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10 Best Things To Do in Split, Croatia [With Suggested Tours]

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor August 15th, 2020 Posted in Europe Travel Blog, Travel Blog No comments

You might know Croatia as a setting where the famous drama series ‘Game Of Thrones’ was filmed. But, this country is more than that. It has a lot to offer to people willing and open to learning more about this wonderful country. Ruins, breathtaking views, nature, museums, and a lot more. Croatia is indeed a country dedicated to fulfilling your dream vacation. Split is one of the most popular cities in the country, and it’s understandable why.

Things To Do in Split, Croatia
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If you want to explore this country and this certain city more, we made an article of just for you. Just keep on reading and you’ll learn more about the things to do in Split, Croatia. These things are just suggestions, you can still decide on where you should go. However, these are also some of the most popular destinations to visit in Split. 


Here are the Things To Do in Split, Croatia That We Recommend

1. Visit and learn a lot at Palazzo di Diocleziano


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For some interesting history and architecture, Palazzo di Diocleziano has that for you. This ruins of the Roman Emperor palace dates back to the 3rd to early 4th century A.D. With its fascinating Roman architecture, it’s not surprising that it’s UNESCO Heritage site. The remains of the Palace are well-preserved and are still used. Wandering around the ruins would let you see a lot of photography-worthy spots! There’s no certain or best time to visit it since any time is recommended. Day or night, you’ll definitely experience the best of it. 

2. Hike up to the Marjan Park

Things To Do in Split, Croatia
Photo by csw27 CC BY-ND 2.0

If you’re in Split, this is definitely one of the things that you should do. Visiting Marjan Park would let you have a nice view of the city, mountains, and sea. The walk up to Marjan Park is not so difficult although we don’t recommend hiking up during high temperatures. And while making your way up, you’ll see a lot of cool things along the way like a graveyard, an old church, and a petting zoo with limited animals. Prepare your camera as you’d definitely take a lot of pictures here.

Suggested Tour: Split: 3.5 Hour Scenic Cycling Tour with Ice Cream

3. Step back in time at the Old Split

Things To Do in Split, Croatia
Photo by ristok CC BY-SA 2.0

If you want to truly feel the Split atmosphere, its old town is a must-visit. The side streets and alleyways always have something for pedestrians. Plenty of shops, bars, and restaurants with a vibrant atmosphere are everywhere. The town itself is already picturesque. Tourists would love wandering around this historical place.

4. Be stunned at the Cathedral of Saint Domnius

Things To Do in Split, Croatia
Photo by Naval S CC BY 2.0

The Cathedral of Saint Domnius was built in the 4th century. It is locally known as the Sveti Dujam. The exquisitely carved wooden doors of the church plus the paintings around the panel are just so beautiful and stunning. To make the most out of your visit to this cathedral, try climbing up to the bell tower to see awesome views. Whether you’re into history or not, you should pay a visit here. There’s a lot to see. Just expect that there would be a lot of tourists here.

Suggested Tour: Split: 1.5-Hour Diocletian’s Palace Walking Tour

5. Learn History at the Klis Fortress

Things To Do in Split, Croatia
Photo by Arnie Papp CC BY 2.0

A great historical place located above a village overlooking a beautiful terrain and sea. If you’re a big fan of Game of Thrones, you might have seen this place in the series. The entrance price is really worthy as you can explore the whole area. Even the walls of the fortress are very detailed. The trip here might require lots of walking and steps but they’re all worth it. 

Suggested Tour: Historical Tour of Salona, Klis and Trogir from Split

6. Enjoy a walk at the Riva Harbor

Things To Do in Split, Croatia
Photo by Harshil Shah CC BY-ND 2.0

Have a lovely walk at Riva Harbor. The promenade is charming with lots of shops, restaurants, bars, cafes, and bakeries. You can also find some local tour companies that offer different trips. You can either have an evening stroll or a daytime walk, any time is just perfect. If you feel so tired after a long day, this is the place to be, you can just relax while observing the activities in the harbor.

Suggested Tour: Split: 1-Hour Semi-Submersible Submarine Trip

7. Get excited visiting the Game of Thrones Museum Split


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Calling all the GOT fans out there! This might be your paradise. Game of Thrones Museum Split contains artifacts and images related to the popular drama series. The museum will bring fans into the center of the Seven Kingdoms for a closer look at authentic props, costumes, life-size figures, weapons, dioramas and a lot more. The tour would also tell you facts about the series and the filming locations. All GoT fans are invited to visit the place!

Suggested Tour: Split: 3-Hour Game of Thrones Tour

8. Enjoy delicious wine at the Putalj Winery


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You should add visiting the Putalj Winery in your things to do in Split, Croatia list. Upon going here, you’ll have a very informative tour and be able to meet some of the friendliest staff ever. The wine itself is delicious. You can even buy a bottle of wine for some souvenirs!

9. Have a good laugh and visit the Froggyland


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Going to Froggyland should be on your bucket list! It might sound weird to visit a museum dedicated to frogs but hey, sometimes weirdness is the most beautiful thing ever. Inside the museum, you’ll see frogs depicted in all kinds of “human” settings which is really awesome. Seeing these frogs doing human day to day activities is really hilarious. We can guarantee you that you’ll enjoy wandering around this small museum.

10. Chill at the Kasuni Beach


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For a peaceful and happy weekend getaway, spend your day at Kasuni Beach! This beach is not a sandy beach, it is in fact, a pebble beach. The water and the view are just breathtaking. And if you’re interested, Kasuni Beach also has a Nudist area in which people mind their own business. So if your purpose is to swim or do sunbathing without anyone interrupting you, then you should head your way here.

Suggested Tour: Split: Sea Kayaking on the Adriatic

11. Find accommodation in Split, Croatia

Extra Tip: Check out Plumguide for the best holiday homes and vacation rentals in Croatia.

Things To Do in Split, Croatia
Photo by Neil Thompson CC BY-SA 2.0

These things to do in Split, Croatia are just guides and it doesn’t end here. With Croatia’s awesome attractions and landmarks, we can surely say that it has a lot more to offer. If you’re in to explore more about this awesome Balkan country, then we recommend you to prepare as visiting here would be a total blast.

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