stuck. 

Headlamp: This headlamp is lightweight and can easily fit into your bag. It’s worth bringing, especially when the power goes out and when you’re camping at night.

Sleeping Bag: It’s always a good idea to bring a sleeping bag, especially if you’re planning on doing any camping while in South America.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter: This straw is great to have when traveling in areas where the water is unsafe to drink. It removes 99.99% of waterborne bacteria from water and waterborne protozoan parasites.

Money Belt: This is a great way to keep your money and passport close to you, especially if you’re in a dangerous city, or sleeping in an airport or public place overnight.

1 Microfiber Towel: These are great for not only drying yourself off but for bringing to the beach. They’re small and dry quickly, so you don’t have to worry about having a wet towel when you pack!

Nature’s Way Ginger Root: This is ideal for traveling in areas of the world where an upset stomach is quite common. The ginger root will soothe your stomach pain and ease digestion.

Travel Essentials For Men Traveling to Central America

Bug Spray: Bug spray is necessary for warm and humid climates, and this bug spray gets the job done!

Headlamp The most convenient item to have when you’re outdoors. Having both your hands totally free at that time is one of the best & safest things for you as against holding a regular flashlight. A headlamp is a must-have.

Laundry Detergent: This small laundry detergent fit easily in your bag and can make doing laundry on the go that much cheaper and more efficient.

1 Microfiber Towel is capable of absorbing as much water as a large bath towel. It incredibly quickly so you don’t need to waste a lot of time just waiting for it to dry.

Oxford Spanish Language Dictionary: Spanish is widely spoken in Central America, so having this at hand is a great idea.

Malaria Pills: Talk to your health care provider to determine if taking malaria pills is a good choice for you. You will need to get them from a doctor’s prescription.

Sleeping Bag This sleeping bag will keep you cozy, warm, and comfortable during a cold night.

Travel Essentials For Men Traveling to Caribbean

Bug Spray Bug spray is necessary for warm and humid climates, and this bug spray gets the job done!

Laundry Detergent When you’re out and about, don’t forget to have a laundry detergent that can wash a few items in the sink when traveling.

1 Microfiber Towel These durable towels are super absorbent and dry much quicker than standard cotton towels. Each towel comes with a practical press stud that lets you easily hang it up.

1 Sun Shirt: Men’s sun shirts are small enough to fold compactly and offer superior sun protection whether you’re in the water or on land.

Travel Essentials For Men Traveling to Europe

1 Pair of Boots: These stylish boots are perfect in the wintertime and are very versatile. They can be worn at dinners, out to bars, and walking around cities.

1 Pair of Dress Pants: These relaxed-fitting pants are great to have for dressier occasions you may find yourself in Europe.

1 Pair of Dress Shoes: These shoes are stylish and give the wearer maximum comfort. They’re easily transported and can be worn for multiple occasions.

1 Cardigan: This dressy cardigan is perfect for cool winter evenings in Europe and nights out at bars, restaurants, and dinner occasions.

1 Button Up Shirt will help you feel cool and dry all the time. Its fabric stretches and moves with you for more comfort. Ironing is also not necessary.

Travel Essentials For Men Traveling to Africa

4 Day Motorbike Trip in South Morocco

Waterproof sandals: These waterproof sandals are perfect any time, anywhere. They’re comfortable and can be worn hiking or walking around in a city or on the beach. You won’t have to worry about your shoes if you’re caught in a rainstorm!

1 Mosquito Net: This added step for protection against Malaria and Dengue is necessary when traveling in Africa, especially if your hotel or hostel doesn’t have a mosquito net.

Malaria pills: Talk to your health care provider to determine if taking malaria pills is the right choice for you, as malaria is prevalent in some parts of Africa.

Travel Essentials For Men Traveling to Asia

Complete Travel Gear for Male Travelers

Kleenex Tissues: These multipurpose tissues are perfect for when you have a cold and perfect for when you need to use the toilet since many bathrooms in Asia don’t have toilet paper!

Baby Wipes: Baby wipes are great for keeping your hands and face feeling and smelling clean. They’re great after long bus rides and flights, and can easily fit in any backpack.

Headlamp: This is a great tool to have when hiking and camping and when there are power outages.

1 Pair of Trekking Shoes: There are a ton of treks and hiking trails all over Asia, so having a pair of quality trekking shoes is necessary when visiting Asia!

Sleeping Bag: Having a small sleeping bag with you is a great idea, especially if you’re planning on camping. It’s one less item you’ll have to worry about finding when you arrive in Asia! This sleeping bag is waterproof and lightweight.

1 Microfiber Towel These towels have an extremely greedy fabric absorbing 8 times more water than a normal towel. It’s perfect as a beach towel, travel towel, for camping, trekking, or at use at home.

1 Mosquito Net: This can fit into any bag and is a necessity when traveling in areas with Dengue or Malaria.

Nature’s Way Ginger Root: Ginger root is great for upset stomachs that come with traveling

Waterproof Sandals: These are great for any occasion, whether it’s raining or not!

Travel Essentials For Men Traveling to Australia & Oceania

Our Nullarbor Roadtrip Itinerary: Best Way to See South and West Australia

1 Pair of Quick Dry Shorts: These lightweight, breathable shorts quickly dry so you’re left feeling comfortable the moment you get out of the ocean or pool!

1 Extra Bathing Suit: This bathing suit is breathable and fashionable. You’ll probably be spending a lot of time on the beach, so an extra bathing suit is necessary for Oceania!

1 Pair of Sunglasses: These polarized sunglasses are perfect for when you’re in the sun and on the beach or exploring a new city!

1 Hat: Look stylish in this heat that’s perfect for any beach occasion in Oceania.

Waterproof Camera: This extreme waterproof camera is versatile, with anti-shake technology, a self-timer, and of course, protection from the water. Now you can take those awesome ocean photos you’ve always wanted!

1 Pair of Trekking Shoes: These men’s trekking shoes are sturdy and of great quality. Now you can go on some of the most beautiful hikes in the world without having to worry about hurting your feet!

1 Pair of Dress Shoes: These fashionable loafers can be worn on many different occasions and are great for Australian weather and nights out.

1 Pair of Jeans: These men’s stretch denim jeans are the perfect addition to any outfit in Oceania.

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