Aerobed Ultra Divan Double Bed- Travel Gear Review

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Since having children, we have found there is never enough space in the house. Our once dedicated guest room has been transformed into a playroom for the boys leaving us with far fewer options when family come to stay. Ultimately, our visitors either end up on an airbed on the floor, which although is better than the floor is far from ideal. Therefore we were really excited to try out the Aerobed Divan as it seemed to be the perfect solution. (A full sized bed that can literally be put away under our bed when not in use!)

Baby Matthew - Travel with Children

What’s in the Box?

Aerobed Ultra Divan Double Review

The box contained the inflatable bed, which is all in one piece; a storage bag; instructions and a bedding pack consisting of a white divan skirt and fitted mattress topper.

Setting up the Bed

Setting up the bed was really quick and easy. In short, you unfold the bed, plug it in and turn it on. In less than 3 minutes the bed was fully inflated and ready to be dressed. I was also impressed with how quiet the built-in the electric pump was, it didn’t wake my two-year-old who was in the room above or my six weeks old who was asleep in the same room. The firmness of the bed can be easily adjusted to suit the user by turning a dial on the side.   The only negative I could find was that the lead wasn’t very long, but it reached our plug easily and can always be moved once inflated.

Aerobed Ultra Divan Double ReviewOnce inflated the cables tuck away in a pocket on the side which was a really nice detail and the bed can then be made. The divan skirt provided covers the base section and the topper fit well. Then all you needed to do was make the bed and Ta-Da! You have a full-sized double bed in the middle of your living room(…or wherever you choose to put it).

Aerobed Ultra Divan Double Review

Aerobed Ultra Divan Double ReviewPutting the bed away

The bed was as easy to put away as it was to put up and it passed the ‘can it fit into the provided bag without a wrestling match’ test with ease.

Aerobed Ultra Divan Double Review


I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who has guests to stay and doesn’t have a spare bed. It is very easy to store when not being used but significantly more comfortable than your average airbed. The simple fact that you don’t have to get down onto the floor made it feel far more luxurious and would be well suited to anyone with back problems or more elderly relatives. Once inflated and dressed it could be easily mistaken for an actual bed and would make any guest feel very welcome.

My husband also gave it his approval as he spent the night on it in our living room. He said it was the best night sleep he has had in ages, but that may be partially down to the rather noisy new arrival we have in our house!

Aerobed Ultra Divan Double Review

Extra travel products for visiting relatives

If you are heading to stay with friends or relatives, there are some other great travel products you can take with you to make those long car journeys a little bit more comfortable. The Go Travel Travel blanket folds up really small and is very handy to keep in the car especially when travelling during the winter. It was surprisingly snuggly and was given the Matthew seal of approval. The Go Travel Tote Bag is a strong, durable bag that folds up to fit in your glove compartment. It holds 28 litres or as demonstrated by Matthew a lot of bulky plastic toys!Baby Matthew - Travel with Children

We will definitely be taking this with us over Christmas to bring back some of his presents. The Go Travel eye mask is very comfy and great for sleeping in the car (presuming you aren’t the one driving) or if you are putting up the airbed in a room that isn’t as dark as you are used to at home. If you are travelling with a baby who still needs feeding in the night, it might be worth considering taking a travel kettle with you. That way you can set up a small bottle making station and don’t need to disturb the rest of the house at night. The Go Travel travel kettle is very small and compact and boils very quickly. It comes with two stowaway cups so you can always make a quick cuppa while you are up!

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Aerobed Ultra Divan Double ReviewAmy is a part-time primary school teacher who lives in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside.  She is currently on maternity leave and is mummy to 2-year-old Matthew and 6-week old baby Simon. They love to spend their time playing outside, building lego towers and visiting animals.

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