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The Travel Wi-Fi That I Used in Japan & South Korea: A Review on Big Sky Nation’s Router

By Kach Umandap February 13th, 2020 Posted in Travel Blog, Travel Gear Reviews No comments

A few concerns about traveling is the connectivity and the fear of getting lost. Imagine going on to a country with a different language. Now, from the airport, you need to go to your hotel. You need the internet to search for the schedules and the bus or train you need to ride. Luckily, most airports provide Wi-Fi. But what if there isn’t Wi-Fi? What if you can’t connect? Yikes, that’s a bit scary. What you need is to be equipped with Big Sky Nation’s Travel Wi-Fi.

A Review on Big Sky Nation’s Travel WiFi

On my travel to Japan & South Korea, I got to use Big Sky Nation’s Travel Wi-Fi. It helped me through my trip to get connected with my family and work all throughout my vacation. May Wi-Fi ang hotel at airport, pero if may gala ako; a travel wi-fi is very convenient. I just need to turn it on and connect my phone and poof! Pwede ko nang i-message kapatid ko if anong gusto nyang pasalubong or i-update ang readers about my travels. It’s also pretty useful looking for train schedules and using google maps. Check out my review on Big Sky Nation’s Travel Wi-Fi, if it’s beneficial on your travels:

About Big Sky Nation

Big Sky Nation is a travel solutions provider and an authorized SkyRoam Partner and Yogofi Global. They are also partners with big brands like Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, Smart, AirBnB, Grab, Lazada, and many more. Aside from letting you rent their travel Wi-Fi for your travel around the world, they also sell Travel Sims and Sky Roam Global Hotspot devices. If you need gadgets for your adventures, they also rent Action Cameras (GoPro), InstantCam, and Drones. Everything can be pick-up at airports like NAIA and Davao or malls in Metro Manila. In case it’s too far, they can get it delivered with a certain fee.


About Big Sky Nation’s Travel Wi-fi

I got the latest travel Wifi device – Yogofi Global Mobile Wifi. It’s the latest hotspot device from Big Sky Nation with the same features as the 4G Mate but it’s VPN Ready! The travel Wi-Fi is shareable up to 5 devices that can be used anywhere in the world. The price will depend on the price limit and the place you will go. As for mine, it was 4G with unlimited data for Japan. The Cost would be Php 500 per day. Check out the speed test I had when I was roaming in the streets of Tokyo.

It’s convenient to have Wi-Fi anywhere you go. I have uploaded many pictures while I’m walking around Osaka and Tokyo. I also contacted my family, especially while shopping for souvenirs. It’s helpful not to get lost as there are Google maps for my next destination. There may be free Wi-Fi in some spots in Japan, but the rest of the world might not have it and it will be a waste of time to look for it too. I’m glad Wi-Fi is in my pocket!

Pros and Cons of Big Sky Nation’s Travel Wi-Fi

The Pros

  • It’s very handy – you can put it in your pocket or your bag
  • It’s easy to use – you just turn it on, enter the password, connect your phone, and you‘re done!
  • You can connect anywhere in the world; from the corners of Japan or the pyramids of Egypt
  • You can pick it up before your flight and return it in the airport – off to South Korea tomorrow; you can pick your Wi-Fi before entering immigration then return it; there are many pick-up stations in Metro Manila
  • You can connect up to five devices – so if you’re with family or friends it will save costs
  • Have it delivered or picked up – if you’re in a hurry or the pick-up points are far away from you; you can have your travel Wi-Fi delivered days before your travel, you can also have it picked-up after
  • VPN Ready – if you are off to China, Iran, or other countries that block certain websites, this is going to be very helpful
  • 24/7 Support – if there are problems with your Travel Wi-Fi, you can message their Facebook page, e-mail them, mobile or WhatsApp – they will reply immediately!
  • There are promos and discounts – if you follow their Facebook and Instagram, you can see their latest promos; you can also use our discount code: 2MONKEYSTRAVEL20% for 20% off

The Cons

  • You need to return it in the Philippines – if ever you’re traveling back to another country, you may have it delivered back to the Philippines. (For example, I can’t bring this home to Montenegro as I have already data there, and it’s sayang since other people can use it)
  • It’s mostly available in Metro Manila and Davao – there’s no pick-up for Clark or Cebu yet unless you pay additional for the shipping fee
  • It will eventually drain – always recharge before going out
  • You need to be careful; the product is not yours, so if there is any damage you need to repay it
  • It’s quite expensive if you are alone rather than if you are with your friends – you can separate costs (for example Php 500 per day divided by five friends, you can pay Php 100 per day rather than Php 500 per person)

Frequently Asked Question on Big Sky Nation’s Travel Wi-Fi

1. How to rent travel Wi-Fi?

You can go to this webpage for the booking form.

Big Sky Nation's Travel Wifi - Booking Page

2. How much is the travel Wi-Fi fee?

A Review on Big Sky Nation’s Travel WiFi

3. When should I book?

It’s better to book at least a week before your trip or departure.

4. Are last-minute bookings available?

Yes, but it depends if there are still available units, you can send an e-mail to [email protected] or call 09189647626 if you are in a hurry.

5. I find booking online hard, is there another option?

Yes, you can e-mail them your details, and they will send you payment instructions.

6. How much is the delivery or pick-up fee?

It’s Php 95.00 within Metro Manila and Php 150 outside of MM. The fee is per way basis, so if you need to have it both delivered and picked-up, you will pay double.

7. I am extending my travel, can I extend my travel wi-fi too?

Yes, you can. You can e-mail them for your itinerary or buy more online.

8. Do they have discounts and promos?

Yes, they do. Just subscribe to their website. However, you can also use our code 2MONKEYSTRAVEL20% for a 20% discount.

Why I recommend Big Sky Nation’s Travel Wi-Fi

Big Sky Nation’s Travel Wi-Fi is our new best friend! It’s beneficial for travelers like us who want to go around the world. There’s no more problem about where to get internet, where to buy a sim in the country (especially if you’re backpacking), how to get to your next destination, and how to inform your loved ones that you are okay.

It’s also effortless to use and fast; especially when I was uploading pictures (mabilis talaga). Being small makes it convenient to put it in my bag without much additional weight or space. Unlike sims, you also won’t need to make your phone open-line or change it from country to country. It’s one device for all countries for many devices. It’s genuinely worth it if you have Big Sky Nation’s Travel Wi-Fi on your travels! I recommend this to all travelers.​

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