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10 Best Dry Bags for Your Upcoming Adventure [Traveler Review with Pros and Cons]

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor April 16th, 2020 Posted in Travel Blog, Travel Gear Reviews No comments

Have an idea of the dry bag to use when you’re traveling. A dry bag will keep your items dry and organize while you’re on your journey.

When you’re traveling, you’ll need a dry bag to keep your items dry. You even need a dry bag to keep your wet clothes, shoes, towels, or other items from the hostel and separate it from the dry and clean one.

List of 10 Must Have Dry Bag for Travelers
Aubrey Rose Odom

To choose the right dry bag, such as a jute bag, you need to consider a lot of aspects, such as the types of activities, the locations, the length of the trip, the level of waterproofness, the gear types, and other special features. Before purchasing, it would be better if you learn all of those aspects.

The Types of the Activity

You have to identify the types of activity before purchasing the dry bag. The activities can be divided into several types, such as climbing, water sports, backpacking, and regular traveling. For water sport activities, the dry bags are grouped into white water and seawater sports.

  • Whitewater sports.

White water sports such as rafting, kayaking, and others. To support this kind of activity, you need a dry bag with lash points in the shape of D-rings and sewn webbing loops that offer dedicated attachment points. The bag also must accommodate all of your equipment.

  • Backpacking

Backpacking requires a lot of energy since you have to carry all of your equipment on your shoulder. A dry bag is needed while backpacking to secure your dry items from the wet one. To make your shoulders less burdened, you need an ultra-lightweight dry bag throughout the trip.

  • Traveling

Traveling in a long period needs a durable dry bag that can accommodate all of your equipment whatever the type of transportation you use. Look for a model made of hefty material that provides un-yielding defense against potential punctures and tears.


The locations of the water activities divided as river and lake trips.

  • River trips are full of whitewater and rapids that you can expect to onboard a sizeable amount of water. Whatever the activities, logs and rocks can pose a serious threat to your gear when you get flipped and your pack goes racing downstream. For these threats, you need a serious water protection and durability dry bag.
  • Lake trips such as canoeing or paddling on placid water need a recreational style waterproof bag with the right insurance policy for your clothes and snacks. For this usage, you need to focus on price and usability. Models that provide modest protection from water rather than absolute waterproofness will still protect your gear from aberrant splashes and often come with a significant price break.

Trip Length

By defining the length of the trip as well as the location and activities, you can identify the proper dry-bag you need. If you want to travel for weeks or more, you need a dry bag with great durability, lightweight, and wide enough for all of your gear. But when you only want to relax on the weekend, the small and common dry bag is enough to accommodate your equipment.

The Level of Waterproofness

The level of waterproofness of the dry bag depends on these 3 levels, submersible, water-resistant, and splash-proof. You might want an absolute waterproof dry bag, but it comes with heavier weight and a heftier price. This type of dry bag isn’t suitable for daily use or a casual day on the lake.

  • Submergible in the upper echelon of waterproofness. When a product is submergible, it can accommodate most of your dry gear. This is really useful when you flip your raft and need to swim with your bag or when you’re carrying gear that is easily damaged by moisture.
  • Water-resistant offers intermediate protection from water. This type of bag can handle getting dropped into the lake and even a quick dunk. It has medium protection as well as the price.
  • Splashproof helps you to keep your gear mostly dry when you kept in above the water. This type of bag was made from thin materials so it’s lightweight. The materials soak up the water with prolonged exposure but offer a second level of protection when you used it inside of a backpacking pack. This product usually is inexpensive, durable, and resistant to soak up water, but the incomplete seal allows significant water to seep in when exposed to more than splashes.


Each dry bag is made with a specific purpose and unique features that make them good at just one thing. The bag can’t have both versatility and performance, you have to sacrifice one of those features and adjust to your necessities.

The budget is also an important thing to consider. If you have enough budget, you can purchase multiple specialty products, but if you can’t afford it, the all-around model might be the best option. It’s still can support you for whatever adventure or exploration you want to do.

Based on those aspects, we compiled the best 10 dry bags that can be your options for your adventures.

