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Perfect Honeymoon Hideaway in Fowey, Cornwall with Boutique-Retreats @BoutiqueRetreat

By Kach Umandap May 5th, 2022 Posted in Best Luxury Hotels, Luxury Hotel Review, Travel Blog 11 Comments

For 28 days, Jon and I ‘separated’ to do things which will help us with our personal growth. I recommend such for couples. It is always nice to have a ‘me’ time. However, I think that was the longest time I was away from him ever since we got together. Let’s just say, I missed him dearly (well, we just got married 2 months ago!).

Perfect Honeymoon Hideaway in Fowey, Cornwall with Boutique Retreats @BoutiqueRetreat
Photo by barnyz CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

We went to Cornwall which is such a fantastic place for couples who are always amazed by sands and waters. It is located in the southwestern peninsula of England and I have to admit, most corners of Cornwall are picture – perfect. To date, it is known as the Best UK Holiday Destination and there is nothing surprising about it. They have the warmest locals that lure more guests and tourists year after year while expect to see a number of artworks as well when you go around Cornwall.

Jon and I stayed in a Luxury cottage in Fowey for 4 nights/ 5 days, which is located at the south of Cornwall. Where you get to enjoy the beautiful scenery, clear waters and historic buildings. Just so you know, it is also famous for boats and yachts, which we all know Jon is actually getting addicted to. So for us, it was a perfect escape.

Boutique Retreats in Cornwall

Speaking of escape, I want to tell you more about Boutique Retreats which is a company that has been establishing luxury holiday cottages in Cornwall. It’s actually having the best of both worlds because you get to enjoy personalized service in traditional cottages. I mean, we’ve been staying in luxurious hotels for months and living in a luxurious cottage was certainly a breath of fresh air. You can choose which accommodation from home stays to farm stays.  In our case, we were privileged to stay at the Hall Walk Cottage and I am excited to share my thoughts about this property.Boutique Retreats in Cornwall

Our Beautiful Hall Walk Cottage

The cottage is located in the tiny village of Bodinnick which is a 3-minute ferry away from Fowey. Make sure you know the ferry schedule or you will have to take a long road trip (the last ferry back is 7.30pm in winter and 11pm in summer).

My first reaction when I saw our beautiful cottage was, “Am I in a fairy tale?” The façade is so cute, the interiors are divine and the surrounding was jaw – dropping. If you are going to build a tiny space for your family, you can use this property as an inspiration.Boutique Retreats in Cornwall

Living Area

This is the perfect spot for young couples to snuggle and cuddle. The chairs are comfortable and furnishings and intricate details make the entire area even more romantic. You can even watch your favorite movies and have a relaxing night with cheese and wine on the side.Boutique Retreats in Cornwall


The kitchen is perfect for my height. So if you are tall, you might want to watch your head.  🙂 As always, I look for a dishwasher whenever I am in UK. Glad they have it! Jon was making lunch so that meant I will take care of the dishes. Thank heavens for this invention. A quick tip, there are few restaurants in the area so it would be better to cook on your own.Boutique Retreats in Cornwall


It was almost a month that Jon and I lived apart. Thus, I wanted to hug him and lie down on a very comfortable bed where we could talk about our adventures. Sending messages and calls aren’t enough, you know. Luckily, the bed in the Hall Walk Cottage was perfect! The king-size bed is what honeymooners need. Also, the linens and pillows are so soft, you can definitely stay in the bed for hours. I actually had a hard time getting up! There are also windows on 3 sides of the room which provide great lighting. This is lovely in every way.boutique-retreats-in-cornwall-uk-7


After waking up from a very relaxing sleep, you can brew your coffee and stay in the terrace to marvel the surroundings. It’s really a great way to start your day. And here’s the catch. You have your own ‘secret’ garden where you can have a romantic picnic with your partner. It’s like a picture – perfect life which most little girls dream about. Boutique Retreats in Cornwall

Wi – Fi

My internet connection was not the best at that time, which is quite obvious from my live video. But if you require specific speed, then you can give the staff a call to discuss it. Looking at it, who needs a wi – fi if you are staying here? You can do and see more! It wouldn’t hurt if you go offline for a couple of days. It is definitely worth it.Boutique Retreats in Cornwall

To book this property:

The cottage: Hall Walk Cottage, Fowey

Sleeps: 2

The cost: From £588 for a long weekend in winter to £801 for a week in summer.

