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Discovering Edinburgh the local way, with Homestay

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor August 26th, 2016 Posted in Europe Travel Blog, Travel Blog, Travel Guides One Comment

When I visit a place, I always make sure to experience their unique culture. It’s about more than just visiting a museum, an architectural building, archaeological ruins, or even national monuments; my trips are always about finding those wonderful moments which make me feel completely carefree and “at home”. Experiencing culture involves interacting with locals in any way possible such as through simple conversations, small talk, or banter which could possibly be over a meal or a drink – being comfortable with people means you are allowing them to be comfortable with you which opens the gateway to seeing them in a different perspective that makes you feel genuinely kindred with one another.

Discovering Edinburgh the local way, with Homestay
With options in more than 150 countries you will never run out of places to stay with Homestay.

I have been living in the South of England for the past six years and I have always wanted to visit other parts of the UKScotland being one of them which also happens to be at the top of my list. Edinburgh has always fascinated me because of its rich history, culture, and of course the world class Fringe Festival.

Homestay was more than just having a bed to sleep in while I was away, it was a way to allow complete immersion in a cultural background so different from my own, which allowed me a depth of insight into local Scottish life and seemingly opening a new dimension on how people from this culture live.

Discovering Edinburgh the local way, with Homestay
A quick photo with Jamie before going to school. It was his first day in highschool! Well done young man.

If what you are looking for is a more authentic and immersive experience then Homestay is the way to go. Homestay provides a comprehensive list of various places to stay with local hosts and is always worth a check for your next travel.

And as for me, here is my Edinburgh Homestay experience.

Discovering Edinburgh the local way, with Homestay
Growing prosperity in Edinburgh led to a spate of new buildings. A compact city. Do you agree?
Discovering Edinburgh the local way, with Homestay
The facade of Edinburgh Airport.

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How to get to Edinburgh:

It only takes an hour to fly from London to Edinburgh which is what I did from London Gatwick airport in order to have more time to explore the city. However, if you are in no rush at all and want to take the scenic route, trains from London Euston are also available but besides taking more time, these can actually also turn out to be more expensive.

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A warm welcome from my Homestay host

Discovering Edinburgh the local way, with HomestayFrom the city centre, I took a local bus to my Homestay host in Duddingston, Edinburgh. Once I got off the bus I phoned Karen to let her know that I would be arriving soon; by the time I got there, she was standing outside her house and waving at me. It can sometimes be awkward to be introduced to and meet new people but when Karen and Jamie (her son) introduced themselves, it was almost like we had known each other for years. There are just those times when you meet people where something seems to click and you are immediately comfortable with each other like old chums free from any pretension or judgement.

Karen is very easy-going and has a fascinating blend of personality traits and I could tell straight away that she would be fun to spend time with as we swapped travel stories and she told me about her adventures with her son, Jamie.

Photos above: Kitchen and Dining area,apart from eating, it’s also where all the great conversations and banters happened. Karen and Jamie prepared a lovely barbecue dinner for us. They’re the best!

After a quick tour around the house and a nice dinner, they gave me a little ride around Edinburgh, including a short stop at Portobello beach where most locals spend their afternoon in summer followed by a trip to the Holyrood Park to watch the beautiful Scottish sunset.

Discovering Edinburgh the local way, with Homestay
Karen drove me around the city and took me to some places where locals go to relax and enjoy the view of the city.

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Tour Around Edinburgh

Discovering Edinburgh the local way, with Homestay
A view from the Calton Hill with admiring sunset and architecture below.

Astonishing and unique are the words that immediately came to mind about Edinburgh as soon as I got off the tram. Edinburgh stretches out over a landscape which is a product of volcanic and glaciation activity with the castle sitting on top of an extinct volcano known as the most besieged place in Great Britain. Edinburgh is a cultural melting pot because of its world class Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the Edinburgh International Festival, and the Edinburgh Military Tattoo. I was even lucky enough to witness some high-profile theatre productions and music performances from different parts of the world on the streets of Edinburgh.

Discovering Edinburgh the local way, with Homestay
Discovering Edinburgh the local way with Homestay
People from different backgrounds joining the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
Putting a temporary spotlight on another culture can really remind you of your own, which we tend to take for granted sometimes. Homestay has definitely played a huge influence on my travel sentiments as I was able to mix more with people and learned to understand and sympathise with others to avoid a cultural faux pas. No matter where you go, you will always bring the rich experiences you have with Homestay; and wherever we travel to, the wonderful people we meet become our family.
The view of Edinburgh Castle from the Princes Street Garden.
The view of Edinburgh Castle from the Princes Street Garden.
Edinburgh Fringe Festival is the world's largest Art Festival. Accommodation can be very expensive this time of the year but thank goodness for Homestay to the rescue!
Edinburgh Fringe Festival is the world’s largest Art Festival. Accommodation can be very expensive this time of the year but thank goodness for Homestay to the rescue!
Discovering Edinburgh the local way with Homestay
The skyline of Edinburgh.

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Note: This wonderful experience was made possible in partnership with Homestay.com

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One thought on “Discovering Edinburgh the local way, with Homestay

  1. I have to agree with you that one of the best parts of travel is getting yourself immersed in the culture. Thanks for sharing about Homestay, what a great idea. I was also able to experience the Fringe Festival a few years back and loved Edinburgh. You’re pictures are beautiful!

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