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Our Last Trip to London & How We Saved Money Through TopCashBack UK!

By Kach Umandap August 7th, 2016 Posted in Travel Giveaways and Discount Deals No comments

It’s been almost 3 weeks now since we got married and we’re already planning our year-long Honeymoon Trip! Since Jonathan lived in the countryside, we always have to travel to London to leave the country or when we have to attend meetings! Well, I love London so much but that City is really expensive!

London Trip with my Mother - Unrooming Campaign

On our last few days in the UK, we just discovered about TopCashback UK! Where you get a money back on online shopping, booking hotels and even booking the train ticket! How I wish we knew that when we arrived last June in the UK because we spent a lot of money booking train tickets, shopping online and some stays whenever we go on a short visit to London! TopCashback UK contacted me to check out their website and I’m really glad I did. It’s like a normal online shopping which makes it that much easier to use, and it’s great making money back on something I was going to already purchase! 

FG Property in London - Apartment for BackpackersEven though we didn’t discover TopCashback UK right away, we luckily still saved a lot of money using it the last few days we were in London by booking various things online. It was so easy I wish I had known about it sooner! It’s a wonderful way to save money and travel at the SAME time! We are always looking for ways to help lessen the costs of traveling, which is why it is such a great platform!

London Underground with Luggage or Backpack
Our personal experience using the website: What happened was that I was able to book a 4 night hotel stay for£390 (GBP) and was able to get a money back of £36.90 while I also got £3 from our train ticket from the Cotswolds to London! Well, we had extra money then to eat a Korean BBQ lunch! yum!

london Hotel with TopCashback UK

What is cashback?

It’s really quite simple. First, let’s look at what cash back is. Whenever you buy something as the consumer, you will get a percentage of that spend back in cash. Let’s look at it this way, if you spent £10 on a cinema ticket, and there is 10% cashback, you get £1 back. This clever and simple way to shop will help you get some of the money back that you would already be spending on TV contracts, clothes, and holiday expenses. 

How does it work?

This is where TopCashback comes in. It’s the UK’s most generous cashback shopping site. TopCashback alone has over 4,500 retailers available (you have so many to choose from!). TopCashback tracks what that consumer spends on the retailer’s website, and once the purchase is confirmed by the retailer, the retailer pays TopCashback a percentage of the sale. This money is then given straight back to the consumer.

And, not only is 100% of the money retailers pay TopCashback for the purchases made by members given straight back to the member; it is also supplemented with an additional 1% for Classic accounts and 5% for Plus accounts- you have the chance to upgrade and make even more money!

TopCashback has over five and a half million members and has been operating for over 10 years. I was so happy I was able to use them in an expensive city such as London. It allowed me to purchase certain things knowing I would get some of the money back!

Members on average earn £325 a year on their spending by using TopCashback- that could be a plane ticket to another country for you adventurous readers looking to travel! 

PROS of using the TopCashback Program

  • When booking holidays through TopCashback, members can earn up to 20% of their money back with retailers such as Expedia.co.uk, Hotels.com,Booking.com, lastminute.com and many more. 
  • You have the chance to make a decent amount of money (that you can use for travel related expenses!)
  • They offer thousands of different retail websites to choose from
  • It’s simple and easy to use

CONS of using it:

  • You can only use the retail sites that are associated with TopCashback UK

Let’s Take a look at the TopCashback site:

Our Last Trip to London and How We Saved Money Through TopCashBack UK!2

As you can see, you can pick from a ton of different websites, where it will show you how much you can save! For example, this car rental service shows you that you will get 11.55% cash back when you book through TopCashback’s website- that’s a big save!

Our Last Trip to London and How We Saved Money Through TopCashBack UK!

Depending on how you book on Hotels.com, you will get different amounts of cashback, saving a ton of money!

Our Last Trip to London and How We Saved Money Through TopCashBack UK!3

You can also save on flights!

Our Last Trip to London and How We Saved Money Through TopCashBack UK!5

Now this is where YOU come in! We want our readers to get involved with TopCashback so we are running a competition for a cash prize.

Monkey DividersCompetition time to all of our readers!

We’re running a campaign called #TopCashbacking to try and spread the word about the amazing amounts of money that can be saved through using the site to book holidays. It’s really quite simple and anybody can do it! We’re asking people to share the savings they have made on their travels by using TopCashback. To do this we’re encouraging people to post a selfie (on social channels), along with a line similar to “I earned £150 cashback on my travels with @TopCashback #TopCashbacking.”

Kach and Jonathan - Pictrip pictorial in LondonBy doing this, people will be entered into a competition to win a cash prize. £500, £350 and £150 are up for grabs and the winners will be announced at the end of August.

The campaign will run until the 31st August.

What we’d ideally like you to share:

  • A selfie on your trip, letting your followers know how much money you saved on your travel by using TopCashback, including the #TopCashbacking hashtag.
  • Encourage people to share their experience of using TopCashback or sign up to save money on their travels.

For more information about the competition visit here!

Monkey Dividers

Note: I partnered with TopCashback UK to write this article but every word is mine!

Monkey Dividers

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Written by Kach Umandap

Founder of Two Monkeys Travel Group. Since 2013, Kach has visited all the 7 continents (including Antarctica) and 151 countries using her Philippines Passport. In 2016, she bought a sailboat and went on sailing adventures with her two cats - Captain Ahab & Little Zissou in the Caribbean for 2 years. She now lives in Herceg Novi, Montenegro where she's enjoying her expat life and living on a gorgeous Stonehouse. She writes about her experiences traveling as a Filipina traveler with a PHL Passport. Also tips on backpacking trips, luxury hotel experiences, product reviews, sailing & adventure travel.