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10 Things to Consider When Choosing your Fitness Bootcamp

By Kach Umandap February 17th, 2021 Posted in Inspiration and Love Stories, Travel Blog No comments

The modern people today are so busy with a lot of things.  Most of them spend more time at work and they sometimes neglect their health. I’m sure a lot can relate to this. They eat mostly in fast food chains and leave no time for working out. No wonder we have a high mortality rate nowadays. But we can do something about it. We just need to get off from a busy schedule, focus on our health and reset our lifestyle. Good thing that there are several fitness boot camps which we can join. However, do you know which one is best for you?

Here’s a quick checklist that can help you decide easily.

1. Program

Different fitness boot camps have different programs. There are the military-style camps that can force you to get back in shape. You get the picture, right? This is effective but not for the fainthearted. However, there are some which use a more positive technique or approach that motivates camp goers to be at their best health. If you think you need some tremendous push, then I suggest that you go hardcore and choose the military-style ones. But if you are ‘soft’, go for the latter option.

Bootcamp in Norfolk

Before you enroll yourself in a fitness boot camp, ensure that you understand the program. Check the brochures or call them up. By doing so, you can already condition your body and mind for the upcoming activities. This is how you can manage your expectations.

2. Location

Bootcamp in Norfolk

Is it far from civilization or can you easily go to the Fitness Bootcamp? Is the area conducive to losing weight? Is the mobile coverage decent enough just in case there is an emergency? Is it the perfect place to regain your mental and emotional health?

In my opinion, it is important to consider the location. Take for example the No1 Bootcamp in Norfolk. Here you can also have an awesome view of the beach. Even if you are getting tired and sweaty because of your activities, the view makes it a whole lot easier.

3. Facilities

Spending time in a Fitness Bootcamp is a challenge. Can you imagine yourself working out for hours? It’s going to be very tiring and you need facilities that can break it. Look for boot camps that offer massage sessions or even a simple wi-fi connection. At least with those, you do not get overwhelmed by the program. You can even instantly share your experiences with your friends and families through social media. Who knows if you can inspire them to go on a Fitness Bootcamp?

And also, it is important to check if there is a laundry service. Do you think this isn’t a big deal? Think again! Would you let your clothes rot in sweat? I don’t think so.

4. Accommodation

It is not necessarily that you need luxurious beds or high – end toiletries but rather, look for a place that will allow you to have a good night’s rest. Are the rooms clean? Do the rooms smell fresh? Can you live comfortably in there? Of course, everyone in the Fitness Bootcamp deserves to have a nice and relaxing sleep given the activities they have to face the next day after.

5. Food

You are in a Fitness Bootcamp not just to lose weight but to also learn more about proper nutrition. Make sure that your menu is healthy without compromising the taste. In No1 Bootcamp in Norfolk, they ensure that the food prepared for the boot campers is healthy and delicious as well. They know that you deserve a treat! At least you don’t have to tolerate bland food just to be healthy.

6. Boot Camp Staff

Our Trainers in the Bootcamp
Our Trainers in the Bootcamp!

Aside from the aforementioned items to consider, you need to check if the staff is well – equipped to help you achieve your health goals. Check if your mentors are qualified. See if your chefs are capable of preparing nutritious food. Feel if they are friendly enough. It’s hard to be motivated if the people who are ‘mentoring’ you are not dedicated to their craft.

Why don’t you give them a phone call and engage in a conversation? From there you can already assess if they are passionate about their work. If they are, I’m sure they will treat you properly throughout your stay.

7. Customer Reviews

It wouldn’t hurt if you check customer reviews as well. I suggest that apart from reading reviews from the company’s website, look for real forums where you can ask other people. By doing so, you are sure that what you are getting is genuine feedbacks and not just the ones carefully selected by the company for marketing reasons. Or if you have friends who have already tried joining a Fitness Bootcamp, feel free to ask them questions.

8. Clientele

Who Dare Slims Bootcamp 1366x911

It would be more fun to work out and start a healthy lifestyle if you are with people with the same passion – or at least with the same wavelength. See if the programs are specially made for a specific market. Just so you know, there are boot camps exclusively for ladies. If you want something more diverse, then opt for a different one.

9. Industry Ranking

Awards and recognitions speak a lot about a company. Check if your preferred boot camps have already received great ratings or recognitions from credible organizations. If they have several awards under their belts, chances are, they can be trusted. Of course, this isn’t always the case because there are new boot camps that are yet to be in the limelight.

10. After – Program Support

And what if you have questions after your training? Ensure that the Bootcamp you will choose is open to answer your queries. That’s one proof that they seriously want to help you even if you are now done with the program.

Bootcamp in Norfolk

I know that you are excited to just go to a Bootcamp and start a new life. Then again, choose the best one based on the checklist. Otherwise, you might waste money on a camp which isn’t worth it.

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Written by Kach Umandap

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