How to Register an NGO in Montenegro – Everything You Need To Know

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If you’re planning to establish an NGO, Montenegro is one of the best options since it is very easy to register here. Read below to learn more.

How to Register an NGO in Montenegro Everything You Need To Know
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Whether you are a local or a foreigner, it is pretty easy to register an NGO in Montenegro. It won’t take too much of your time as long as you follow the instructions correctly. To be able to do that here’s an article that will help you to know on how you can register an NGO in this country.

There are 2 forms of NGO in Montenegro:

1. Non-governmental Association – At least three people can establish an association, one of whom must have a permanent or temporary residence or a registered office in Montenegro.

2. Non-governmental Foundation – One man or more people can establish a foundation regardless of residence. 

Things To Remember Before You Register an NGO in Montenegro

How to Register an NGO in Montenegro Everything You Need To Know
Photo by GotCredit CC BY 2.0

1. The founding act of a non-governmental organization must have the following information

A. Data on the founders: 

  • The names of the founders
  • The unique identification number of the founder (JMBG), and if the founder is a foreign citizen, the number of the travel document, and the name of the state that issued the travel document;
  • Tax identification number (PIB) and stamp of the company if the founder is a legal entity;
  • Signatures of the founders

B. NGO data:

  • Name
  • Address (it can be the home address of one of the founders if the NGO does not have its own office yet)
  • Goals and activities that the association wants to do
  • Name, unique identification number, address, and signature of the person authorized to represent the organization (if that person is a foreign citizen – personal name, passport number, name of the country that issued the travel document, and his/her signature).

2. The Statute of the new NGO and what it contains

  • Name and seat of the organization (the name and logo of the newly established non-governmental organization must be unique)
  • Goals and activities of the NGO;
  • Non-governmental bodies (founding assembly and the person authorized to represent NGO (director, president, general secretary, etc.) The Statute of the association may determine a different name of the governing body of the association;
  • The procedure for amending the Statute and the manner of adopting other general acts of the organization;
  • The way of informing the public about the work of the organization;
  • The manner of financing, as well as the economic activity that the non-governmental organization will perform;
  • Disposal of property, including disposal in the event of termination of the NGO;
  • The form and content of the seal;
  • Cessation of work;
  • Other issues of importance for the activities and work of the non-governmental organization (these issues depend on the association itself, its goals, and the planned way of achieving those goals);
  • Conditions for gaining and losing membership;
  • Rights and obligations of members;

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3. Entry in the Register of NGOs

After adopting the association’s acts, the authorized person applies for registration to the Ministry of Public Administration of Montenegro (Ministarstvo javne uprave), together with the founding act, the minutes from the founding body, and the association’s Statute. The Ministry is obligated to register your association within 10 days from the day of submitting a proper and complete application for registration. After that, you will receive a document “Rješenje” that confirms the completed registration process. If there’s a problem with your application, you will get the application back for an update. 

Steps on How to Register an NGO in Montenegro

How to Register an NGO in Montenegro Everything You Need To Know
Photo by GotCredit CC BY 2.0

1. Application for entry into the NGO register. Download the sample of the application form here.

How to Register an NGO in Montenegro Everything You Need To Know

2. The Founding act, download the sample here.

3. Report from the founding assembly form, click this link here.

4. Statute, download a sample of the statute here.

5. Photocopies of the founder’s ID cards (or a certified copy of the passport, if one of the founders is a foreigner) / Founding documentation (Decision on registration and personal identification number PIB) if the founder is a legal entity.

6. Submit complete documentation in person or by mail at the Ministry of Public Administration archives, Rimski Trg 45, 81000 Podgorica. You will get the number on which your case is registered. The Ministry will issue a decision within 10 days.

7. After receiving the decision from the Ministry, it is necessary to make the seal of the NGO.

8. After obtaining the decision and making the seal, it is necessary to register with the Republic Bureau of Statistics – Monstat. It is needed to bring the following documents:

– Copy of the decision on registration of the NGO.
– Completed application for activity classification. Download the form here.

9. Opening an account in a bank. It is necessary to bring the following to the selected bank:

  • a copy of the decision on the NGO’s registration
  • a copy of the notification on classification by activity – from Monstat
  • completed and certified OP form (in court or with a notary). Download the OP form
  • request for opening an account (you will get the form at the bank).
  • Card of deposited signatures (you will get the form in the bank).
  • Contract on opening and maintaining an account (you will get the form in the bank).
  • Proof of payment (you will get it in the bank).
  • If the NGO is registered in the CRPS (Centralni Registar Privrednih Subjekata), it is necessary to submit a registration certificate in the Register of Business Entities (Register Privrednih Subjekata)

10. The NGO must have a PIB – identification number. When going to the Tax Administration, it is necessary to bring:

– Decision on the entry in the register of non-governmental organizations;
– Excerpt from the Classification Register, Statistical Office (Monstat);
– An account from the bank (card of deposited signatures);
– Completed JPR form. 

Authorized officials of the Ministry who perform the tasks of registration and keeping records of NGOs are independent advisors: Mira Jovović and Sanja Anđušić, phone number: 020 224 520.

And that’s it! We hope that this guide was able to help you in any way. Do you want to register an NGO in Montenegro? Share with us your thoughts!

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One thought on “How to Register an NGO in Montenegro – Everything You Need To Know

  1. Hi Fatima, thank you, I read it with interest but more question arise, like:
    If one carry out “environmental consultancy” addressed 100% abroad, (economic activity NACE class 74.90) on his NGO, firstly, is it possible? Secondly, are their profit taxes imposed?
    To register foundation one will need an address… What if I am living/resident abroad, can I register NGO (Foundation?) can I open bank account?
    I suppose a permanent bookkeeper is compulsory, right?
    And I believe salaries are accepted to be paid still, if personnel is resident abroad, are there taxes on salaries to be paid?
    NGO’s are having more or less similar operating mode worldwide, can you please advice what makes special Montenegro NGO ? I really mean this, thank you!

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