To book: Boutique Retreats

What you can do in Fowey and in nearby areas

Quite frankly, I am fine staying in our lovely cottage. I had everything that I needed. But of course, the traveler in me would always kick in and would like to see what’s out there. So if you are in Fowey, here are the things that you can do.Boutique Retreats in Cornwall

St. Catherine’s Castle

Perfect Honeymoon Hideaway in Fowey, Cornwall with Boutique Retreats @BoutiqueRetreat
Photo by Reading Tom CC BY-SA 2.0

This is a Henrician castle in Cornwall. It holds so much history which I’m sure you would like to learn while you are here.

Port Eliot House

Each spring, you get to see the house and grounds of this famous property. It is so magnificent and I highly recommend that you pay a visit.

Perfect Honeymoon Hideaway in Fowey, Cornwall with Boutique Retreats @BoutiqueRetreat
Photo by tessitessi CC BY-NC 2.0


There are a number of beaches to choose from. They have the Par Sands, Polkerris, and Readymoney Cove which are perfect for families.Boutique Retreats in Cornwall

Boat and Sailing Tours

Perfect Honeymoon Hideaway in Fowey, Cornwall with Boutique Retreats @BoutiqueRetreat
Photo by Catherine Sharman CC BY 2.0

Fowey is popular for having great waters and it would be a shame not to go on a boat or sailing tour and feel the breeze.

Walking Tours

You can join a number of walking tours and even amateurs can easily do it. You can explore the town or even check out  the estuary. Perhaps, join one that gives awesome view of the coast.Boutique Retreats in Cornwall

Treffry Viaduct

Perfect Honeymoon Hideaway in Fowey, Cornwall with Boutique Retreats @BoutiqueRetreat
Photo by August Schwerdfeger CC BY 2.0

This is a dual – purpose railway viaduct and aqueduct where you can see massive arches. It was even used for a film, Omen III: The Final Conflict. It’s a bit spooky, but worth a visit.

If you happen to visit England, I hope you can spend a couple of days in Cornwall and book a cottage thru Boutique – Retreats. I’m sure you will enjoy the tranquility within your cottage, and the fun and adventurous activities while you are out.

Note: We stayed as guests in Hall Walk Cottage thru Boutique – Retreats. All opinions are mine.


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11 thoughts on “Perfect Honeymoon Hideaway in Fowey, Cornwall with Boutique-Retreats @BoutiqueRetreat

  1. The bedroom in the morning has a lot of light which is really great because a brightly-lit room can really influence a person`s mood positively. The surrounding view of the cottage seems lovely.

  2. Wow. I’ve been to Cornwall and I’d say its definitely a paradise on earth. This cottage looks so serene and beautiful. The church also looks so quaint & elegant….

  3. Ooohhh! Such a lovely place for such a lovely couple! I love boats and sands too and if ever I get to visit UK, I will definitely visit this place with my bebe and baby. 🙂

    The cottage feels relaxing and a bit rustic, just the way I like it. I’m glad to see how much you’ve enjoyed it with your new hubby. 🙂

  4. You are so fortunate to afford such luxurious accommodations for a getaway with the hubby. The cost is formidable for simple folk like me, but something to aspire for. Loved the pic of your son on the side of your couple pic.

  5. I like how quaint the place is. It’s neat and beautiful, I’d want to live there. And the surroundings are breathtaking. I’d prefer properties like this than a hotel building. 🙂

  6. Oh my! The view is amazing.. Such a lovely honeymoon in a beautiful place.. Wish I could go there for vacation…

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