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The Top 9 Best TSA-Approved Padlocks for Travelers

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor March 24th, 2020 Posted in Travel Blog, Travel Gear Reviews, Travel Guides No comments

When traveling anywhere, it is important to consider the safety of your belongings, so you should look for a TSA-Approved padlock for your luggage or bag.

To ensure your equipment is safe while traveling, you need reliable security such as a padlock. The requirement to get the most secure padlock is usually the padlock that has been TSA-Approved. Before we go to the padlock options that you can choose, it would be better if you understand the essential things of the TSA-Approved lock.

Top 9 TSA-Approved Padlock to Protect Your Luggage or Backpack
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What is TSA-Approved Lock?

A TSA Approved lock is a lock that has the Travel Sentry logo on it. The Travel Sentry is an organization developed to oversee the creation and approval of luggage locks that can be opened by aviation security agencies such as TSA. This organization was created in 2003 and has universal access to open the locks.

The padlock that meets TSA-Approved criteria has various styles and types, such as TSA cable locks, TSA 4 dial locks, TSA lock with key, etc. As long as the lock has a Travel Sentry logo in it which is the red diamond, the locks have a safety guarantee universally.

Why do I Need a TSA-Approved Lock?

Even though TSA-Approved lock isn’t a must-have item when you’re in a plane, it’s more convenient when you used the TSA-Approved one. By using this lock, you can avoid having your baggage lock to be cut-off when the TSA does search your luggage since they don’t have the key to open your luggage/suitcase. The officer can easily open your lock using the TSA special key without damaging your locks.

Many manufacturers have been developing a TSA-approved luggage lock, but unfortunately, you can’t define which one is the best padlock for your gears, since it’s usually has a similar ability. On the list below, we have 9 TSA-Approved padlocks that can be your options to purchase.

List of 9 TSA-Approved Padlock that We Recommend

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Pro’s and Con’s of Each TSA-Approved Padlock

1. Lewis N. Clark

Top 9 TSA Approved Padlock to Protect Your Luggage or Backpack 1


  • Durable brass and steel construction with ABS plastic casing.
  • No combination types are convenient for forgetful users.
  • It includes extra spare keys.
  • Compact size with several colors to make you easily spot your luggage.
  • Sturdy and easy to use.


  • At first usage, the keys sometimes get stuck inside the padlock, but it gets easier after a long term use.
  • The no combinations can be cons when you forget to bring the keys / when you lose it.

2. Lewis N. Clark – Luggage Lock with Steel Cable

Top 9 TSA Approved Padlock to Protect Your Luggage or Backpack 2


  • Unlimited setting combination.
  • Comfortable non-slip grip.
  • Available in various color options, such as blue, orange, red, and black.
  • The toughest material which makes it ultra-durable.
  • The cable padlock is a sturdy yet flexible steel cable.


  • The setting process is quite taken your time. It can be too flimsy or too hard to press the control/holding the button while setting the combination.

3. Forge – Cable Luggage Locks, Re-settable Combination

Top 9 TSA Approved Padlock to Protect Your Luggage or Backpack 3


  • Great durability.
  • Another level of protection with 3 digit combination lock and key lock with open alert indicator.
  • Unlimited times to resetting the combinations.
  • Lightweight material, made from a zinc alloy body with no plastic points.
  • Easy to use.


  • Couldn’t open it once forgot the combination numbers.

4. Pack All

Top 9 TSA Approved Padlock to Protect Your Luggage or Backpack 4


  • Premium and durable material.
  • Thousands of combinations for maximum protection.
  • Easy to use and resettable.
  • Equipped with the red alert inspection indicator at the top of the padlock.


  • Not delivering to some countries.
  • Expensive.

5. Master Lock


  • 4 numeric and letter combination is more secure than 3 number combination.
  • Vertical clearance to fit a variety of applications.
  • Flexible cable shackle pivots.
  • Durable body with easy grip feature.


  • It doesn’t come with a key.
  • Quite heavy but suited with its features.

6. TravelMore

Top 9 TSA Approved Padlock to Protect Your Luggage or Backpack 6.1


  • Inexpensive.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Resettable 3 dial numeric combinations.
  • Durable body and flexible steel cable.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • The color options are limited. It only has black and orange colors to choose from.
  • The color on the numbers is hard to read.

7. Sure Lock

Top 9 TSA Approved Padlock to Protect Your Luggage or Backpack 7


  • Easy to reset the numeric combinations.
  • Sturdy and ultra-tough materials.
  • Equipped with inspection indicator.
  • The numbers are quite easy to read and easy to operate.


  • It’s a package padlock where you can’t buy single padlock only.

8. BV Keyless Padlock

Top 9 TSA Approved Padlock to Protect Your Luggage or Backpack 8


  • 100% satisfaction guarantee with 3 years free replacement warranty.
  • Inexpensive. With this price, you can purchase a pair of padlocks.
  • Easy to use and resettable.
  • Sturdy and durable material.


  • It doesn’t have keyhole which makes you quite in trouble when you’re forgetting the combination numbers.

9. Anvil

Top 9 TSA Approved Padlock to Protect Your Luggage or Backpack 9


  • 4 dial number with thousands of possible combinations.
  • Sturdy and durable material.
  • The hardened steel shackle won’t warp and highly resistant to cutting.
  • Easy to use and it includes the operation guide. 
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • There’s no reset code and when you forget the combinations you have to contact the TSA agents to help you open it or you can cut it as the last rescue.
  • Not delivering to some countries.
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