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3 Days In Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic And Our Royal Stay At VH Atmosphere Adults Only Hotel

By Kach Umandap November 15th, 2018 Posted in Best Luxury Hotels, Destination, North America Travel Blog, Travel Blog 3 Comments

Hello from Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic! If you’re new to our blog, we’ve been based here for 7 months already. We were just sailing around the Caribbean then until we anchored in Luperon. Days turned into weeks and weeks into month until we finally decided to just stay here for a while during the hurricane season.

I could say that it was a very good decision since we’re loving it here! Days are warm, nights are cold, construction materials are cheap but most of all, we’ve made new friends in the sailing community now.

We’re far away from all our families so we just try to visit them every year or so but the past few days are extra special because my sister-in-law together with her boyfriend visited us here for a couple of days. We are so happy! Other than letting them enjoy the sun and the sea, we want to treat them like ‘Royalties’ and I bet we successfully did it during our stay at the VH Atmosphere All-Inclusive Hotel.  

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San Felipe de Puerto Plata was founded by Christopher Columbus in 1503. Now, it stands as the Ninth Largest City in the Dominican Republic and is now home to some 500,000 people. Other than nice beaches and mountains, they are known to be a popular tourist hub. No wonder it is home to thousands of hotel, a lot of them All-Inclusive.


1) Hike up or take the cable car to Mt. Isabel de Torres – Puerto Plata is located right at the foot of this mountain so if you’re willing and able, burn some calories and go hiking. Otherwise, you can always take a cable car (or Teleferico in Spanish) which is said to be the longest one in the Caribbean. Either way, you’ll be rewarded with a bird’s eye view of the entire City and the lovely sea.

2) Walk or bike around the old historical town- There are not many attractions in town, to be honest, but it’s always nice to see the everyday hustle and bustle. Go to the El Mercado (market) and buy fresh produce, handicrafts, and souvenirs, go to the San Felipe Fortress, go to the Amber Museum and simply walk around and marvel at the beauty of Victorian Architecture. Getting an ice cream is always a good idea!

3) Go on a Brugal Rum Tour- The Brugal Rum is an excellent brand from Puerto Plata which has been here for 128 years and has been recognized worldwide. Go on this tour to learn about their history, the process of rum making, and the best part is you’ll get to taste some of their distinctive rums. Yummm!

4) Visit the Monkey Jungle- If you want to enjoy and give back to the community at the very same time, then head on to the Monkey Jungle where you can get up close and personal with their resident Capuchin Monkeys. You can also go try the zip line. Well, the best part of this tour is that the proceeds go to the free dental care of the locals and the maintenance of the park. This is one of the best excursions you can do in the Dominican Republic.


Now here comes the best part— our All-Inclusive Stay at VH Atmosphere Hotel where we got a Royal Treatment brought to us by the Royal Pass. You might be wondering about what ‘All-Inclusive’ means and let me tell you about all the perks you get when you book with them.

1) Peace and tranquility- Having kids around are nice but sometimes, you just want peace and quiet during your staycation. Since this is an Adults Only hotel, there will be no kids screaming as you have your breakfast and no kids throwing tantrums while you have your romantic dinner.

2) EVERYDAY BUFFET!!- You read that right, whether you’re up at 6 AM craving for the freshly squeezed juice of your choice or you wake up hungry from your sleep at 11 PM, you can simply head on to El Lago Restaurant where they serve buffet all day from international to local cuisines. What I love most about them is they barely repeat any meal so you’ll never get tired of it. There’s always something new to try. The food is impeccable!

3) 2 A La Carte Restaurants- If you want a little more of a VIP Treatment being seated and served, the Jardin Victoria which offers a Caribbean fusion while the Mozzarella obviously serves great pizzas, both of them running only for dinner. It’s a very good way to spend the day and again, it’s also included with your room fee 🙂

4) You can order food any time of the day- If you don’t feel like going out, you can always call and order anything you like and they’ll be happy to deliver it to you right in your room. Yay! They have a coffee shop too!!

5) A shuttle to the Playa Dorado Beach- This shuttle will take you to the beach in one minute but you can always choose to walk there for just about 5 minutes. You can relax and swim at this lovely beach and grab some snacks at the Atmosphere Beach Club.

6) An extremely clean resort- Whether early in the morning or late at night, this resort always looks sparkly clean! Never did we see any trash and that’s worthy of a 6 star.

7) 5-star facilities- An infinity pool, a gym with new and clean equipment, private yoga/pilates classes, discounted golf game fee– that’s all the things I love in thee!

8) SUPERB SERVICE!!- Every staff in this hotel is always smiling, courteous, and they always go out of their way to make us feel comfortable. We absolutely loved each one of them from the cleaners, receptionist, chef, bartenders, waiters/waitresses, every single one is an asset of this hotel. I can’t imagine having such a pleasurable stay without them!


9) A huge and lovely room- Whatever room you booked, I can assure you that it is ALWAYS lovely and complete with whatever you may need. It’s as if you just need a backpack with your clothes when you come here because everything is really provided. The bed and the pillows are very soft, the sheets smell like heaven,  the floor is sparkly clean, and the toilet looks like new! 🙂

10) A chance to upgrade to a Royal Package- You can always upgrade to a Royal Package which allows you to get access to the Quiet Pool and Vintage Bar where you can get premium drinks. I swear I went straight to the bar after work to try their excellent drinks haha.

Overall, I HIGHLY and ULTIMATELY recommend VH Atmosphere Hotel, if you’re still undecided, then I’m telling you now that they are the best! The prices are unbeatable and the service is priceless! If you’re still in doubt, then check the client reviews and their very special rates at the Hotel’s Website, Tripadvisor, Booking.com,  and Agoda. Thank you very much  VH Atmosphere Hotel for the royal treatment! We will surely return as paying customers one of these days!

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