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The Best Beaches in Puerto Plata – Top 10 Puerto Plata Beaches

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor April 20th, 2021 Posted in Central America Travel Blog, Travel Blog No comments

Puerto Plata, known as San Felipe de Puerto Plata, is the ninth-largest city in the Dominican Republic. The beaches in this Atlantic-facing region are considered as one of its main tourist attractions. With its sun-soaked sand and mountainous landscapes, the azure waters in Puerto Plata are pleasingly calling the attention of visitors.

Puerto Plata is known for its high-concentration of all-inclusive beachfront resorts, making it a very competitive city and one of the most visited in the country.

May and June may be the best time to visit Puerto Plata, hotel rates are much cheaper because of the upcoming rainy season. Although the weather is the best during December- April, it is also the peak season for tourists, hence, accommodations are pricier and harder to book. But either way, I’m sure that those things are going to be worth the compromisation for the best beach vacation this city has to offer. 

1. Sosua Beach

This crescent-shaped stretch is 24 km far from Puerto Plata. This beach is popular both for travelers and locals, especially on the weekends. It has a healthy natural condition, full of rich vegetation and abundant aquatic ecosystem. Sosua Beach features white sand and turquoise clear water great for snorkeling excursion and diving. People can also visit the beach’s old harbor, Tres Pilotillos. This beach is also surrounded by restaurants and bars where you can have a taste of typical Dominican delicacies. 

Recommended Hotel: Casa Marina Beach & Reef All Inclusive

2. Grand Beach (Playa Grande)

This beach possesses an incredible natural beauty;  palm trees, red sand, turquoise waters, all by the white cliffs and under the Dominican sun. Precautions are highly recommended, for Grand Beach has the biggest swells in Puerto Plata. Surfing and windsurfing are some of the activities that are not for the faint of heart. This beach has the necessary facilities to complete your day, like hammock rentals, beach bars, beach umbrellas and shops where you can buy swimming essentials and souvenirs. 

Recommended Hotel: Hotel Playa Grande

3. Golden Beach (Playa Dorada)

Playa Dorada is famous for the wide range of all-inclusive beach resorts, restaurants, bars, and pubs. Playa Dorada offers an unforgettable holiday with its golden sandy beach along with its pristine waters. The water is so clear you can see the seafloor with different marine life and coral reefs.  There are a lot of aquatic sports to try just like snorkeling, deep-sea fishing, and paddleboarding. This beach will be the golden highlight of your Puerto Plata trip. 

Recommended Hotel: BlueBay Villas Doradas Adults Only-All Inclusive

4. Cofresi Beach


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This beach is located west of Puerto Plata, known for its calm and turquoise water. 

Cofresi Beach is great for swimming, canoeing and banana boating. The laid-back golden sand and beautiful beachfront resorts and restaurants are truly a feast for eyesight. West of the beach lies the famous recreational complex “ Ocean World Adventure Park” where visitors can swim with dolphins. 

Recommended Hotel: BlueBay Villas Doradas Adults Only-All Inclusive

5. Cabarete Beach

Located east of Puerto Plata, this beach speaks adventure. Because of the consistently strong winds, Playa Cabarete is the ideal place for young daredevils that seek bold activities like windsurfing, kiteboarding and laser sailing. The seas are regularly flocked with billowing sails that make the place picturesque with the sunset in the backdrop. On top of those, the white sand is lined with various restaurants, shops and cafes that visitors are ought to try. The beach is also dotted with all-inclusive hotels where visitors can relax and chill. 

Recommended Hotel: Velero Beach Resort

6. Luperon Beach

This beach is great for those who enjoy extreme sports and is well-known for it’s beyond belief beauty. The white sand and tropical vegetation are surrounding the magnificent Luperón beach waters. It is home to an extensive range of aquatic genera and vegetation like seaweeds and corals making this beach ideal for snorkeling and diving. Visitors can find several restaurants and bars to try authentic Dominican food and beverages. 

Recommended Hotel: Playabachata Resort

7. Key Paradise/ Paradise Island in Punta Rucia

Book the once in a lifetime boat ride here in Key Paradise. The name of this beach speaks for itself. The island is truly a paradise with its white sand and clear turquoise water where you can see the seafloor. Its tropical vibe is worth every penny. Popular activities here are boat rides, snorkel, and swimming. Try the fresh fruits and delectable foods here on this island. You can also try out the bar that serves alcoholic beverages, coconut drinks, and juices. 

Recommended Hotel: Punta Rucia Lodge

8. Playa Alicia


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This beach is isolated yet close to the center of Sosua. It is known as “Miracle beach” for this was formed from sand shifting over the last decade. The golden sand, tall palm trees, magnificent mountain views are what this beach boasts the most. Its wide stretch is below a few restaurants, cafes and hotels. It’s a very private and peaceful place where you can swim and adore the vibrant sunset. 

Recommended Hotel: Piergiorgio Palace Hotel

9. Punta Rucia Beach

Located west of Puerto Plata, this beach boasts white sand and stunning mountain views. Punta Rucia Beach is also well-known for its coral reefs and a wide variety of aquatic species. Thanks to its rich submarine ecosystem,  visitors can practice aquatic sports like diving or snorkeling. Along its coast, visitors can find a variety of restaurants and bars where you can taste Dominican cuisines and drink refreshing cocktails. Without a doubt, Punta Rucia Beach is a little paradise on Earth. 

Recommended Hotel: Paraiso Ecolodge

10. El Breton Beach

El Breton beach is located off the highway between Río San Juan to Playa Grande. El Breton Beach is a half-moon shaped cove. You’ll find fewer crowds and there are no restaurants or facilities on this beach. This small cove is a great place for swimming and snorkeling. Have a relaxing sunbathing in its dark tan sand lined with lush greens. Head on over to El Breton beach for a more serene and stress-free environment. 

Don’t miss the fun and adventure waiting for you in Puerto Plata. This city is one of the best beach paradises. After tiring yourself doing those exciting water activities, soak up the sun while sipping Dominican beverages. 

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