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15 Must Join Facebook Groups for Travelers (Bloggers to Backpackers)

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor November 7th, 2020 Posted in Travel Blog 13 Comments

Sometimes, when we plan to travel, we want some ideas on what to do, where to go, tips, or hidden gems. Googling is not enough, and we want up-to-date and firsthand experiences. If you want those, then, might as well join Facebook groups. There are many groups here with different categories depending on the place, your style, and even gender. Here are 15 Must Join Facebook Groups for Travelers.

15 Must Join Facebook Groups for Travelers
Photo by Duy Pham on Unsplash

We want to be a part of a community with the same passions; traveling. I have many friends, but a few only love to travel, so it’s beneficial to be part of a group. You can share your experiences and learn from others. Who knows, you might get inspired in the group or meet a travel buddy!

General Travelers

1. Two Monkeys Travel Community

Current Members: 11,500+

15 Must Join Facebook Groups for Travelers

Founded by Kach and Jon, this group is for travelers and followers of this blog. It’s a group with jolly members helping and inspiring each other in reaching their travel dreams. You should definitely join and check this out!

2. Nomads

Current Members: 63,200+

15 Must Join Facebook Groups for Travelers

Nomads is a terrific group for those who want to travel all over the world, where you can ask for tips and tricks from fellow travelers. Connect, interact, and ask for recommendations from your fellow members.

3. Travel Community

Current Members: 141,100+

15 Must Join Facebook Groups for Travelers

Another on the list of must join Facebook groups for travelers is Travel Community. This group is for people who love to travel. Share your experiences, post your pictures, and ask travel-related questions. Don’t forget to engage with fellow travelers, too! You can learn a lot here.

For Backpackers

4. Backpacking Europe

Current Members: 56,900+

15 Must Join Facebook Groups for Travelers

This group is not exclusively for backpackers and for those who want to travel in any style like budget, midrange, or even luxury travelers. However, this is for people who wish to travel to Europe. Read many firsthand experiences here!

5. South East Asia Backpacker Community

Current Members: 18,700+

15 Must Join Facebook Groups for Travelers

For those who aim to travel in South East Asia or have traveled there and want to share your knowledge with aspiring travelers, this group is for you. SEA is a trendy spot for backpacking as it’s very cheap, and most countries can be traveled by land. Ask the best routes for traveling or tell local hidden gems!

6. Backpacking South America

Current Members: 50,400+

15 Must Join Facebook Groups for Travelers

Another popular trail for backpacking is South America. Check out top recommendations, places to stay, and what to use for transportation there. Besides South America, you can also see posts for Central America and the Caribbean. It’s one of the must join Facebook groups for travelers in that part of the world.

Girls Only Travel Group

7. Girls Love Travel

Current Members: 1.1M+

15 Must Join Facebook Groups for Travelers

This group is exclusive for girls and is absolutely one of my favorite travel groups. From single solo travelers to traveling grandmas, you can meet them here. Be inspired and empowered by fellow female explorers. Plus, if you are in an emergency or have personal problems (maybe love life or family), you can get advice and help here.

8. Travel Meet Ups – The Solo Female Traveler

Current Members: 74.4K+

15 Must Join Facebook Groups for Travelers

Solo traveling is empowering for women, but sometimes it feels lonely and unsafe. If you want to connect with locals or plan to meet with fellow travelers, this group is an excellent place to plan with one. The members here are fantastic and friendly!

For Digital Nomads, Travel Bloggers, and Photographers

9. Photographers & Travel Nomads

Current Members: 56,500+

15 Must Join Facebook Groups for Travelers

If you want travel inspiration, you might see one here. This is a group for travel photographers where they share stories and pictures; if you are one, then don’t be shy and share yours, too!

10. Worldwide Travel Bloggers & Travellers

Current Members: 29,900+

15 Must Join Facebook Groups for Travelers

For those with new posts or blogs, feel free to share them in this group. Inspire travelers around the world to visit the place you’ve been because of your inspiring story and mesmerizing pictures or videos.

11. Digital Nomads Around the World

Current Members: 137,500+

15 Must Join Facebook Groups for Travelers

This group is for travelers who are digital nomads. By digital nomads, we mean people who work remotely around the world. Learn tips and tricks on how to live as a digital nomad and also great countries to work!

Proudly Filipino and for those who want to travel the Philippines

12. DIY Travel Philippines

Current Members: 1M+

15 Must Join Facebook Groups for Travelers

DIY Travel Philippines group is not exclusive for Filipinos but is also for Foreigners who wish to travel the Philippines can join as well. You could check out spots in the country, see itinerary and local hidden gems. For Filipinos, you can also be inspired by another kababayan’s adventures abroad. There are already many posts here that would be helpful for your travels.

13. Backpackers of the Philippines

Current Members: 148.2K+

15 Must Join Facebook Groups for Travelers

For awesome itineraries in the Philippines and tips on being a backpacker outside of the country, you can join this group. This group also has official events where you can mingle with fellow members and outreach programs to help those in need.

Visa Application Support Groups

14. Schengen Visa for Filipinos Support Group

Current Members: 1,800+

15 Must Join Facebook Groups for Travelers

Off to apply for a Schengen Visa for the first time? Have you been rejected for a Schengen Visa? Well, read tips here on how to apply for it. As well as read some firsthand experiences of getting visas and the latest announcements.

15. Visa Application for Filipinos Worldwide Support Group

Current Members: 1,800+

15 Must Join Facebook Groups for Travelers

This is another group for followers of TwoMonkeysTravel and a sister group of #14. If you are a Filipino and plan to apply for a visa anywhere in the world to any country, then you can ask for tips and help here. We will be please to help you to be a step closer to your dream!

15 Must Join Facebook Groups for Travelers
Photo by Luke Porter on Unsplash

I hope you can join at least 3 Facebook Groups for travelers. The travel community is really thriving, and many people are welcoming. Because of this experience, I got to know the best places to visit, where and what to eat, know how much money I need when traveling, and so much more. Some members root for you and support you, which I find heartwarming. I pray you to find it comforting and earn new friends and support there!

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13 thoughts on “15 Must Join Facebook Groups for Travelers (Bloggers to Backpackers)

  1. NIce Suggestion list. Thanks for the wonderful ideas. I am a travel blogger and it will surely be going to help me. You can check my blog and can follow and share your ideas related for same.

  2. Thanks for the list, i Joined most on the list and will join others.. Would love to share travel tips and guides too..

  3. South St. Elizabeth in Jamaica is a great place to travel to it quite, safe, ideal for travelers looking for rest and relaxation or love community torurism

  4. Resourceful post Holly. I have requested some groups to let me in too… But I sincerely think that nowadays Instagram is more popular among backpackers. Would be great for me and your audience if you could share a post on Instagram for backpackers… But hey this post – AWESOME…

  5. Nice List!! Helpful resource from where travellers can keep him/herself updated from latest idea and information.

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