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Open Letter to a Girl Who Travels

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor August 21st, 2022 Posted in Inspiration and Love Stories, Travel Blog 6 Comments

You’re born a dreamer. A vagabond. You spent most of your childhood building your imaginary world, befriending a rainbow farting unicorn, going to places you wished to be, seeing only the positive side of life no matter how bad things turned out. One day, something bad happened, causing that world of yours to vanish together with time. You’re lured into reality as you watched that dreamland you built for years gradually fade, and get lost somewhere in space, YOU could no longer find.

Open Letter to a Girl Who Travels
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YOU became a robot of reality trying to fit in; instructed to follow the norm because they said it was the only way to survive. YOU were a dead fish going with the flow just like everyone else. Your shoulder was filled with responsibilities, and your spirit died at a very young age.

YOU were lost for a very long time. YOU could no longer even recognize the person YOU saw in the mirror every day. Time flew, and YOU found yourself leaving broken pieces of your heart from one place to another.

Open Letter to a Girl Who Travels
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To your surprise, YOU met you. YOU came along at the darkest stage of your life. YOU were no longer alone. YOU were wandering with another soul. YOU saw the dream world YOU once created re-appear before me taking on the image of our very own reality. Somehow, the girl in the mirror looked all too familiar once again. Honestly, YOU realized that we do have a lot in common – she’s a wandering soul, too! Our only difference was that she never stopped dreaming, while YOU… YOU watched all your dreams crumble ages ago.

Open Letter to a Girl Who Travels
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The clock ticked continuously; YOU began to sense your inner beast again. YOU fueled your wanderlust and helped me get back on track. And then YOU discovered that the girl in the mirror was me! YOU started dreaming again. YOU were reborn.

Open Letter to a Girl Who Travels
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Years passed, and your fate slowly started to unfold. YOU saw everything. YOU saw me freely traveling from one place to another.

Open Letter to a Girl Who Travels
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YOU know being a girl who can be exhilarating, but it can be tough, too. Being that girl made me realize that:

1. Leaving home is never easy.

Saying goodbye to a home founded in love is always hard. But your need for growth and your thirst for great adventures feel just too strong to ignore. And YOU figured that to achieve those, YOU need to go out of your comfort zone and embrace the unfamiliar.

2. YOU wish YOU could do more.

You only live once – heavily clichéd, but YOU stand by it. YOU live in the moment. YOU are not fond of thinking or worrying about the future because tomorrow is not promised to anyone. YOU seize the day and am always on the lookout for things YOU can do right now because life is uncertain. YOU are not ashamed to say that YOU’RE afraid of death, but YOU’RE even more terrified of having regrets over things YOU could have done.

3. Adrenaline rush makes me feel alive.

YOU love the feeling of adrenaline pumping through your veins. Tachycardia is your best friend. The thought alone of living a monotonous life leaves you feeling restless. YOU’RE a doer, and YOU always crave adventure. To me, this is living. And you may think otherwise, but YOU’RE a soldier nonetheless. Call me crazy all you want, but YOU won’t budge. YOU’VE got places to be, and a very long to-do list to accomplish.

4. YOU’RE different.

YOU love taking leaves (paid or not) because YOU deserve it. Money is a non-issue to you, as long as it can sustain all your travels and still allow you to pay the bills. You’re practical, and YOU get it. You love traveling too, but your feet just happen to itch more than the other people. And there’s nothing you can do to keep you in one place or else YOU’D go crazy, and you wouldn’t like it. You’re different, but somehow “love,” thought you it would match.

5. YOU’RE not a high-maintenance girl.

YOU travel on a budget. YOU’re okay with getting your feet dirty, and YOU’RE not much of a sucker for comfort. YOU love hostels, but YOU love camping more. If YOU were to choose, YOU would go for a tent with a view of gazillion stars than a room in a 5-star hotel. Wooo! YOU’RE day dreaming while writing this!

6. YOU’RE selfish.

YOU will travel with or without others. Are YOU too harsh? Don’t get me wrong; YOU love traveling with other people. But there are times that you have to go on your own. YOU don’t mind flying solo because life taught you that to be capable of loving someone, you first have to learn to enjoy and fully love your own company.

7. YOU’RE fickle-minded.

Last minute decisions are your thing. Planning is great, but you’re always open for changes. Itineraries need not always be followed to the last detail.


A Girl Who Travels

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I am Angel, 100% Filipino born and raised in the beautiful Philippine archipelago. Consumed by wanderlust, I always tend to seek for adventure. I am also a shutterbug, an animal lover, a nature advocate, a novice surfer and a loud and proud Negra (a girl with tanned skin). Follow my adventures on my blog The Lakwatserang Negra.

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6 thoughts on “Open Letter to a Girl Who Travels

  1. Love it! Totally agree with #4. I am totally happy not making THAT much money as long as I can pay my bills & get to travel. – Alicia

  2. Hi… its like filling the blanks in my mind…i love ur “letter to yourself”. It gives me the strength to try the one thing i love to do…. travel alone… must be my icebreaker.. hope to do it soon.. ur an inspiration.

  3. Hi! I really enjoyed reading this article. I seemed like i was reading my own story. Haven’t tried travelling alone though. Have you ever been to Mt. Pulag?? Because we’re going there next week and I would like to know how was your experience there and what are the tips that you can give me while I start chasing my dreams..

  4. Hi..your story is truly inspiring for me.Hope I can also travel around the world like you. hi five 😉 Shiela from Philippines. Mabuhay 😉

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