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The 8 Best Easy to Dry Towels Perfect For Backpackers

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor April 28th, 2020 Posted in Travel Blog, Travel Gear Reviews No comments

Having an easy to dry towel is very convenient, especially if you’re exposed to water often when traveling. Consider buying one before your next adventure.

The Best 8 Easy to Dry Towel To Use When Traveling
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One of the most crucial things to pack when you want to travel is the towel. Whether you’re staying in a luxurious hotel or even a hostel, bringing your own towel will be more comfortable. But the problem is not all of the towels are convenient to bring. There are several conditions you have to know before choosing the right and proper towel before putting it into your luggage.

Lightweight and Foldable

While traveling, you have limited space in your luggage or pack. You don’t need big and heavy equipment, so make sure that the towel you bring is lightweight enough and foldable.

Easy to Dry Material

Traveling requires you to have high mobility and sometimes drying a towel needs a lot of time. To save your time and ease your mobility, you need an easy to dry towel. There are several types of easy to dry materials that you can choose, such as:

  • Microfiber is typically made of polyester and dries faster than cotton fabric;
  • A cotton-blend towel might not be as fast as the microfiber one to dry, but it’s faster than regular cotton towels. It can be qualified as an easy to dry material if the fabric is constructed innovatively with quick-drying technique or have low piles on top.

Both of the materials are washing machines and dryer friendly, but you have to remember that the microfiber towel has to be dried in low heat.


Besides its quick to dry feature, the towels have to meet other standards, such as:

  • Strength to ensure its durability;
  • Absorbency in which an easy to dry towel usually has low absorbability;
  • Security not only from stitching but also from the coloring method. Make sure that the towel you purchase had been tested on a lab and referred to as a secure product.

Based on those criteria, we compiled 8 of the most usable and conveniently easy to dry towels that can be your options.

List of 8 Easy To Dry Towel that We Recommend

Product NamesProduct ImagesAbout this ProductPrice
Wise Owl OutfittersThe Best 8 Easy to Dry Towel To Use When Traveling 1Wise Owl Outfitters towel is an ultra-soft compact towel made from microfiber which makes it easy to dry and has extra absorption. The towels are suitable for traveling as well as fitness, hiking, yoga, and gym. It has several color options that can be adjusted to your preference.check price button2 dnd 300x178
WazzalaThe Best 8 Easy to Dry Towel To Use When Traveling 2Wazzala towels are made from microfiber with quick-drying and extra absorbance technology. It’s so compact and foldable that it fits any space in your bag. This material has three times more compact, absorbance, and lightweight than the cotton towels, but the softness is equal to soft plush cotton. By using this towel, you can help nature from using too much water when you wash it due to its shorter washing cycles.check price button2 dnd 300x178
Youphoria OutdoorsThe Best 8 Easy to Dry Towel To Use When Traveling 3Youphoria Outdoors provides a quick-dry and absorption towel that is specifically designed for travelers and gym enthusiasts. It has 3 different sizes that can be adjusted to your necessity. The duration of drying from full wet to ready to pack usually only needs 20 minutes under the sunrays.check price button2 dnd 300x178
The Friendly SwedeThe Best 8 Easy to Dry Towel To Use When Traveling 4The friendly swede towels are made from microfiber which is suitable to use for sport, travel, swimming, hiking, and camping. It's ultralight and quick-drying towels with compact foldable size and soft enough for your skin. This super-absorbent towel comes in two different sizes. The small size is 20 x 40 inches and the bigger size is 30 x 60 inches size. You can adjust it with your necessity and preference. To make it easier to carry, the towels are equipped with a mesh carrying bag that allows your towel to breathe and dry even though you’ve just packed it.check price button2 dnd 300x178
SaluluThe Best 8 Easy to Dry Towel To Use When Traveling 5Salulu towels have 3 different sizes in a pack and made from microfiber which is quick to dry and lightweight. The towel is suitable for travel, sports, camping, hiking, even gym, and yoga. It has high absorbance, compact, and portable. The towels have various sizes that you can choose. The small size is 20 x 40 inches, the medium size is 24 x 48 inches, the large size is 28 x 56 inches, and the extra-large size is 32 x 64 inches.check price button2 dnd 300x178
Venture 4thThe Best 8 Easy to Dry Towel To Use When Traveling 6Venture 4th microfiber towel is one of the best options for you who want to purchase a quick-drying towel. You can bring it for camping, backpacking, yoga, gym, etc. It has 3 different sizes with various color options and features, such as quick to dry, lightweight, handy, loop to hang in, compact, prevents the buildup of bacteria and odors, comfortable, and super soft.check price button2 dnd 300x178
RainleafThe Best 8 Easy to Dry Towel To Use When Traveling 7Rainleaf towels use high-quality materials with great technology and fashionable design. It’s suitable for any outdoor sports as well as backpacking, camping, and hiking. The towels are made from ultralight microfiber consists of 85% polyester and 15% polyamide that features high absorbency and quick to dry. It has 6 different sizes that you can adjust to your own necessity and preference.check price button2 dnd 300x178
4MonsterThe Best 8 Easy to Dry Towel To Use When Traveling 8The 4Monster microfiber towel is suitable for traveling, camping, backpacking, swimming, gym, and any other outdoor activities. With the microfiber fabric material that is consists of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide, the towels provide fast drying and lightweight features which allows you to fold it until very compact. It also features high-quality sewing and safe for the human body due to its natural plant dyeing method.check price button2 dnd 300x178

