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By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor March 16th, 2015 Posted in Travel Blog 12 Comments

We all know that traveling is an enjoyable yet complicated thing to do. It stirs up a lot of emotions and somehow urges us to do things which we thought were impossible.

We all have these different styles and preferences that sometimes make us feel down. Some might have chosen to set out to travel alone because they feel like they can appreciate more things and clear their minds off all the pressures they have. Others choose to travel in groups because they believe that the more, the merrier.

After all, however we choose to live our lives, we all look for this kind of belongingness- somewhere we can feel at home, share our feelings with and ask for advices. In this modern time, we have what we call the ‘global village’ and Facebook, as one of the often used social media, offers us exactly what we want: a community.

Now, wherever you might be and whatever you are up to right now, here are some Facebook groups that you should definitely check out. Who knows, you might find your love of your life through these groups and you can set out together like our white and brown monkeys.

The Backpackers Group

Facebook groups

If backpacking is your thing, these are definitely the groups that you need to check out. Word: If you are an avid traveler, then you should already know what backpacking is and are able to know the dos and don’ts by heart. If you are a hiker, a trekker, a climber or whatever you call it, here are groups for you to share all your experiences.

Since backpacking had been so common in South East Asia, South East Asia Backpacking is a specialized group for those who have been and are planning to backpack around the area. Backpackers of the Philippines is a more specific group where the members share their awesome and fun itineraries for trips around the Philippines. There are also some which posts their travel details and find travel buddies like the Couchsurfing Manila. How awesome is that?

Many groups are open for backpackers around the world such as Backpackers, Backpackers Community, Backpackers International Business Community and Backpacking, NOMADS. You may join in right after the admins approve your requests. The rest is up to you to enjoy and mingle.

Meet backpackers from all over the world and you might just find a companion. After all, you have this one thing in common. You’ve been all bitten by the travel bug.

 Hitchhikers group


Bold enough to feel the thrill and run after the adrenaline? Hitchhiking is another facet of traveling which is as exciting as any other activity. The hitchhiking communities allow people to share their experiences and tips about hitchhiking.

Both the Tribe of Hitchhikers and the Hitchhikers Pilipinas are entertaining and informative when it comes to the said activity. You’ll have a good laugh reading stories of first times and learnings.

 Blogger groups


The best way about being able to travel is about having the opportunity to share all the awesome experiences you gained and the learning you gathered.

A place for sharing, the travel bloggers around the world are encouraged to join and share their experiences and adventures through this page.

If you are into traveling and you love to share your tales, these groups might be able to help motivate you into writing. Eventually, might be able to fund your future travels when you gain a network of readers. Travel Blogged, Travel Blogger Tales and We Travel, We Blog are amazing outlets to learn further.

After all, when you get to share your stories and you don’t live long enough to share your tales, your published stories will keep on living for the generations to come.



These groups are just so full of beautiful things – from awesome people to beautiful photos, you just can’t get enough. If you’re not inspired enough, go and open the page and allow yourself to be taken into a different world with all the photos posted.

If you are oozing with inspiration, share yours by posting your awesome photos. Inspire others and let them share your cloud 9 feeling.

Photographs speak not just a hundred but thousand words, so thus these groups: Travel Photography, Hiking and Nature Photography Amateurs United and Byaherong Kodakero.

 Two Monkeys Travel Forum


Founded by Kach and Jon, Two Monkeys Travel Forum is a group for avid readers of With members called as Kaladkarins, it is a group with very jolly members. Everyone help each other out and inspire to keep on going after their dreams.

Kach and Jon are actively participating and commenting on threads and offer a lot of freebies and giveaways for loyal members. They also make sure that nobody feels left out or out of place. Everybody belongs and everybody oozes with “Om and Love”.

No matter which group you are in or not, in the midst of the Earth is a place waiting for you – to claim, to belong and to own… all in your own accord, all in your own time.

Best Facebook Groups for Travel

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12 thoughts on “Must Join Facebook Groups for Travelers

  1. NIce Suggestion list. Thanks for the wonderful ideas. I am a travel blogger and it will surely be going to help me. You can check my blog and can follow and share your ideas related for same.

  2. Thanks for the list, i Joined most on the list and will join others.. Would love to share travel tips and guides too..

  3. South St. Elizabeth in Jamaica is a great place to travel to it quite, safe, ideal for travelers looking for rest and relaxation or love community torurism

  4. Resourceful post Holly. I have requested some groups to let me in too… But I sincerely think that nowadays Instagram is more popular among backpackers. Would be great for me and your audience if you could share a post on Instagram for backpackers… But hey this post – AWESOME…

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