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What You Can Do In The Slovenian Istria For 4 Days – My Itinerary & Experience of Visiting Piran, Slovenia

A lot of people have told me to go to Lake Bled but I’d rather go to the Slovenian Istria for some reasons. Reason #1 is I always prefer to take the road less traveled. Touristic places are touristic for a reason but I’m sure that you’ll stumble upon even nicer places once you go out of the ordinary route.

I’ve been doing it for the past 5 years hoping I’d be able to inspire someone too and fortunately, I believe it worked! Reasons #2 and #3, Istria will always have a special place in my heart. This is where Jonathan bought my engagement ring and this is where we got our first ever paid Press Trip last 2015 (which I wasn’t able to join because of visa restrictions).

Having said that, I don’t regret not going to Lake Bled because I stayed at a beautiful hotel in Hotel Piran, right in the City Center of Piran where I had a majestic view of the Adriatic Sea. Honestly, it was more of a ‘staycation’ for me as I had a lot of work to attend to and sometimes, I just need a break from all the moving around just to take it all in. Yes, we consider blogging as a job and I also have my Coaching Clients (we have bills to pay too!). Anyway, here what’s you could do (and things I wish I did) while in the beautiful town of Piran in the Slovenian Istria ♡

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1) Day or night, walk around the Tartini Square in Piran – Go out and about the white marble floor of this huge plaza which is a popular chill out place for locals and tourists alike. Grab a cafe, watch the world go by, and just take in all the cool breeze brought about by the sea nearby. Some performances can be seen day and night if you’re lucky. This is also a good place to eat and drink as there’s a lot of restaurants and bars around. In the center of the square is the statue of the famous violinist and composer named Guiseppe Tartini so don’t forget to stop by the Tartini House and its Memorial Room nearby to learn more about him and his works. Nearby Churches are also very interesting.

2) From the Tartini Square, go to the Town Walls – For only 2 Euros, you’ll be bound to see a 360-degree view of Piran from up above the hill. If weather permits, you can also get to see Croatia and Italy! Not bad for a panoramic view, right?

3) Visit the Church of St. George – Aside from the wonderful architecture, this Church is also home to a famous bell tower where people can climb and get a panoramic view of Piran. It’s another 2 Euros to climb it, by the way. There’s also a small museum here which you have to see.

4) Visit the Magical World of Shells Museums – This is an unusual museum that takes you deep under the sea. They have a large specimen of shells, mollusks, pearls, crabs, snails, and sea stars from all over the world. This is a very informative and educational stop in Piran 🙂

5) Relax and swim at the Adriatic Sea – One cartwheel away from wherever you are in Piran is the Adriatic Sea. It was still ‘warm for Europe’ when I got there so I took a dip in the ocean. It was lovely! Too bad I didn’t have my snorkeling gear with me :p

6) Go Diving! – For professionals and newbies alike, the underwater beauty offered by the Adriatic Sea can’t be missed in the summer.


Hotel Piran (Check the Latest Room Rates Here) hosted me for my entire stay in the Slovenian Istria where they also welcomed me in their sister hotel Barbara Piran Beach Hotel & Spa (Check the Latest Room Rates Here) on my first night when I arrived late from Vienna, Austria. I stayed in their new cabin overlooking the Adriatic Sea so it was perfect the next day I woke up! Here are the things that I loved about these two hotels:

1) The Barbara Piran Hotel is outside the City Center – Being in the City Center sometimes makes me feel suffocated with all the noise outside so I prefer not to be in the center. The good thing about Barbara Piran Beach Hotel & Spa location is it’s far away from the City’s hustle and bustle but close enough for a 15-minute walk. They also have a pathway going straight to the coast! We all need peace and quiet once in a while :p

2) It’s historical in itself – Hotel Piran has been here since the year 1913 and tourist come all the way here to get a glimpse of history

3) The Receptionist is very knowledgeable about the town – Tjasa, the receptionist in Hotel Piran, answered all my queries about town with ease! She was very accommodating, as well as all the other staff and I love it 🙂

4) Hotel Piran and Barbara Hotel both have a direct access to the beach – Not only that! They have their own beach chairs, towels, and hotel assistants available for their guests all the time! (How I wish they have some water activities too)

5) The food- Both hotels have big and delicious breakfast which you can enjoy inside or outside. YUM! They also serve lunch and dinner. My favorite is their seafood pasta and egg with truffles!

6) The room for both hotels- I stayed in a nice and clean cabin overlooking the Adriatic Sea in Barbara Hotel and it’s just as beautiful as the inside while I had a beautiful room on top of the of the floor with balcony for Hotel Piran. There is plenty of natural light coming in and the natural breeze from the sea and the sound of the waves are very comforting. As much as I want to lie down and just sleep the day away, the energy from the outside just comes rushing in. The sea is inviting enough for me to jump in even if the water is a little cold for me (but warm for Europe) :p

Overall, my travel here was worth it! I highly encourage you to spend a couple of days here to see what I mean ♡

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