Pro’s and Con’s of Each Easy To Dry Towel

1. Wise Owl Outfitters

The Best 8 Easy to Dry Towel To Use When Traveling 1


  • Lightweight and easy to dry microfiber materials.
  • It comes with a washcloth hand towel.
  • Large size up to 2 x 4 feet and when folded it only has 5 x 7 inches size.
  • The mesh carry back equipped with zipper is included.
  • 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.


  • The label is quite big that made some users uncomfortable.
  • It has a chemical smell at first, but after some washing, the smell is fading away.
  • Not delivering to some countries.

2. Wazzala

The Best 8 Easy to Dry Towel To Use When Traveling 2


  • Lightweight, compact, and soft.
  • Easy to clean with less water usage since it has shorter washing cycles.
  • The mesh protective bag is included.
  • Hangable.
  • It has 3 different sizes that you can choose. The small size is 40 x 20 inches, the large size is 55 inches x 27 inches, and the extra-large size is 72 inches x 36 inches.


  • At first, it contains chemical smells that you can remove it by washing.
  • Not delivering to some countries.

3. Youphoria Outdoors

The Best 8 Easy to Dry Towel To Use When Traveling 3


  • Lightweight, easy to pack, and portable.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Luxurious feel.
  • Wicks sand and debris.
  • Super absorption and fast drying features.
  • Ultra-soft materials.


  • Not delivering to some countries.
  • Some of the product has poor stitches, but it’s just a rare case.

4. The Friendly Swede

The Best 8 Easy to Dry Towel To Use When Traveling 4


  • Compact, portable, lightweight, comfortable, and soft.
  • Two different sizes come in one package.
  • High absorbance and easy to dry.
  • 2 mesh carrying bags are included.
  • Washing machines friendly.


  • The first 3-4 times washing, the colors are bleeding. Make sure to separate it from your other fabrics.

5. Salulu

The Best 8 Easy to Dry Towel To Use When Traveling 5


  • Quick to dry, high absorbance, lightweight, and compact.
  • You can have 3 towels with just one-time purchasing.
  • Hangable.
  • The mesh bag is included.
  • 10 years warranty.


  • Not delivering to some countries.
  • Not the softest fabric.

6. Venture 4th

The Best 8 Easy to Dry Towel To Use When Traveling 6


  • Extra soft, strong, and gentle feel.
  • Lightweight and compact to provide space-saving.
  • Various color options.
  • The mesh bag is included.
  • Antibacterial, odorless, and skin-friendly features.


  • It needs more time to absorb the water from your skin.

7. Rainleaf

The Best 8 Easy to Dry Towel To Use When Traveling 7


  • Ultra-lightweight, compact, and easy to fold.
  • Quick to dry and absorbing.
  • Various size options.
  • Sand free material.
  • Skin-friendly material and quite soft.


  • The first 2-3 times washing the color is bleeding, so you have to separate it from other fabrics.
  • The edge stitching is not too tight that sometimes easy to lose.
  • Not delivering to some countries.

8. 4Monster

The Best 8 Easy to Dry Towel To Use When Traveling 8


  • Strong water absorption, anti-germ, odor-free, and sand-free quality.
  • Washing machine friendly.
  • Silk touch feels fabric.
  • The carrying case is an EVA box which is cooler than the mesh bag yet still breathable.
  • Natural dyes.
  • 12-months warranty.


  • Not the fastest to dry material.
  • Due to its high compactable, the towel sacrificing its thickness which makes it quite thin
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