List of 8 Best Dry Bag that We Recommend

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Pro’s and Con’s of Each Dry Bag

1. KastKing

The Top 10 Dry Bag to Use to Keep Your Wet Clothes while Traveling 1


  • It comes in 3 different sizes and equipped with a shoulder strap to make it easier to carry.
  • Lighter and more pliable for easy packing.
  • Waterproof and durable material.
  • Straightforward, versatile, and reliable protection for any equipment.
  • Equipped with transparent window design to ease you to see inside the back without unpacking.
  • No distinct smells.


  • Not delivering to some countries.
  • A little bit too heavy for long walk activities such as hiking.

2. Luck Route

The Top 10 Dry Bag to Use to Keep Your Wet Clothes while Traveling 2


  • Suitable for emergency floatation as well.
  • The design is unisex in 2 different colors (yellow and black).
  • Lightweight, waterproof, durable, and convenient.
  • Equipped with an anti-wet guarantee.
  • It comes along with the waterproof phone pouch.


  • Not delivering to some countries.
  • The 10 lt size is not equipped with a foldable pocket for a water bottle.

3. Marchway

The Top 10 Dry Bag to Use to Keep Your Wet Clothes while Traveling 3


  • Lightweight, compact, and durable.
  • Easy to fold which makes it convenient for storage and portable.
  • Easy to clean.
  • The adjustable and removable shoulder strap is included.
  • The usage instruction is quite clear.


  • Not delivering to some countries.
  • It is not the stretchiest material, so try to not overloading the bag.

4. Idrybag

The Top 10 Dry Bag to Use to Keep Your Wet Clothes while Traveling 4


  • Waterproof, lightweight, and sturdy.
  • You can bring it submerging up to 19 feet underwater for an hour.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • It uses a splash-proof zip pocket.


  • The front pocket isn’t waterproof, it’s just water-resistant.
  • One size only.

5. Adventure Lion

The Top 10 Dry Bag to Use to Keep Your Wet Clothes while Traveling 5


  • Various colors and capacities.
  • Waterproof, sturdy, and durable.
  • Equipped with a dual strap for maximum comfort.
  • Free lifetime warranty.


  • Not the lightest material.
  • Not submergible.

6. Tebrion

The Top 10 Dry Bag to Use to Keep Your Wet Clothes while Traveling 6


  • It comes with a pouch as a package.
  • The bag has a tough-build buckle to keeps your bag fastened and tightened.
  • The strap is adjustable and easy to use.
  • Lightweight, waterproof, dustproof, and weatherproof.
  • The bag is submergible for a quick period and conveniently float on the water.


  • The maximum weight is 8 Kg, it will be not comfortable and less durable if you stuffed it more than its capacity.

7. Skog A Kust

The Top 10 Dry Bag to Use to Keep Your Wet Clothes while Traveling 7


  • Quick period submerging and floatable.
  • Waterproof, lightweight, and sturdy.
  • Comfortable and convenient with sternum clip and padded back support help relieve pressure on muscles and adjustable thick cushioned straps.
  • Equipped with zippered and protective pockets.


  • It doesn’t have a small capacity for quick trip users.
  • With its large capacity, unfortunately, it doesn’t have a waist support belt to ease users’ activities.

8. Vitchelo

The Top 10 Dry Bag to Use to Keep Your Wet Clothes while Traveling 8


  • It comes with a waterproof phone pouch.
  • Waterproof, dustproof, snowproof, sandproof, and dirtproof.
  • The great protection for electronic gears.
  • Easy to use and clean,
  • It has elasticated front webbing and mesh netting pockets on both sides for extra storage.
  • 60-days money-back guarantee and lifetime limited warranty.


  • It only has one size/capacity.
  • The empty bag is quite heavy with 900 grams of weight.

9. Heeta

The Top 10 Dry Bag to Use to Keep Your Wet Clothes while Traveling 9


  • It has various capacity options.
  • It comes with a waterproof phone case.
  • Waterproof, durable, and easy to carry.
  • Equipped with an adjustable shoulder strap and handle.
  • A transparent material that makes you easier to find your gear without rummaging through the bag.


  • Not delivering to some countries.
  • It’s just floatable, not for submerging for a long period.

10. Earth Pak

The Top 10 Dry Bag to Use to Keep Your Wet Clothes while Traveling 10


  • Comes in several capacity options.
  • Made from 500D PVC and waterproof certified..
  • Available in various colors.
  • Durable, comfortable, and sturdy.
  • It comes with a waterproof phone pouch.


  • Heavy.
  • The 10 and 20-liter bag only uses a single strap.
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