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HOTEL KARASHY: A New Chic Hotel in Seoul, South Korea

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor May 5th, 2016 Posted in Asia Travel Blog, Luxury Hotel Review, Travel Blog 42 Comments

‘”Black is the beginning”

Inspired by the Zebra’s skin hues, Hotel Karashy’s interior focuses on black and white, attracting all kinds of visitors: couples, business travellers and tourists. Established in 2013 but recently bought by a new management, Hotel Karashy is now setting up a new classy and convenient accommodation in Seoul, South Korea.


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Hotel Karashy A New Chic Hotel in Seoul, South Korea 1
A black and white frame in my room. One of the things I like most in Hotel Karashy. The concept is elegant yet it touches a deep meaning with photos like this in every corner of the Hotel.

Interested to stay? Visit its website or its facebook page for your inquiry.

You may also check Hotel Karashy on Booking.com

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“The Rooms.” It’s the confident line uttered by Hotel Karashy’s Sales Manager, Jinsoo Soong, when I asked him what he thinks is the best part of the Hotel. I have no reasons to disagree.

Hotel Karashy A New Chic Hotel in Seoul, South Korea 2
The Garden Spa Double Room.

My first ever Jacuzzi experience is provided by the Hotel Karashy’s Garden Spa Double Room and it was priceless!

The best spot for the Jacuzzi where I could view the contrast town of Seoul, overlooking the illuminated skyscrapers at night and serene mountainous.
The best spot for the Jacuzzi where I could view the contrast town of Seoul, overlooking the illuminated skyscrapers at night and serene mountainous.

Seoul is a walk-able city though its transportation is totally efficient and affordable. After kilometres of walk and getting lost (like how I used to be whenever I travel), it’s just great to come back to my room, lie down and relax with its Jacuzzi and immediately sleep.

Hotel Karashy A New Chic Hotel in Seoul, South Korea 4

What I could get in a Garden Spa Double Room is all about leisure. I had a huge bed, sofa to work, own fridge, coffee and tea, and separate toilet and bath tub with complete shower necessities. One thing that marked on me with this room is its unique-old-style-inspired speaker and a laptop. Not a big deal for others but it was for me. My works are mainly done online and definitely laptop is a must. My laptop happened to crashed during my stay in Hotel Karashy and luckily my room has one so I could immediately have an alternative to use for mail checking while listening to my chosen songs played in a vintage-like speaker.

Hotel Karashy A New Chic Hotel in Seoul, South Korea 5

Hotel Karashy A New Chic Hotel in Seoul, South Korea 6

Certainly a spacious room yet little thing have given emphasis and those should definitely be appreciated.

To view the other rooms offered by the Hotel Karashy and judge by yourself how exquisite they are, check these links:

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Hotel Karashy A New Chic Hotel in Seoul, South Korea 7
Downview from my room.

Surrounded by Park and Establishments, you can easily find your spot around Hotel Karashy.

Three minutes away from Sadang Station (Subway Line 2, Exit 8), Hotel Karashy is within your reach. Buses to and from the Airports (Incheon and Gimpo) are in the corners of the Hotel.

Hotel Karashy A New Chic Hotel in Seoul, South Korea 8

Convenience Store is directly in front of the hotel while restaurants are like mushrooms around the area. For an easy grab of Korean taste, try the street food available near at the station.

Banks are also available some meters from the hotel. Location is definitely no doubt superb where the basic needs of your stay can easily be accessed.

One of Korea’s UNESCO World Heritage Site, Seonjeongneung Tombs, is six stations (same subway line) or less than minutes away.

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Hotel Karashy A New Chic Hotel in Seoul, South Korea 9Bel Ami serves as the restaurant of the hotel where breakfast and other menus are served. During my three-night stay, I had the same set of breakfast (bacon, egg, salad, potatoes) and I was free to get bread and choice of cereals in the center table. The hotel offers an unlimited wine for 25,000KRW (around 21USD).

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Hotel Karashy A New Chic Hotel in Seoul, South Korea 10
Photo by: Hotel Karashy

One of the highlights of Hotel Karashy is its gorgeous rooftop where party or simply a gathering of relaxation can perfectly be held. With grilling facilities, swimming pool and enough number of tables of chairs, guests can totally enjoy drinks of their choice while viewing the inimitable South Korea’s capital.

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Skilled not only with Korean and English speakers staff, Hotel Karashy caters Japanese and Chinese hoteliers as well to better serve a number of foreign visitors.

Hotel Karashy A New Chic Hotel in Seoul, South Korea 11

Owned by Mr. Chul-hee Gwon, Hotel Karashy’s one of best brands is its hospitality. Though the hotel is on its setting-up stage where rooms of improvement are still very wide, the staff made me feel how professional they could be. I met two staff who studied in the Philippines during their primary school to improve their English knowledge and I liked how they tried to utter a single Filipino word or two just to make me feel ‘homey’.

Attentive as its best I could say, from the receptionists, housekeeping, restaurant staff and of course up to its Manager. Hotel Karashy is one great representation of an authentic and glamorous Korean hospitality!

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When to stay: Winter is the busiest time in the hotel as well as in Seoul and nearby towns according to the hotel’s Sales Manager. Depends on your preference, Spring can also be a great season to visit South Korea because of the events and festivals offered such as the infamous Cherry Blossom Festival.

Better arrive at the Hotel during non-rush-hour as the station can easily be crowded. If bringing a large luggage and taking the subway, go to Exit 6 and across the pedestrian line going to Exit 8 for a convenient way. Exit 6 has an elevator while Exit 8 has only stairs and might be uncomfortable with travelers with big bags.

What room to stay: The Garden View is of course a best room to spend your nights at Hotel Karashy as it gives a unique blend of modern and nature. Perfect for couple travelers! Would be better to stay in rooms in the higher floors to have a glimpse of the city’s stunning night scapes. Moreover, get a view of every room presented on their site to match your preference if you’re traveling with the family or big group of friends.

SM Monkey - Section Dividers 1600 pxLast Words: With the newest hotel rankings of South Korea, Hotel Karashy has been classified as a three-star Hotel. In five days of stay, I can give a 4.5-star rank (if there’s any) and if the choices of breakfast will be improved, it could easily reach a 5-star level.

A huge Thank You to Jinsoo Soong and to the rest of the staff of Hotel Karashy who have extended their hospitality on my four nights of stay. Wishing Hotel Karashy nothing but great years of satisfying its guests!

Note: The hotel stay is sponsored by Hotel Karashy, but the opinions in this article/review are my own.

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42 thoughts on “HOTEL KARASHY: A New Chic Hotel in Seoul, South Korea

    1. Perfect, kiko! Let me know when will you be in Seoul. I am planning to go back there this autumn. Yay!

  1. I haven’t been to Seoul and by merely checking this chic hotel makes me consider this should I decide to go there someday.

    1. You should, Fjordan. Seoul is one of the best cities I’ve ever been. You can never get bored, especially if you stay in a chic hotel, like Karashy. 😉

  2. Oh wow seriously how stylish does this hotel look? I love the hip interior and the location looks perfect as well – thanks so much for sharing

    Laura x

  3. Wow, I’ve always wanted to go to Seoul. It looks so cool and this post is making me want to go even more!

    1. Tara, you should go to Seoul. You will surely enjoy it and might as well stay at Hotel Karashy. 🙂

    1. Make that dream into reality, Lux. Haha. Whenever you plan to go to Seoul, drop a comment here if you want some tips of what to do. For where to stay, Hotel Karashy will be a best choice.

  4. Wow this does look so much nicer than your average hotel! That rooftop is definitely the biggest highlight 🙂

    1. I totally agree! 🙂 Rooftop is the best place to see the stunning town of Seoul. 🙂

  5. I love the monochrome minimalism of the decor and the graphic sketch print is pretty cool. It really contrasts from the vibe of Seoul and I like it!

    1. Glad you liked it! You got a good point that it somehow contrasts the ‘colorful’ theme of Seoul centre, and it makes Hotel Karashy an interesting place to stay. 🙂

  6. What beautiful decor, and those views…. breathtaking! I’d love to visit Seoul, I know some people that live over there and to go and visit them would be a dream! x

    1. Wow! That’s great that you know a lot of people in Seoul; it will make your visit more convenient. Come and make that dream comes true. 😉

  7. I really want to visit Seoul one day, and this hotel looks absolutely stunning, definitely one to bookmark!

  8. The views from the rooftop look amazing. You’re right it would be a nice area to go and relax!

  9. That place is so stylish! Looks amazing! I’d love to visit South Korea at some point in my life!

    1. Visit Seoul and you will definitely enjoy it! Stay at Hotel Karashy to see personally this chic hotel. 🙂

  10. Goodness me what a stunning hotel! It looks like the perfect place to visit! H x

    1. It is, Harriet from Toby & Roo! 🙂 A new hotel to try and experience luxury and calmness. 😉

    1. Every corner has been well thought. Though Hotel Karahy is still in the setting-up phase, it already proved why it deserves to be one of the best hotels in Seoul.

  11. I’m absolutely loving the style of this hotel! Very classy! I’ve never traveled so far east but I hope to, one day.

    1. Classy and Serene! Try go to the East, like in Seoul, and visit Hotel Karashy to experience how elegant it is.

  12. The hotel looks elegant and I am really impressed by the unique decor. The Black and white concept is really what sets it apart and gives it a signature tone.

    1. Absolutely, Voyager. 🙂 Hotel karashy fulfilled my craving for uniqe exploration in Seoul. 🙂

  13. Oh my goodness what a lovely looking place to stay – that hotel is beautiful. I would love to visit Seoul one day it seems like such a vibrant place. x

    1. I am sure you will not regret both the Seoul vist and Hotel Karashy stay, Sarah. 🙂

  14. What a detailed review, you have covered every thing one needs to know.The hotel certainly looks lovely nad very chic.

    1. Thank you, Nayna Kanabar. Hope this helps you in choosing a place to stay whenever you visit Seoul.

    1. Come to Seoul and to other cities in South Korea, Fashion and Style Poilice. You will love it. 🙂 Choose a room at Hotel Karashy whenever you stay in Seoul.

    1. Rooms are the assets of Hotel Karashy and definitely worth of your penny. Hope you could visit Seoul soon 🙂

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